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Yea the system has a old enermax 480 psu .
I realize that is not a great topic on OCN. But I have been out of the loop for awhile. I attempted to build by granddaughter a cheapo gaming rig....yea I know.... Anyhow after doing some research and newegg reviews...yea I know.... I bought a AmD A6-5400k cpu and a asus A78M mobo. I really wanted to try this new amd cpu/gpu. She likes Terra rising so I thought this system would be ok. The game is playable but barely. So I have a XFX 6570 lying around ...I thought dual...
I replaced the TIM with some IC diamond. The stock TIM was just a big blob!!!! Now I max out in the the low 50's woot. Oh all 3 temps on gpuz are within a couple of degrees.
I don't get a chance to see other gaming setups. I have to rely on what others say and reviews. So my question is my Dell 2407 WFP still current? Would I see a big difference in a newer 1080p monitor? I paid a ton for this monitor when it came out. Now I see 24 inch monitors in the $200 to $300 range. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
Cool thanks....
I had to RMA my card. My old card ran in the high 50's under a load. My new card loads in the low 70's. Using Gpuz....gpu1 is 58, 2 is 56 and 3 is like 72, afterburner show temp at 71 under a load. I am thinking I need to replace the TIM, but ....are there thermal pads on the vrm's that might get damaged when I remove the HSF? Thanks
I need some advice. I am thinking about replacing my 4700X2. I have been looking and reading different threads, but I am just not sure. I was looking at this....
So anybody found one these yet?
Quote: Originally Posted by iampoor I have to say, I don't find this new version particularly attractive. Does anyone else feel that way? And no I'm not trying to poop on the thread, just wondering if anyone else has the same opion. agreed
Hey a question for you guys? I am getting all my parts together before I start modding. I want to run power supply cables behind the motherboard, I know I need a 4 pin atx cable extension. What about the main 24 pin cable, is it gonna be long enough? Power supply in sig.
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