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thanks ill look into those, any other options?
State your budget! (Set an absolute maximum or give a relative maximum with + x amount if it will be amazingly better). budget would be 500-1000$ CAD/US for everything. State your music tastes mainly country, some rock and current top hits. State what perks are highly desirable (low impedance, heavy bass, excellent for gaming etc..) not too sure on any perks that i might be looking for. State what products you already have and are planning on using with your...
couple years back when i was looking for a ht sub and was searching reviews i came upon a brand called "lava" never got one as i didnt wanna wait for shipping and got a great price on a polk sub. worth looking into
totally just read this thread and figure id start playing this game again used to love it as a kid only played up untill gold/silver. im actually playing blue online, through the browser. so didnt have to buy a consol:thumb:
your not going to damage the speakers by underpowering them. but lets not get into that in this thread, yes the alpines maybe over priced, if the op is open to "non mainstream" brands then he will definatly get a better product for the buck. but unless you buy something used you will not get a true 1000+ wrms amp. and like pioneer started to ask,vehicle electrical upgrades. as they will = blowing the budget just on wiring if you get into the higer rms wattage systems.
those 500watt alpine amps cant thing of a model number off the top of my head i used to have one with a type r was happy with it for the price, the one amp should be within your budget and is actually a decent amp. wont be enough to fully power your 2 type r s but if your in a budget it should be fine, and its going to be a less chance of blowing the speakers, and less strain on the vehicles electrical system.
alan wake! i cannot wait to beat a couple of my current games to try it out myself, read good things about it on the forum:thumb:
well i have a dell u2711 so i game at 2560x1440 so i need the added gpu horsepower. but thanks so far
hey everyone, i know this topic kinda gets beat to death but i kinda have the urge to upgrade, mainly due to my mobo not supporting sli, and i think adding a second 570 2.5 gb would greatly help maxing out games with higher fps, or even just switching to intel in general would help even. i know the 2500 is the best bang for the buck for gaming, and thats really all i use this computer for, aswell as the day to day browsing listening to music, downloading/streaming to my...
im just assuming but im sure niles works a full time job aswell as having mdpc i could be wrong. but people get tired and need a break. all the reviews ive seen of the mdpc look amazing and worth the money. if he is actually sick then yes he needs a break you dont need to go on the forums complaining about him. im sure he doesnt need your money anyway, health should always come first. if you need sleeving right this second get paracord or wait it out like i am and other...
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