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EK is working on a block for that. I had a GTX 590 rig with a custom loop; EK VGA block which I just sold (whole rig) and building up a new PC.
Getting two of them VERY soon but I don't know which to go with! MSI really seems to know what they're doing but their clock speeds are lower than Gigabyte's 780. More over the EVGA Reference GTX 780 has a really nice looking cooler. I don't plan on overclocking my video cards at...
well if its any help bf3/bf4/crysis/arma my gaming plans oh! and gta 4 which is a death sentence alone
building $2000 pc, looking at going up to tripple 1920x 1080 monitors. which would be the best? I had a gtx 590 rig but sold it.
Just a few ago my computer started freezing a bit. Like, it would just... freeze for like 3-5 seconds. Anything to do with the OC?
That's one of the few I was looking at. Can you fine adjust the dpi? I've tried several mice already, can't use any of them if it's below or under 965 I like short mice btw (buttons are close to bottom thus making it a short mouse) not an issue though.
Currently have the 2011 edition mamba, can't stand it anymore. The battery only lasts 30 minutes the grips fell off of both sides, the buttons squeak. I've had nothing but issues with razor for EVERYTHING I've had of theirs. I can't stand ergo mice. I need a mouse with 2 extra side buttons, DPI don't matter, I'm a low sensitivity gamer and I use my mouse nearly side ways so ergo won't work for me. Burdget is a max of 100 bucks. Looking for something for accurate shots. I...
Is there even a program as simple as, pop it in, select format, convert?
I tried doing all of that, watched a few tutorials and I'm still confused.
Recorded a game play, took up all 100 GB of my hard drive. I need to resize it. it's an AVI file and I would still like some quality to it as well. I don't mind uploading it in like 2/3 different videos to youtube but what is a DECENT software to change formats, for free, and a program to cut areas out in a video?
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