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you should try going to your control panel, click on sounds and on the popup right click on your sound device ( Toshiba) and set it to default also go into properties and under enhancement cheek box that says disable all enhancement
the only reason i ask about the ssd and raid is because when installing either sometimes it can change your pagefile mem causing many issues like this
also are you running an ssd or raid
when you installed the card into another system did you hook it up to the same tochiba
push alittle bit more outta my 670's SCORE P49348 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670(2x) and Intel Core i7-980X Processor
try rebooting the pc it will help
uparking core will give you a significant boost in fps video on youtube about it there's many more. i unparked mine a got about 20% boost in fps
not a bad deal going from a 920 to a 970 but you should use the 25 muilti and go for 4.5ghz at least and get rid of that h60 and go bigger, that h60 isnt much better than air cooling. once you upgraded your cooling you should be fine to push that 970. next don't forget to unpark your cores to get all the performance out of it. don't forget to set your processor power management for max and min power. also use speedstep so that your cpu isn't running at max creating heat...
don't forget that ocn users get a discount from frozen pc 5.1% ( xtreme and ocn discount codes) and performance pc 5% ( ocn55 discount code)
just put waterblocks on my galaxy gtx 670 gc 4gb and pushed them to 1300mhz scored p16805 on 3dmark11 5 mins later....... P16863 this is my best so far @1.212v 1312mhz/7200mem P17125 going to run heaven 4.0 now
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