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Can you trying over clocking it? Some leaks have said they can't even get 5% overclock on the RX480, but we don't know if that's due to power, temperature, or stability. For instance my Strix Fury basically will not overclock at all. Anything over 3-5% and it's unstable in games. Doesn't matter how much voltage I pump into it, or how high I set the fan speed.I'm interested to see what the polaris chip itself can do. Crank up the fan speed to keep it cool and see exactly...
Update!I tried the complete registry driver removal, and that didn't solve the problem. So today I went to Microcenter and exchanged for a new one. It looks like my issues have been solved!And, my new Fury OCs, where as my last one wouldn't(or course it wasn't stable at all). I seem to be able to run 1078mhz on stock voltages which gives me 47FPS in Unigine Heaven at 1440P with maxed settings, up from 44.6 on stock clocks. And improvement of around 5%!
Thanks for the input!Thanks! I actually saw you post about that earlier in the thread (Yes, I read all +500 pages over the last few days, haha. Dat new hardware hype doe).Did you mean this one specifically? so, I'll try that when I get off work tomorrow morning around 7am. Thanks for the input!
Hey guys! A few days ago one of my 290's in my crossfire 290 setup died on me. It was an old mining card so I figured that might happen. I decided to go back to single card and bought an Asus Strix Fury. I was mighty impressed! I ran a few benchmarks in TW3 and it average frame rates were nearly the same as my crossfire setup. Minimum frame rates were higher, maximum were lower, but average was within 2-3 fps. Also, I never noticed how much microstutter I was putting... My rig is in my sig(minus the second R9_290 I have in there now). Using just multi and voltage tweaks, 4.8ghz was easy to get after just a few hours. With an H100 using SP120 performance fans, temps are maxing at 55C. I ran my 8350 at 4.7ghz, 1.512 vcore with max temps around 67C core for two years. I know the max recommended core temp is 62 but I'm fine with some reduced life for more performance. The 8370e runs much MUCH cooler with much...
overclocking is all about trading performance for stability.10 runs minimum, IMHO, but above and beyond that is in the eye of the beholder. I actually use 100% of all 8 core rountinely, and have yet to run into any instability. cool, you can run 140 runs of IBT with .25 more voltage than me.I can run 4 hours of HD video rendering with 100% load, with 100% stability. If i wanna run IBT(for no reason) I'll bump my voltage.
mine OC passes 10 runs of IBT but freezes sometimes on 20 runs.It also renders HD video, 3 hours straight, 100% load on all cores, completely stabel and has never once given me a BSOD or any other such instability.i like IBT!
Actually, I qouted the last half of that one in my post
Thanks for the backup 62C core temp is about the limit. Personally mine hits 65-66C core temp on long runs of IBT or prime, but since in everyday use it never reaches that high (even under 100% load in my video editing program), I'm ok with it.I'll be upgrading my cooling soon anyway.
uh, OK.'t let core temp go over 62 degrees, per AMD for best life.These posts need to be stickied!
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