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your comment was insinuating that somehow the phone wont ever need to be plugged in because it has a solar others have stated the panel is nowhere near powerful enough to keep the battery charged, it will at best slow the discharge assuming its not sitting in a pocket.
a phone probably consumes 1000 times more power to run then a watch, thats not even a good comparison
ive been over it since the beta but i spent money on the game and season pass anyways hoping to grow into it. ive played it one time for 45 minutes and havent touched it since, best $90 i ever spent the fact that you can lose a game because the other team killed a ton of your bots is ridiculous.
No. Evgas step up policy states it must be a gpu upgrade. Vram upgrades are not available for step up. People should read their terms before getting excited.
ITX, come at me bro
who cares about 6gb 780, where dem 790 at.
not sure what he plays but an i3 would probably be perfect with a 750ti. 8350 is a waste for that build. you can get an i3 with a board for almost the price of just the 8350.
yes it is, why they dont overclock as good is irrelevant to my statement that sandy overclocks better. i never said they werent faster when equally overclocked.
well i just did a section of it with my NOVUS kit and it does take out the scratching, so you should be ok if you buy that kit.
its a pretty significant amount of (light) scuffing but im not sure how noticeable it is with colered coolant running through it. i didnt use that stuff in my build but the primochill stuff did get scratched from handling during the bending process, and i havent looked into how to clean it up, i do have the novus acrylic cleaning kit that i bought for my torture rack i might try to see if that works.i dont have a camera good enough to take a picuture of it unfortunately
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