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the second one didnt get shut down, they got "hacked" for like 2.7m worth of bitcoins
nothing at all hence the reason its happened 3 times in the last few months that i can recall. silk road, mt gox and now this. and those are only the ones i can recall from news articles.
must be be a typo, better buy up before they fix the price
im seeing 1.8-1.9gb vram usage in BF4 and AC4 on 1440p, thats cutting it pretty damn close. the 680s will definitely hit a vram wall before a hp wall for sure.
depends on the resolution, 2GB is getting a bit too small for 1440P these days.
and they all said it 3 months ago too
theres nothing special about ipads, and an android tablet is no harder to use then an ipad so the "average person" statement is irrelevant. the cheapest 8"+ android tablet is $100 cheaper then the cheapest ipad (mini). its more likely for the "average person" whos looking for their first tablet to go with one of the many andriod tablets.
before i drop the hammer on a 780Ti i figured i would see if anyone is selling any reasonably priced titans. looking to buy from people with positive seller feedback (it is a high dollar item after all) , if you dont meet the criteria to sell here dont waste your time unless you are willing to send the card first. prefer EVGA branded.
hahaha choking right now
i dont understand why people think bitcoin is some revolutionary currency, its only value is based on physical currecy (USD etc). this whole mining craze would not exist if it were not for that, nobody is mining this to create a new currency, only to make a fast buck. it will eventually crash.
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