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ITX, come at me bro
who cares about 6gb 780, where dem 790 at.
not sure what he plays but an i3 would probably be perfect with a 750ti. 8350 is a waste for that build. you can get an i3 with a board for almost the price of just the 8350.
yes it is, why they dont overclock as good is irrelevant to my statement that sandy overclocks better. i never said they werent faster when equally overclocked.
well i just did a section of it with my NOVUS kit and it does take out the scratching, so you should be ok if you buy that kit.
its a pretty significant amount of (light) scuffing but im not sure how noticeable it is with colered coolant running through it. i didnt use that stuff in my build but the primochill stuff did get scratched from handling during the bending process, and i havent looked into how to clean it up, i do have the novus acrylic cleaning kit that i bought for my torture rack i might try to see if that works.i dont have a camera good enough to take a picuture of it unfortunately
those fittings you posted are tubing fittings, not acrylic. acrylic only comes in 3/8x1/2 or 1/2x5/8 or metric sizes
but thats irrelevant to my statement,
the primochill UV blue tube is actually clear when not under UV light ( a slight blue tint) which is why i went with that so i could get the UV effect with some cathodes and also have a colored coolant for when the UV isnt on incase thats something youre looking for. also the mcmaster stuff seems to bend a bit easier then primochill, but be warned they ship the tubes in 6ft lengths unwrapped in a cardboard tube, and they will have tons of micro scratching from...
ive always used 3/8 ID. you lose pressure with larger ID tube. i havent tried using the 1/2" ID acrylic but from watching videos it looks to bend easier then the smaller 3/8 ID stuff, when i say easier to bend i mean easier to get a nice smooth radius on the bend with no kinking/flattening.
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