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ive always used 3/8 ID. you lose pressure with larger ID tube. i havent tried using the 1/2" ID acrylic but from watching videos it looks to bend easier then the smaller 3/8 ID stuff, when i say easier to bend i mean easier to get a nice smooth radius on the bend with no kinking/flattening.
you would hope so considering its 3 years newer technology. its not more superior at overclocking, so that statement is false
with such a big case i would at least buy the mcmaster stuff to pracitce run with until you feel confident, i wasted 6 ft of primochill UV blue before i got my first useable bend. primochill is $2.50/foot for the colored stuff if you buy the 4-24" packs and $3.30/ft in the 3ft lengths.
the 3/8 diameter cords dont fit inside the mcmaster acrylic. ive got 6 feet of it here to practice with and the only one that fits is the 9mm stuff, its a little loose but it will work ok. you MIGHT be able to fit the 3/8 stuff in it if you lube it with olive oil or soapy water, or maybe some sanding, but i can only get it in about an inch before it wont go any further.
my local gamestop is literally 2 doors down from walmart. sucks to be them lol.
shouldnt the server host be responsible for that money lost if it really happened like that? that would be kinda like walking into a bank and saying "Hi im mr smith and i would like to withdraw 100k from my account" and the teller just giving him the money without asking for id.
typical HTPC level components probably idle at 40-50w, thats pretty much nothing as far as power usage goes. as far as wear and tear, the computer would be too outdated to use before it degraded from running 24/7. my computers never get shut off unless its to work on them, and i dont use sleep mode either.
just purchased a set of the RS220 wireless headset since they just went on sale and ive been eyeing them for a bit ( wires irritate me). is there anything i need to make them sound better over onboard sound? i cant add a sound card because its an ITX build but i see DAC being recommended sometimes for ITX builds but have no clue if that applies to wireless headsets. also what type of audio connection is best to use, its got multiple - RCA analog, coaxial, optical im...
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