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60c is already very close to the max recommended temp for AMD CPUs (62c). You don't have much headroom.
I have a R2 and 3rd party SATA disabled. For my drives I have a OCZ Agility 3 for boot and 3x 1 TB drives in RAID 5. It takes me ~1 minute from power on to desktop.
4.2 Ghz on a Phenom II is already pretty much at the limit for most chips. You can attempt to start overclocking the CPU-NB and raising the CPU-NB voltage. Both of those things can help stabilize a high CPU overclock (sometimes).
AFAIK increasing the CPU-NB speed on bulldozer/piledriver does not have nearly as much of a boost in performance as it did with the Phenom II's. Whoever said that raising your CPU-NB speed doesnt raise CPU temps is also wrong, getting it stable when overclocking will certainly require extra voltage and will increase your temperatures quite a bit since you are raising voltage to the memory controller and L3 cache.
Because the CPU PCIe links that AM3+ CPU's have cannot supply the bandwidth of even a single PCIe 3.0 x16 slot. True PCIe 3.0 on AMD platforms will require a new socket and chipset.
Probably because the TDP of all AM3+ CPU's are 95w and above.
As others have said, your current motherboard is way too weak. You need a new one that can properly support that CPU.
I already posted this in another thread here, but I wrote a how to on how to block your ISP's cache server (hopefully). This brought my download speeds on youtube from 500 kbit/sec to 2800-3200 kbit/sec.
I just wrote this huge wall of text and posted it on reddit. Good luck.
No, its measuring which power state your CPU is in. If you want to measure actual power consumption you need to but a hardware device like a Kill-A-Watt.
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