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We have made a new products also which is now in stock at
Thanks, ModWithMe is my only source of income, i have quit my other job so it better be professional. LOL!Yeah you get my point exactly. The rest of the build is black/green uv with a little bit of purple cause of the UV leds. These is no blue anywhere else.Thanks man!They are made from cast plexiglass with our cnc's. We are currently working with a professional CNC company (They do work for jaguar) to get them mass produced.
Now the front grill is almost complete (just need to spraypaint or powdercoat it once all the alu work has been done) Its time to focus the attention to the borg cube panel. Just because you have access to flowjets, lasers and cnc's doesnt mean you have to do every job with it! Some good oldfashioned elbow grease used here! The old panel looked like this, with a lot of odd shapes and holes. I cleaned that up a bit and made it more structured. *Please note that...
ModWithMe ShroudRes 140 and 280 are here ! (sorry for the facebook link)
Thanks! We offer extensive scratch and modservices through and I would love to do another BORG system.Maybe you have seen one of my older builds the USS EURISKO - Intrepid Mark II Class
YEs we will be offering full customisation options. Engravings, other types of plexi, other types of materials (we are working on a full copper version for a customer)
Thanks man!Yeah we are doing the popular brands for integration.Cant say anything yet on pricing as we need to do our final calculations.More info soon.Now back to the BORG!
Thanks guys !Yes we will be offering these for sale real soon.For some more pics and info please look here :'s a blue with white version and a red/black with corsair fans.Talking to resellers in the US and europe for easy access to the SR's without major transport costs.
One of the main reasons it took so long to reboot the BORG. The ShroudRes !
Thanks man ! Good to be back!Yeah it was time, it was never far away from my mind but just too busy to get it up and running again!
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