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Yeah that will be at the "The Party 14" end of march when the V2 is ready
To be honest, I havent had the time to properly set it up.Tested all the parts out before shipment on my testbench but just to see if they run.
Yeah I noticed, blog through the roof, MSI servers stressed lolI think I put about 300 hours in the design and build. Which is ok compared to doing everything by hand and spend 600 hours on the USS EURISKO.Yeah the V3 will get a real pro photoshoot. That will be the last version with about 400 more hours spent on all the tiny details and buildquality!lol yeah so funny!LOL, yeah it caught fire yesterday! Thanks for sharing!
LOL thanks man! Didnt know they were going to do an article!Thanks! This is the V1, the V3 (final version) with about 400 extra 3D hours (read massive detail update on tower, hulls, engines and the internal PC structuring and placement) will get a proper pro shoot.Planning on building one each year.Think there will be some good shots coming from CES also.
It is a computer case, i just havent been able to build the computer in permanently as it could cause problems at customs ;-)Thanks man!To show you how the PC will be installed ..The 480 radiator is in the nose, the main pc components midship under the tower, and the PSU and Reservoirs will be in the aft section (dont have any pics of that yet)
Thanks man.I just have a simple set of basic design rules.- No visible cables- Proper model lighting- Must have a liquid cooled pc inside
Thanks man! Had to work hard to get here but it worked out okishThanks man! Yeah CES is going to be sweet. Unless the box has been mistreated , then its gonna blow!Thank you!Thanks, got some projects in store from Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and Star Trek so stay tuned!
While I was so busy with getting stuff done on the YAZI some pictures were made by Mortum AWESOME Greeble shot! Nice shot of the Aluminum Alloy / RVS stand .. Its easy to forget how big she is lol ..
Thank you very much! She is !
Thanks man, have great xmas!
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