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And to show what can go wrong if you design to fast and dont take enough time to properly analyse the part you have created in 3D. Printing supersmooth, almost looks like a mirror with no feelable bumps or lines ... Oh **** .. the 3D design is missing a single surface somewhere deep in the design .. After some fidling and testing in the printsoftware it turned out ok ... Why not use the misprint for a glue .... Laters !
And finally the 3rd engine designed and printed ! The force is strong in your family .. Also started on the lightplan for the YAZI by covering the internals of the engines with aluminum tape  You know you are getting good progress when you start designing the hardware / internal structures of your build ..
Did a quick test fitting of the reservoir. The resholder is very solid and has a good overall feel. The benefit of designing with 3D is that just before the final version was ready to print I thought it might be handy to have a inbuilt LED wiring channel in one of the legs. They are multiplying ... And after so additional love and care they are now ready for airbrush and lighting ! Untill the next update !
Yeah that are the things I am giving up at the moment. Need all the time to get this baby ready, so wont be playing any Battlefront unfortunately ...
LOL thanks! I hope people can see the subtle ironies of my post ;-)
Requirements : 1 x 50mm acrylic tube 2 x 50mm acrylic disks Sandpaper (wet/dry) ranging from 240 to 2000 in 5 steps Cup of water non abrasive cloth silver polish old molex cable ACRYLIC glue that is water thin Hypodermic needle 29/64 inch drill Tap G1/4 Powered Drillmachine (or stationary drill) Some old fittings and tube Ok so instead of just showing I made my own reservoir, i want to show you how to make one yourself as it is pretty easy. You just need to have the...
Sneak preview of the tower design
Thanks man Welcome, we got cookies
"YAZI" - Venator Class Star Destroyer       Exterior bottom hull details Well the design for the bottom hull is done and ready to print. This was NOT a small job. Here are the different iterations of the design from start to finish. Combined a little bit of design 1 with a lot from design 2 and extruded it as seperate blocks to get a highth difference as well. Quick shot to see the hight difference better. And did a quick bend of the planes so you can get a...
Thanks man, yeah I got a craving for studioscale pc's lolYes it is more like the original, but I dont want to just copy the original. Thats unique and stay unique.Unfortunately this has little to no impact on cooling. It will be place on top of a alumnium sheet of 1.5mm. Good call though!LOL
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