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Some pretty good points you all have there... Yeah I'll wait a while and have a grade change when more is available. Maybe I should just change out the IV Extreme for the IV Gene, because I feel like I'm just wasting space and not utilizing the MB's potential.
So I'm looking into trading my 3930k for a 4770k. I usually do gaming but sometimes do a little CAD and PS, so I don't think I'll need so much power. I highly doubt I'll use more than 2 of the lanes and no more than 16 GB of RAM. I just don't know if I should keep the 3930k for future proof reasons. So is it a good switch? If so I'll probably sell the MB for $310 just to cover the VI Formula and the 3930k for around 480.
I think it's a nice start for desktop PC's; not best but nice. There's bound to be more so I'll wait for the next release..
So what could it be then if your so sure it isn't? I'm just getting black screens in each game with a message from windows that display driver stopped working. What is causing it? this on a fresh install of windows and earlier drivers.
Hello all, I recently have been having issues with my MSI 660ti PE. Majority of games I have have been suddenly crashing on me with a message Display driver has stopped working. I also noticed that 320.18 drivers were messing up a couple cards. I tried installing 314.22 and even with a fresh install of Windows 8 but the crashing still occurs. I just want to know if the drivers could have possibly permanently, in any way, messed up my card? or if it's just the driver...
This explains all the problems I've been having. Multiple games with multiple crashes. I thought it was the games so I tried reinstalling them, multiple times I'm installing 314.22 to see if that fixes anything. I seriously don't want to loose my card because of this..
I would like to see some more benchmarks done in games with this overclock. It would be a nice AMD build right there
Okay I had a pretty bad experience with their RAT series Plastic construction caused the primary mouse wheel to fall off. But I'm willing to give MadCatz one more try... I'll have to wait and see some more reviews about it first
I wish I could have that card.. But unfortunately money is always tight in these times Still available?
This looks like it would go very well in a system with a 690. That bare metal...
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