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So I need to choose between these two choices to suffice until Kepler comes out. 7770 in crossfire will go at $300 and the 570 will be at $350. From benchmarks I've seen they are neck and neck but the 570 was never overclocked and from what I've heard that thing is beast when it is. Which one should I get? can't choose | | | EDIT: Okay now there is a new decision to make (seeing that dual GPU's are "aweful") and seeing that I can't buy it today; I have till tomorrow...
Hello my fellow Overclockers, I just built a system with a 3930k on a Rampage IV extreme for my first build. Unfortunately, I went over budget and had to use an HD5450 that I got for $30 so I can actually use the PC. I was soo hyped about the 7970 and was saving up for it but then I'm hearing of all these reviews and Nvidia previews. Sounds like Nvidia is going to come back pretty hard. Since the 7970 is wayyyy overpriced for it performance I need to get a Graphics Card...
I'm trying to get the 7970 but putting a 7770 in crossfire would be, in a way satisfactory with a less electric bill. BUT DAMN I WANT THAT 7970 DirectCU2 (just because of the back plate) Yes, just like A1 steak sauce, it's that important.
Yeah I finally found it. Damn that thing is loud D:
There goes my dedication to a pure Corsair and Asus build D:
HAHAHA Intel is going to wreck Apple lol
= win?
Hmm put the 7770 in crossfire?
I just noticed that that 40mm fan on the chipset is very loud. Louder than all my chasis fans put together. Is there an option in the bios to turn it down? I probably passed it a hundred times.
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