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Just thinking I will go ahead and give this thread a bump!
Congrats on all you getting your requested games
Alright to everyone that had replied your games have been sent to your message boxes. I hope everyone enjoys them.
Done and Done
Hey Guys and Gals gather-round for Blade_117's extra spectacular giveaway. Now this is nothing compared to Iarda's constant giveaway but however every few months I like to clear a page or two of old games I have from humble bundle. Feel free to look at the list and select one of the games you want. I will then choose from those who responded and give keys to those selected. I would like to hear why you would want a particular game and such. I will be implementing similar...
Well Iarda, as always you are just being boss. Anyways great giveaway you've got setup here.
I would like to thank XanderTheGoober for hosting this wonderful giveaway. Also everyone be on the lookout tonight and tomorrow for my own giveaway of some extra HumbleBundle monthly keys that I have lying around.
I am totally in for this! However, it should be noted that its not for me but rather my brother-in-law who is currently running a radeon 5770 in his rig. You see he is currently paring off school debts while working full-time to pay his bills. If he were to get this card it would totally make his day. Anyways thanks for the awesome giveaway and keep up the good work.
I would start with official drivers and If that didnt work I would reset router and if that didnt work I would manually assign the ip on the computer and if that didnt work I would drop the lease time lower on the router and if that didnt work I would turn of any hibernation or sleep modes on the computer
I would like the ram for the two older computers I have in my possession. Currently they both only have 2GB and would be nice if the desktops had more. I would probably use one as a linux candidate running the chrome OS lookalike and the other as a spare for relatives or friends who need a computer for free or cheap. Thanks for the awesome deal dude
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