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Posts by Blade 117 Whoops forgot cost in title $119.99 after rebate
Welcome to the community I look forward to your contributions.
if only this had been up a week ago... just bought a 970 would've gladly upgraded to 980 for this price. Good luck
I am going to go with this because its likely only the game since others do not do this
awesome purely awesome
Run some different higher end games and see what they do. Could be an issue with TF2 not updating profile on newer gpus
Not saying that I need them but... I am in school for a degree in information technology and having a good backup program would be nice. Thanks for the post
Blade117 is my folding name
I've been folding for 3 months and have completed just shy of 130 WUsI have a valid email setup I fold by myself basically right now but want to get a team at my school going folding rig is my Richland in my sig
It wont let me sign up with my OCN name whats up? Do i need to specifically change my folding team right now? Also whats the best settings for my r9 280 to run?
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