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So I may have figured it out. I told my motherboard to go back to defaults but it didnt truly reset.-So I manually cleared the cmos-Seems to be running fine with my buddies 770 (borrowed to eliminate possible 970 which did same thing as 970)-Anyways played a half-hour no crashing will test more in the morning
Currently am only running my gtx 970-reset my bios to defaults-installed windows the way you stated-running loop test now-after loop tests will run memtestthanks for the suggestions
Where to start. I guess I will start by stating I am disappointed in my Stryker rig in sig. This computer just seems to be against me playing multiple games. -Was crashing on Thief, Crysis 3 and FarCry 3. -Uninstalled graphics drivers fully, still crashes. -Set back to stock clocks on cpu -Still crashes -checked hard drives no errors -download new copies of the games -still crashed My richland build in my sig will run games without crashing in the least. Really odd that...
I didnt even think of having him check the gpu. Good call!
I would try new fans because it is often the simplest explanation. Either of those fans would work.I dont think one pump is enough across two large radiators.Lastly your overclocks have higher volts but should still cool properly given you have enough pumps to circulate and cool adequately.
yes 60cfm minimum would be ideal. I run cooler master jet flos the specs speak for themselves
Try to turn up your fan speed. its really low
Well I didn't see any others running this low
Luckily I game on a pc so I dont have to worry about choosing between gameplay and graphics. Also I work hard for my money so if i want a game I research it based on reviews and previews of streaming. I think you may be lost on what I am trying to say...If we want better games we need to push the Devs to use the technology and or software in order to accomplish it. No one will push the envelope if we are content to get what we have always gotten.
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