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This is indeed a very sad moment in PC gaming. Dx12 offers such a potential breakthrough in gpu strength, yet it is only going to applicable to those developers who care enough to utilize its full power. As for the mGPU thing I can honestly say that after doing it for a year I no longer have the drive to use two and instead am moving forward with a single card. Maybe when they get the Dx12 drivers working properly and games come with sli/ crossfire profiles built in then...
Linksys Wrt300n 2 Running: dd-wrt v24 mini 3.99$ at goodwill Using in client bridge connection for home pc (wireless pci cards are too spendy) Thoughts on changing to repeating bridge for better throughput to my NAS?
First off, its been a while since I have actually logged on.Second, why not do what i did and run a dual setup using a hdd power selector board that allows me to power on or off different drives to specifically run different OS with no bootloader?
I nominate, arctoz ii case mod.
Bad OC after almost 2 years of running it and now it fails. Oh well just reset the CMOS and now all is fine and dandy
So I may have figured it out. I told my motherboard to go back to defaults but it didnt truly reset.-So I manually cleared the cmos-Seems to be running fine with my buddies 770 (borrowed to eliminate possible 970 which did same thing as 970)-Anyways played a half-hour no crashing will test more in the morning
Currently am only running my gtx 970-reset my bios to defaults-installed windows the way you stated-running loop test now-after loop tests will run memtestthanks for the suggestions
Where to start. I guess I will start by stating I am disappointed in my Stryker rig in sig. This computer just seems to be against me playing multiple games. -Was crashing on Thief, Crysis 3 and FarCry 3. -Uninstalled graphics drivers fully, still crashes. -Set back to stock clocks on cpu -Still crashes -checked hard drives no errors -download new copies of the games -still crashed My richland build in my sig will run games without crashing in the least. Really odd that...
I didnt even think of having him check the gpu. Good call!
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