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Its a weak point in the laptops layout. Under that front right is where your hdd is. Hence by putting pressure there you are actually applying pressure onto a mechanical hdd. Effectively stalling your hdd/ making it stutter/fail This is great overall router. Decent price ranks better than the ac2400 version for alot of categories below is the rankings of current routers
Its likely that they do not have the SLI profiles correct for 4K gaming at this moment in time. That is entirely up to the developers in those terms. Unfortuantely most developers of games like saints row did not think ahead to 4K sli profiling or SLI profiles at all.
I would start in the bios and makes sure that you are enabled to the 8x/8x config within the bios. board states it has a 2(16x/0) config and a 2(8x/8x) config so that could be your problem right there
get one with a 990fx southbridge minimum it will help utilize the best of the fx 6300. Asrock makes a good board thats what i would go for
its likely that they do not have a sli-profile yet developed for the game
I too would also care to know about this card. In other thoughts it is probably because evga is pushing the acx cooling
hmm an unfortuante event if so
Sick deal man
This is what you do. Go into mobo uefi and check that both the gpus are being read in the bios. Once that checks out than make sure that there isnt some setting preventing from them working together. such as lucid vmp will sometimes do
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