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i would take the guess that since it is a guest profile it will be slower because it will prioritize the non-guests for higher speed. furthermore you can test by downloading the app and logining in using guest and testing and also testing using you 2.4ghz connection
The differences come down to drivers and fine tuned architecture and more power per dollar in my own opinion
been gone for many days with sick dog. could be that when you put in crossfire the drivers force them to 100% for performance purposes. Still really quite odd though.
1: try reseating the atx power to the mobo. 2: re-seat the cpu if above does not work 3: make sure the cpu fan is plugged in... some mobos wont allow a boot if cpu fan no plugged into cpu fan slot 4: Reseat the atx cord making sure the cord clicks into place. 5: make sure the eps 8-pin cpu card is plugged in cpu 8-pin power cord or reseating the cpu would be my first actions since your mobo gets power
Not necesarrily with league. The hdd could be a cause. alot has to do with the computer overall. A friend plays league and his computer is low end so slows down every match. But on good days for his internet he loads reasonably well. anyways the SSHD cannot store the amount of information necessary to load the games faster. Say you have the 1tb version with an 8gb buffer on the HDD. Well that fills up quite quickly when you think about all the stuff that part now needs to...
well some well specify and others will have it listed for a possible driver update on the motherboards manufacturers website. Right cause new crossfire is bridgeless?
upgrade copies can be used as full copies as long as it detects a previous version of windows. just select custom and install like its a full version
sounds crazy but i too would like to know
Try different drivers or roll back if you are using beta drivers. Also make sure that your motherboard supports the new crossfire that amd uses with the r-series gpus
Yes because you are waiting for the game to sync to other users over the internet the load times will generally stay the same based on the connection speeds you and the other players have. Also you should note the way an SSHD is designed to work., What an SSHD essentially does is set aside a chunk of memory within it which is similar to the way ram works except this is dedicated to primarily retrieving the info from your hard-drive that you commonly use and using the...
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