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I don't see a way to end this but the case has been sold. Thanks to everyone who looked
Gather round gentlemen and ladies! Before you is a Brand-new-in-Box Cosmos II. As many of you already know this case brand new from retailers goes for $320+ dollars easily. But now for the low-low price of $200 plus shipping it can be all yours. But wait there is more... Not only is it for Sale but it is for Trade as well. What could a guy such as myself possibly want for a marvelous case you ask? Well glad we are both on the same page. I am looking for either an EVGA...
Thanks to everyone that participated, now all have been given out!
Thanks for all the replies. Remember giveaway ends Friday. The winners will be sent codes via PM.
Glad this is getting some traffic. Love the stories that go along with some of the requests.
will keep both of you in mind for these
Hey everyone its been a while. So I have been participating in the monthly bundles and have an abundance of keys that I do not plan on using. Feel free to look at the list and select one of the games you want. I will then choose from those you responded and give keys to those selected. Have a great day. Will close by Friday and expect keys to be sent by Sunday. Updated Image of remaining games. Thank you to everyone thus far!
Hey I notice it is Portland based according to website but have seen 0 closer to Seattle area listed, is this true or am I simply not looking hard enough?
This is indeed a very sad moment in PC gaming. Dx12 offers such a potential breakthrough in gpu strength, yet it is only going to applicable to those developers who care enough to utilize its full power. As for the mGPU thing I can honestly say that after doing it for a year I no longer have the drive to use two and instead am moving forward with a single card. Maybe when they get the Dx12 drivers working properly and games come with sli/ crossfire profiles built in then...
Linksys Wrt300n 2 Running: dd-wrt v24 mini 3.99$ at goodwill Using in client bridge connection for home pc (wireless pci cards are too spendy) Thoughts on changing to repeating bridge for better throughput to my NAS?
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