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Seems fine to me. Fans, although you have alot, dont draw too much, as for the pumps I wouldnt imagine it so bad of a draw. You should be fine those psu's have great efficiency ratings.
1) The new one will of course perform better. 2) Yes it is probably time if you can afford. 3) Yes broadwell will be better, by how much who knows. Personally haswell-e is a disgrace, the quad-core haswell refresh almost matches in every category. 4) I would wait for the gtx to be released it is only right around the corner 5) Single card in most cases is better because their are still issues being resolved with SLI. Good luck
Check heat readings. Reseat all connections Reseat cpu new thermal paste. good luck
since no responses try and buy it on amazon if you want to really try and if you no like than return it. Prime eligible products super easy to do with
Most likely just a software update issue also you definetly should invest in a new cpu cooler I know its not the same for power but I mean shouldnt be that high. also while looking at your results you are a version behing. so try updating
Good idea signing up this is where I have learned most of my technical know-how. Good luck with the pc gaming dont be afraid to ask questions
Hey the software which is freeware to use is this right here doesnt require an install it is run alone. used it for my seven usb iso next as for the windows key you should be able to simply call microsoft and say that your hdd has crashed and need to reinstall the os and then go from there. They should be able to oblige. ( atleast they use to oblige this in the xp days) good luck
unfortunately since newegg stopped carrying aerocool most do not have experience with them. Idk why. off topic sort of I owned an aerocool case i bought for 40 bucks probably about one of the better built mid-towers I have ever boughten wish I could be more help
I simply thought too good of a deal and if its sealed the guy isnt gonna let him open it before buying. Which means he couldve re-sealed and left something else inside
this guy knows his stuff and watch out for his sales posts always good sales
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