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I too would also care to know about this card. In other thoughts it is probably because evga is pushing the acx cooling
hmm an unfortuante event if so
Sick deal man
This is what you do. Go into mobo uefi and check that both the gpus are being read in the bios. Once that checks out than make sure that there isnt some setting preventing from them working together. such as lucid vmp will sometimes do
Is your windows set to performance mode? Because that would definetly cause it to remain at full bore
Dude that if more than a fine temperature under idle and under load. Download real temp it should support your cpu. You can run your fans lower if you wanted. My 8150 went to around 80c on air cooling when it was overclocked so I think that the 9590 will be fine on water with 60c. Remember a true test is atleast an hour on prime to ensure that the cooler will keep with long term usage. good luck
Seems fine to me. Fans, although you have alot, dont draw too much, as for the pumps I wouldnt imagine it so bad of a draw. You should be fine those psu's have great efficiency ratings.
1) The new one will of course perform better. 2) Yes it is probably time if you can afford. 3) Yes broadwell will be better, by how much who knows. Personally haswell-e is a disgrace, the quad-core haswell refresh almost matches in every category. 4) I would wait for the gtx to be released it is only right around the corner 5) Single card in most cases is better because their are still issues being resolved with SLI. Good luck
Check heat readings. Reseat all connections Reseat cpu new thermal paste. good luck
since no responses try and buy it on amazon if you want to really try and if you no like than return it. Prime eligible products super easy to do with
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