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QFT. Their hole range is ugly as hell.
What about VRM temps?
Thanks captain obvious. It doesn't matter how you call it. All I wanna know is how good it performs and if anyone tried it yet.
Any other full cover block with a backplate is at least 70 bucks more expensive. So it's not a bit more. PM me the link, please.
What's the point of making such an elaborate loop if you don't see it anyway. Also, the card has terrible sag.
Wow, a proper color scheme on an Asus board? Is the world coming to an end?
Anyone tried those blocks yet?
The concern is were these attacks to hide an intrusion? Sometimes hackers use ddos to keep admins from seeing logs of them actually breaking in. Data is coming in so fast it can be hard to keep up. If Sony was breached again that would be absolutely unacceptable.
I used to have drives hooked to a marvel chip and it worked fine. In this case all drives are on an Intel controller.
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