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When I try to press udpate and security button in setting the window just disappears as if it crashes, but the explorer keeps working. What might be the issue?
What would be a good budget upgrade from a Xonar DG/Dayton speakers? I want DAC and speaker recommendations that would make the sound better on a budget.
Hi. I have a Fractal Design ARC and I want to order some rivets for this case. Does anybody know what size are the rivets in those cases? Is it standard 1/8 inch or something else?
OMG! Thanks!
I changed the game folder several times with same results. Looks like origin just doesn't download dlcs and installs just vanilla game.
I have premium and I reinstalled my OS recently (Win 10 Pro). Now every time I try to join a DLC server it says that I need to install it first even though I bought premium. Also DLCs are missing from the Update folder. What gives?
What rivet size do FD cases use? I need to buy some to re-rivet my Arc case.
Anybody knows how to fix this? Trying to play beta with no luck.
Problem solved using portlock windows update manager. Thread can be closed.
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