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Yeah, those speakers are a little bit above my budget.
What would be a recommended set of speakers for SMSL M8? I have Dayton Audio B652. Is this DAC overkill for these speakers or it will improve on the sound?
My new monitor!
Just found this old Mac on the street. What should I do with it?
Small update. Looks like I'll be moving to a smaller form factor soon.
Any tutorial updates for Windows 10 Pro Anniversary patch?
When I try to press udpate and security button in setting the window just disappears as if it crashes, but the explorer keeps working. What might be the issue?
What would be a good budget upgrade from a Xonar DG/Dayton speakers? I want DAC and speaker recommendations that would make the sound better on a budget.
Hi. I have a Fractal Design ARC and I want to order some rivets for this case. Does anybody know what size are the rivets in those cases? Is it standard 1/8 inch or something else?
OMG! Thanks!
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