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no, if you don't take some minor issues into account the OS is solid. I use it as my main gaming OS since the first preview.
Looks like I can send reports, but can't do anything else even thought I'm signed in with Microsoft account. More like FailDrive.
Does anyone know how to change OneDrive default folder in the latest build when using Microsoft account?
Persuade so many people that they need these wrist fedoras is genius in itself. Hats off to Apple.
FYI, the AMD driver that Windows tries to force install with every update check is unpatchable for those that have 120Hz Korean monitors.
I'm using a built-in windows feature on both machines if that's what you're asking.
Same result.
I only got Avast on the server machine. Is that the case?
Every time I try to set up VPN in Win 8.1/10 I get this error. Any ideas how to solve it?
So I'm trying to set up VPN on my machine and I always get the same error. Does anybody know what it is?
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