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Spot on. After I rolled back to Omega drivers from the beta the bsods vanished. I was suspecting that, but thanks for confirming my thoughts.
I started getting a constant BSOD that makes the system go into constant boot loop. Any ideas?
Easier to use other browsers. That made me use IE for the first time in ten years. It's a secret plot by Microsoft to enforce IE again.
4k IPS FreeSync 32 inch 1ms 144hz please. Anything less is a compromise.
Can somebody explain to me this:
Btw, disabling sound in video app in this build, disables all sound altogether. Superb new feature right there, that nobody has ever thought of.
Also using WD. Restart doesn't seem to help either.
What about FireFox? Does it work ok?Also is the update function broken in this version? That's what I get every time I try to check for new updates:
After updating to the latest preview I started getting YouTube videos sound stutter. No hardware acceleration on Chrome. Does anyone know the solution to fix this?
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