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Second 290 with a block, 280mm rad and some other bits and pieces.
AMD optimized.
Lipstick on a pig.
Windows 10 Build 10041 no OC
3DMark FireStrike stock everything
Great move. Next one will be cortana-powered command-line with instant clueless bing search and ads to install new version if IE. This OS is gonna be a blast.
Can somebody clear up the situation on missing new build download and selective update options?
Why not just use an earlier build then?
At this point in time you need to ask yourself: why do I need this in the first place? If I had the same problems I would've already stopped trying because the time and effort just isn't worth it especially when you have a perfectly functional copy of win 8.
No point in wasting resources on a game when a company is doing super great by just selling hats. Gabe is a very smart man.
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