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How do you change from AHCI to RAID in Win 8.1 Pro after installation? All the options I tried from google and in this guide give me a BSOD.
Does anyone know if there's a "reboot to bios" feature on the Z87x oc board?
Just the essentials. :3
Suddenly. A wild SSD adapter appears!
I see. I'm not actually as worried about the stream quality as lag. From what I've seen Nvenc and QS give slightly higher fps when streaming, being worse in quality of course.
So I have a GeForce 210 lying around. I know OBS can benefit from Intel quicksync as it utilizes build-in graphics processor. Can I use a dedicated GPU instead and will it give me any benefits?
What does 04 code mean? Can't seem to find it in the manual or on Google. Board Z87X-OC.
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