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Google and Facebook do the same and more and people are ok with that. Funny.
Ditch this ugly case.
Because it's the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to do it?
That warm feeling for not being OCD when removing/updating your drivers.
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This game is a joke. It has the mechanics of a 10 year old TPS. Can't heal while run, can't dodge, can't jump. The protagonist moves like a piece of wood. The whole story mode is on rails and very naive and obvious to the point that you wanna skip the dialogues, coming close to the cringe-worthy wild trash that RE5/6 story was. Can't craft bullets, except the useless bolts for the crossbow. Checkpoint system. The list goes on. Shinji Mikami just showed how far behind he is...
>No health-kit to heal self >Can easily heal partner to maximum health Genius.
The game experience so far: RE6.1 with cheap scares and excessive gore. Not impressed.
There's already a DIY launcher that unlocks FPS and removes black bars so this is not relevant anymore. Downloading the game now, will probably stream it later.
Start Menu Electric Boogaloo Edition
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