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Haven't tested the temps yet. Will do an overclock next weekend and then test.
Don't mind me. Just throwing some random parts together.
Brand fetishism never looked that good.
Done. Check out my slick cable management. I tried my best.
This pump is the bees knees for my setup. Stay tuned for the final assembly and money shots sometime today.
Look what I got today!
I'm using Chrome. Never tried the website with other browsers. If that's the case than it's still bad because there has to be support for other browsers as well.
Also can't subscribe to the order status. Gives some XML error. Weird.
Just wanted to confirm if anybody else is experiencing issues with their new website. Not only is the new design very unintuitive it is also very laggy for me. I can't even log in to my account or track a package. The pages just won't load. Any ideas why?
Another reason not to own a gimped pc... I'm sorry, a console.
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