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BF4 defuse Playing defuse mode in Battlefield 4 with a team of mates from Tactical Gaming Sabers squad. (2016 01 20) Streams → Instagram →
Thanks everybody for the info. After some reading I bought a black Nixeus Revel. Hope it's gonna be good.
I actually currently have a D30 dac connected to a Xonar DG soundcard through the optical cable and would like to know if such setup makes any sense or it's just gonna warp the output sound.
Can you give examples of the Nixeus sensor being better?
I currently own an SS Kinzu and want to try something new. Is the FK1 worth to try or there are better mice as of now. Playing FPS games mostly.
Yeah, those speakers are a little bit above my budget.
What would be a recommended set of speakers for SMSL M8? I have Dayton Audio B652. Is this DAC overkill for these speakers or it will improve on the sound?
My new monitor!
Just found this old Mac on the street. What should I do with it?
Small update. Looks like I'll be moving to a smaller form factor soon.
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