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What is the name for cpu memory controller voltage in the bios on a z87 chipset? I also tried different voltage settings for the memory with no luck.
I think it's the memory too. The crashes occur at random, not only when I play the game. I checked with memtest 86 and it shows no errors. Can it be just an incompatible set of memory?
Checked the event log and has errors like this: The User Data Access_Session1 service terminated with the following error:%%2160591934
Well, I changed it to auto and it froze again just now.
Everything at stock. I only have vcore manually set instead of auto. Can that be the cause?
I tried Furmark just in case and it runs smooth no freezes.
My PC freezes every time I play the game for about 5-10 minutes. Mobo shows error code 02 which is not listed in the manual. What can it be?
Same preaching was with windows 8. It's just a bunch of people not willing to try something new and sticking to something they are used to. Plus click-baiting. These articles shouldn't even exist on an enthusiast forum.
False advertising from Fractal. If you claim that a case can house a 420 rad it should be universal, not for certain models only.
I have a Define S with R9 290. I can do it, but I think the front panel will make little to no impact on the temperatures. The setup is triple 140mm in the front and one at the rear.
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