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Quick question. I'm supposed to get a 970 OC tomorrow, will my rig (4.2GHz G3258) be able to fold on both cards (750Ti Black ed + 950 OC)?. I suppose I could put the 750Ti in the folding rig, but I don't feel like messing with the desktop client in Linux (it's currently just running NaCl).
PCs are very sensitive, but at the same time you'd be suprised what they can handle. Back when I was in school I got a refurbed HP, and after using it a bit I decided to poke around inside. Then I found a staple lying on the north bridge contacts. And nothing happened.
What did you just say???
Nah, I can't afford the latest. I just bought a 960 OC while they're so dirt cheap. Still, it'll mop the floor with my 750Ti.
I'm hoping to get something Monday, which should raise my PPD quite substantially.
Ok then. Thanks for clarifying.
Sorry for not posting in the thread for so long, I've been a bit busy lately. It also seems lately I only post here when I've had a long day. I'm adding @silvrr. @mmonnin, just to be sure, are you in or simply posting here to help others?
It's called Kevdog's law. At least it struck me before and not during the FAT.EDIT: I just hope I didn't tempt him...
I already sent the PM to PR, but I'll send one to you as well.
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