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So basically you want to make me spend a couple years worth of income on a sound room?Knowing myself, I'd rather not do that.EDIT: Still, fair enough. But what about hearing loss at such a high volume?ANOTHER EDIT: I don't know the exact dimensions of this room, but it looks like two of those are more-or-less met (room size and facing long wall). It sounds much worse than my bedroom though, and I've wondered ever since I had to move my rig. Is it due to the knotty...
Personally I find the sweet spot to be well below what you mentioned (I can't give any specifics, but if you know how loud a violin is, still significantly below that). Or is that what you meant when you talked about accoustic treatment and wall reflections? Because I personally HATE the volume at live shows, I can't make anything out at such an outragous volume.Regarding live shows, I have to take the distance from the speakers to the back seats, and add at least 50%...
In. EDIT: With winter on the way I might also be able to fold more during the day. Not having aircon can be a pain.
Regarding the whole flac vs 320 mp3 debate, I won't be able to tell the two apart if I'm asked to do so, but if I just sit down and enjoy the music then flac does seem to have that something that mp3 doesn't. So flac for me.
Welcome to the Trooper/Stryker club. You can buy them from the CM Store, I think they're now listed as HAF XM covers (used to be HAF X). Also, be sure to post pics of your rig.
Yep. I actually expected more frantic posting.
Sending a PM now. And thanks for the freebies, Xeb. Oh, and congrats, @CynicalUnicorn and @catmmm!
It's very late here, so I'll check again later to see the verdict. Good luck, everybody.
If I do still qualify, then I'll stand back on the other prizes, so more people can win. I know the rules state than a person can win more than once, but I feel it's the right thing.
If I did, then I did. I'll just wait and see.
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