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In for the 23rd. The answer's 10.
Obviously you'll have to decide what to do, but since you're not really against them using it I'd politely ask them to dicuss it with you if they plan to use your photos and give credit where credit is due. It's your photo, and it doesn't take much to ask permission.I recently had a similar encounter with a local pub & dance, so even though I let it go I know it's not a great feeling.
in for the 22nd. The answer's 10.
I also wondered why I couldn't get the cage out when my Enforcer was new. So you're not the first to have that problem.
Here are the specs as posted earlier:
The splitter doesn't reduce the voltage per fan, so it won't affect the speed. Just be careful with the total Amps as mentioned above.
In for the 21st. The answer's 10.
In for the 20th. The answer's 10.
In for the 19th. The answer's 10.
You're right about the pulsing voltage. The only way to avoid it with after-market fans is to use a different controller.
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