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And then both are interconnected, and someone finds out it's possible to hack the secondary controller through the primary one...Like how it was possible to hack some cars through the radio of all things. I'd like to see someone remotely hack my cars though.
It does have a fill port that's been used by the factory, I thought about finding a way to fill it through that and not have air pockets. I'm just wondering about the pump, since it's not making any odd noises (apart from the obvious air bubbles that sometimes pass through), and it's not always dead.
Sorry for the thread hijack, but since I'm here (I don't see enough need to start a whole thread for a Sandy-era CLC), what's the chance of a failing pump stopping intermittantly? And if it's caused by a lack of coolant, will refilling it work?
Oh, and look a bit higher up, those fins are torn up in several places. EDIT: Seeing this thread makes me miss my old CM CLC. I suspect it was due to gradual coolant loss, but the pump stopped on a couple occasions (hooked up to a hardware-based monitor), and since then I haven't been able to trust it anymore.
Indeed. I spoke to my brother, he also agrees. Plus I also seem to remember seeing those vertical parts being the channels in a car radiator (same principle).
If I'm not mistaken the coolant flows through the verticle (in that picture) channels, not those fins. I might be wrong though. Unless somebody can chime in with definite info, can you take a close-up that shows the tear clearly? That way I might be able to see if it's a hollow channel (doubt it though, if it was a leak it would have been obvious while filled). Of course that's assuming you have something capable of such close-up shots (if you do have a Canon DSLR, a...
Over here we've also been getting quite a bit of heat. It's supposed to be winter, but until about last week almost every day was a new record high. I know of someone who in this week still wore short sleeves to work (in an open coffee shop next to a car wash, no heating).
Meanwhile I'm using 8.1 with optional (and disabled) updates.
Update: It seems the latest CPU unit went through, so I'm in again. It doesn't look like I'm ever going to get rewarded for the other one though. EDIT: Just saw that post. Great... Well, at least the others should go through fine, as long as I don't get something from that server.
That unit is still trying to submit, so if the ones I'm busy with don't go through I'm going to have to sit this one out. I told my rig to finish, if they go through I'll start again. EDIT: Maybe I can put out a couple NaCl units though, to keep my 100% F@T participation.
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