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Well, you don't *have* to remove it, unless you're bothered by air pockets.I also left the one on the CM Storm logo, since it didn't (and to this date doesn't) have air pockets.Oh, and if you're insistant on removing it, take off the front panel.
Ok. Just keep in mind that everyone's problems are unique, so replying to an answer to someone else's question (without mentioning it) can cause me to post wrong help. Odd coincidence, though.
You have no idea how long I waited for M$ to catch up with that.I also second using 8.1, as 10 being pre-release is too unpredictable at the moment
The username I'm referring to (after following the trail of quotes) is GhostSniper08 (created in 2012, but last active in December).
Ah, that makes sense.
That is due to the design of the fan controller. It's not that the fan gets too little power, it happens because the controller slows the fan by rapidly switching it on and off. The leds not lighting up at minimum speed is probably that the fan runs below the minimum voltage for the leds.Concerning the voltage, I referred to the led controller (not the fans themselves), since a previous post mentioned issues there.I noticed your username differs from the one I responded...
It's been a while. You have issues with the stock fan leds not lighting up as they should, right?Just measure the voltage on the two wires of one of the led power cables (from the controller, no fan connected to that cable). That way you can see the voltage that the led controller puts out. I'm afraid I can't measure mine now as my brother doesn't know where his multimeter is, but maybe someone else here can do that.EDIT: That's weird. Did you create a new account?
I'm also confused. Everytime I install 8.x, it defaults to the metro version. But after opening it from the taskbar the start menu entry opens on the desktop.
Fun, isn't it? Luckily I don't wipe my drives, so for me it's less of a hassle. Oh, and I'm not going to need a workaround. I'll just refresh 8.1 (with the ISO on the M$ website), and then upgrade to 10.Oh, and I like your avatar.
I just tested it by pinning IE to my start screen, and it opened the desktop version.Open IE from the desktop first, then try again.
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