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Correct. The Stryker is just a white Trooper with a side panel window (which the newer Troopers also have) and no e-SATA port.It's getting late here, maybe CM Storm has their own site? I can't remember.
Are you looking for the Trooper specifically, or is the Stryker also fine? I'm asking because the Stryker is newer and may therefore be available (assuming it's discontinued).
Oops. I thought I quoted instead of editing. Now I'll have to redo this post. Just stick something black on the inside of the mesh. It's a good sign though, because it means you have positive pressure.The fan controller and led controller are seperate components, even though they are on the same PCB so they won't affect each other. It sounds lioke you have a faulty controller, so try to RMA the controller panel. Some users here had a bad experience, but overall CM...
This may soiund like a stupid question, but are you using the stock led fans?
They better not.
The first beta Windoze I ran was Win8's CP. I wanted to try RP, but had issues getting to download large files (they all came out corrupt). CP was actually very nice and I ended up using it as my main OS until I bought it on day one.
I see I'm listed under 620, I have a 520. Also, my username is misspelled.
Indeed. I have a Lumia 520.
It doesn't work, so I'm assuming the 520 isn't supported yet. That's why I'm waiting for a new build.
Is there any news on new builds for the phone version? I'm still waiting to install it on my Lumia 520.
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