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Regarding the points issue, here's what a 750Ti can do relatively easily (I paused it a bit, so that affected the points):
Fixed.Don't confuse him with false information.
@VS88 How about joining Team Intel in the FFW?
It should be Intel.
Adding you to the list now. Welcome back.
Indeed. But you're right, it's very nice to have full range sound. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to those puny pc speakers.
I'm just joking. If I recall correctly the live shows I've see all had overpowering bass though. There were two that might have been better, but that was quite a few years ago so I'm no sure. EDIT: I suspect I'm a bit extra sensitive to the effects of powerful bass though, so that might also influence things.
You must live in a nice place then...
I feel the bass at live performances are overdone. Sure, I want nice bass in music, but not enough to make me sick...
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