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In for the 18th. The answer is 10.
In for the 17th. Like before, the answer is 10.
It's like when I uploaded photos from a local country music festival on Facebook. People tended to comment on what a great camera I have, but all I used was my 1100D (T3) and 100-400mm L. I think though the reason is partly because the other photographer that I know probably didn't do post-processing (I know he doesn't use RAW) and he posted all his photos while I only posted the ones I thought were good.
I guess I'm in. I'm not sure if it's required here, but the answer is 10.
I can't remember seeing someone do it recently, but I think Naszi did it some time ago. You could try PMíng him about it (he's no longer in this club).
I think I understand what you mean with it still helping. So basically you're forcing air between the radiator and top panel which is then pulled to the other fans and out?
The problem is however whether or not the third fan will help because the cut-out is only large enough for two fans. So I think a larger radiator won't serve much of a purpose unless you enlarge the hole.
You'll have to mod the case to install a triple fan radiator at the top. If you leave the case as it is it's 2 fans inside and 1 under the plastic cover.
Same here. I play with different angles, focal lengths, etc. but my rig stays where it is.
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