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You need to paint that wall.Yes, I know.
Nando's has more funny ads (including Last dictator standing), but some of them can be a bit offensive to some people.
Since we're on ads now, I'll leave this here. I hope it isn't considered too political (probably not), but in case it is I'll leave a link instead of embedding: Link
I also don't have any trouble keeping my CPU at 4.3 in Win10.
How's the speed and battery life on the latest build?
No problem. If you have further questions, just ask.
You'll have to drill it out, unless you want to rip it out (not reccommended, if you succeed you'll bend the case). Do you know someone with a drill and the required bits? Besides, you'll also have to drill extra holes so you can install mounting plates for the radiator.
Like I said, you'll have to drill out the rivets. It's not hard to do, just get a bit that's SLIGHTLY larger than the hole in the middle of the rivet, and drill into that hole. That way the head of the rivet will be separated, and you can pull the pin side out with pliers if it doesn't simply fall out. But don't get a bit that's too large, you don't want to enlarge the holes in the case.
So you want to take out the 5.25" mountings? To do that, you'll have to drill out the rivets. I can't remember the exact drill bit size, but I think I used something around 3mm to de-rivet my Enforcer. It will make the case a bit less rigid, but the motherboard tray together with the side panels (assuming you use screws for them) should keep the case fairly rigid. There's not much in the log for my Enforcer mod, but just ask if you want a link.EDIT: Just a quick...
How about changing display settings?
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