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OK, thanks. I'm just a bit hesitant seeing how DPS described wedding photography as a highly specialised field that not everyone can do. But I'll talk to him about it, and see.
Speaking of a second flash, I assume I'll need some sort of add-on for that? As stated in my sig, I have a Canon 400D and 1100D. I have a cheap tripod, am I right in assuming I'll need more than one? I don't know what wedding photographers charge here, but it's clear that if I agree it won't be cheap. So currently my list is: Canon 85mm f/1.8 R4400 + 1 or 2 Speedlites R2900 each according to a quick search (430EX) Extra tripod (?) R350 if I go...
Ok, and what about flashes, etc? Sorry for peppering you with questions, abut as I said I'm pretty clueless as to what I'll need. Anyway, I'll also talk to a local shop/studio. Hopefully they can give me some info as this person evidently wants to avoid paying pro prices, and I'm therefor not really a threat to them.EDIT: I had a look at the 85 f/1.8, and I must say I expected a higher price. LinkIt's in Pretoria though, so there's also transport to take into...
Ok, I'm once again in need of advice. Today someone I met during a recent music festival approached me about shooting his wedding. Since I'm not a pro and also have no experience (even simple portraiture), I told him I'll think about it, so he'll contact me again soon. What do you people think of it? Also, what gear will I need, and what can be considered "nice to have"? Also, some people clearly have too much money: What I saw today
It's not designed for a 140mm, but you could always get creative and make it fit. And welcome o ocn!
I don't know about the Trooper, but on my Stryker it's the same as yours. So I guess it's normal.
I'm glad I haven't come across something like that yet. How can someone who knows how to maintain a computer let that happen?
Thanks for the tutorial.
Does anyone have sugestions as to how I should paint my keyboard? I don't think I'm going to go for the original look. If I can then I'll also install led strips, which hopefully will be visible between the keys.
I fixed the F1 and 5 keys, now there's one left and then I'm happy for the time being. Pictures of the switches:
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