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I'm not in, since I don't really need to replace my entire rig (and shipping alone will make it way too expensive), but thanks for continuing what MacG32 started. EDIT: Just made the "not" bold, so it's not as easily missed.
Thought so.
I still control my 8.1 rig. I simply disabled WU when they started to sneak the Win10 spyware in.
Push/pull is preferred, especially with thick radiators, but it's not required. Basically for each part of the radiator (120/120 for that cooler) you have one fan pushing air in, and one pulling the hot air out. This is because the radiator is very restrictive, but you can also use high pressure fans that are designed for radiators or filters (for example the Corsair SP series (SP = static pressure, AF = air flow). Airflow fans don't work well if there is something that...
Autocorrect?Notron811: You said four fans, do you mean push/pull (fan/rad/fan)? If so, the case does not have enough space at the top for that, so you'll only be able to use the radiator plus one set of fans.
I just said no to the FOURTH Jack Daniels ad. What's wrong with them?????
Overall it seems to be a nice board, but I already hate being unable to re-assign keys. I use my rig for work (office use), and I'd like to change PRT SCR to print (ctrl + p), PAUSE to Escape (for easy reach from the numerical keys), etc. That's one thing I liked about the old Blackwidow. Also, the keys seem to be a bit higher off the table.
In. EDIT: Wrong thread.
Just keep in mind not everybody gives rep, so it can take a while. But, if you're really helpful to others, then you're bound to get rep from some of them. Just remember not to ask for it, since that's not allowed.
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