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You can order it from the CM Store.
I'm a bit late to the party (despite having signed up early), but I should be able to get some decent points for the remaining time.
You mean installing a third fan with no other devices in there? Yes, you can, but you'll have to order a third drive cage or make DIY mounts. Just see a couple posts back for examples. EDIT: Just fixed a typo.
Welcome to OCN. As above, see if you're actually using that much RAM. Windoze has a way of "using" almost all your available RAM for Prefetch. Also, if you're getting memory related BSODs, try using Memtest (I can't remember the exact name) with each module, and with both (as I understand you have two) to test your RAM stability.
I have an idea (not sure if it'll work though). If you're willing to take your rig apart, you can run the cable from the cooler to the expansion slots, and under the motherboard. From there you can have it exit right by the header, and pulg it in. EDIT: You can do the same with the front panel cables, that's where I got the idea from.
Wait, now I can run a PC building sim to practice building PCs while gaming on the PC I just recently built?
Welcome. You did a pretty decent job with the cable management there.
Nice sig.
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