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This may sound like a stupid question, but are the clips on the top panel pushed fully through?
I just saw the new thread, I'm in again. I'll be folding a bit less though, my main rig isn't what it should be and I might have to nuke Windoze.
I can't see why not. The Trooper/Stryker is after all a HUGE case.
Is it the OEM version of Win8? If that's the case the key (and edition) is baked into your BIOS, so you just need the installation media (I hope you kept the recovery partition).
The group just got one member larger.
We currently have loadshedding, so I also couldn't fold as much as I'd want. Still, at least I did something.
That is unfortunately one of the problems with acrylic windows.If you have problems with the push pins, just let me know and I'll post more detailed pictures.
I'm not "shooting the messanger", I simply noticed what I thought to be a mistake and pointed it out.
You mean those small black pins on the side panel?If we're talking of the same thing, here's a quick sketch of the rivets, just push out the long pin from inside:
My RX-V567 has an on-screen "GUI" , but it's not very pretty. It somewhat reminds me of DOS.
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