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Thanks for making my mind up about my new Win8.1 tablet.
I missed that part, I tend to only scan through long posts.Anyway, I'll see how it goes. It's already installed.EDIT: I'm already reunning the recovery tool, I can't receive text messages.
I wondered what this thread in my subscriptions was.How DARE you change the name of a thread and thereby confuse me?!
Actually, I posted recently that I'm not upgrading my desktop/laptop until they properly fix that Windows Update issue.I'm only running Win10 on my folding rig (I still need to sign in ad upgrade to RTM), I have the preview on my desktop/laptop (I don't use it at the moment), and I'm going to put the preview on my phone again.
Well, in the past keys were unique. If they changed that, then I don't know about it, and also don't know how they're doing it (what with several people having the same key).I'm still removing them from my quotes though in case the mods decide that it's not allowed here.
I didn't mean that you changed something, I said you should edit your post so people won't use your key.But even if that's not your key, don't post it here. It can be seen as promoting piracy (I hope that's not what you're doing), and doing that can get you banned.
I suggest you edit that post immediately, you don't want someone to use your key.
I see this thread become quite active since the release. I'm going to upgrade my Lumia 535 to the latest preview, but I'm not upgrading my desktop/laptop until they fix this whole update issue (and not with a half-baked tool to disable updates that already messed up the system).
I decided that I'll install Win10 on my 535, if there's a problem at least I still have my old 520.
I ran Win10 TP on my old 520, but at the time it was slow and had very poor battery life. Some of the apps also crashed. Also keep in mind that the 520 only has 512MB RAM, so performance will suffer depending on what you do.And to huzzug: Windows Phone (a completely seperate OS) is dead, it's now Windows 10 Mobile (the same core OS with a few tweaks recompiled for phone CPUs). You're right about the final release not being available yet though.EDIT: I noticed that...
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