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As I understand it's just a renamed HAF-X cover. I can't say out of personal experience though.
Welcome. It's hard for me to say for certain, but if you want seperate help for the different components then it might be best to ask in each relevant section so you get the best help for each part.
Welcome. EDIT: You might want to consider requesting a username change though. Considering your Dutch background I'll assume it wasn't your intention, but that username could be seen in different ways to different people.
What's going on with the site???? Anyway, that post about the PMs and being busy explains why I just got a suprise in the "recent discussions". Just signed up, checking my folding rig now to see if it's stil busy.
You're right you'll need two if you want to cover the whole bottom. There are also several people who made custom covers, but I can't help much in that regard. DoomDash: You can either make custom mountings or buy a third HDD cage. I don't know how common they are or what they cost, but I've seen them in the CM store before.
Did you have a look at the HAF-X (now HAF-XM) PSU covers in the CM store?
Welcome to OCN and the Trooper/Stryker club. I'm afraid I've taken quite a severe stance against Windows Keylogger (what you call 10) so I can't help with problems regarding that, but I doubt it's related. The hotswap bay and USB ports are copmpletely seperate, and while I'd consider it shocking of them to not connect the front USB ports (an easy fix though), I wouldn't be suprised if they left the hotswap bay out. Since you're not a builder and got the shop to do it...
The requirement for the first flame is 25 rep. So you're nearly there.
Wow. I didn't think I'd see something like this. Just in case you miss it, I'm not in the US so I'm not in. Just commenting on your generousity.
I can't remember exactly how it's wired, but it should be easy to see if it'll cause problems by looking at the wiring. I'd check it myself if I could, but mine is connected, I won't be able to reach it, and rebooting my rig can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes (there are several things that tend to not work, so it's basically a matter of reboot, test, reboot, test, and so on). But if you do it, make sure you don't cause a short-circuit as that can damage your...
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