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I just got your PMs, I was out for music lessons. Anyway, it looks like that issue was solved. I'd download the latest driver directly from AMD ( I generally don't trust those driver updater stuff or download sites), I suspect that may be the date when the driver was compiled (so slightly before release).
Don't come here. South Africa is almost constantly on loadshedding, and it's expected to go on for the next 2 years (therefore at least 5).
GPUs, like CPUs, can reduce their clock speed to reduce power consuption when idling. I suspect that's what happened there, since the GPU was idling. In a laptop the CPU, chipset and GPU all share the same cooler, so if the cooler doesn't work well it'll affect them all. EDIT: To see your GPU stats under load, install HWInfo64, run it with the sensors open while doing something on your GPU. Then check the min/max/avg clock, temp, etc. The temps probably won't be...
I'd use the phone then for now. Like I said in a PM, high temps can send your laptop to an early grave. I'ts possible that your laptop is set up to switch to the IGP when idling to save power, and use the dedicated GPU when gaming. I'm not sure though. I don't know AMD well, maybe they have some kind of hybrid Crossfire like NVidia had at one point. Genuine Crossfire/Sli needs identical GPUs. Since the IGP is showing such a high temp when idling, I'd say it must be...
The 6620G seems to be the IGP, so that would explain the high temp combined with thermal shutdown (on the CPU). You can't run SLI/Crossfire with two different processors. Also, the 7690M (dedicated GPU) is disabled, you have to enable it. I'm not sure how though. I assume you got my latest PM, you could just answer it here since it's about this anyway. EDIT: Oh, and be careful with compressed air. It can cause a static discharge.
That sucks. But the problem can at least be avoided by not overclocking the BCLK.
That's a known issue in Win8.x, and aparrently also in 10. If you change your BCLK, it messes with your time. Also, some benchmarks blocked Win8 for that reason, but I don't know to what degree. The reason is that by messing with your computer's time you also influence benchmarks.
There's a first for everything, right? I'm not sure if I'll do that though, it'll take a LOT of time.
I don't see any indication that you edited the post. Did you do it on purpose, or did you just hit submit anyway after noticing that it's the wrong thread?What do you think of my idea?
It's been a whle since I posted here. I still have to check if it's doable, but what do you people think of a knotty-pine Blackwidow? I have access to a few old planks that came from our ceiling, and can posssibly get some standard pine for custom caps. It'll take some effort to make those though.
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