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I voted Win10. Of course it's not a finished product, so there is the possibility that something might make me stick with 8.1. Only time will tell. Honestly, I don't know why people are so obsessed with sticking with 7. I mean sure, M$ changed the UI a bit, but it's not that bad (once you get used to it). Plus 8.x is faster than 7 (and 10 will probably be faster than 8.1).
No, I didn't see Jared2608 here.
They're trying to steal votes, of course they will sometimes say rational things. Whether they will continue to oppose it if they gain power, is another question (like all polititians).
There was one, if I'm not mistaken. There's also a group, but it's dead now.
I was also shocked when I saw the amount of fellow South Africans in this thread. I've seen a few over my time here, but not like this.
Do I also need to answer that?
I see. At least you're not naïve.
I'm not convinced. Power corrupts, remember?EDIT: Oh, and they've been trying for some time now to pass a censor law to control the media. I remember some time ago a local newspaper posted an article, and blacked out parts that they felt would not pass the censorship (out of protest). I don't know what the latest is on that, but they've tried to pass it several times now.
At this stage I'm concerened that it'll lead to lots of "distributors" simply blocking SA, so then we won't get the games, movies, etc that we'd expect to get. Also, to register as a distributor, you have to pay a fee, and then you have to pay again to have your content rated. I can see how this will force casual uploaders to stop providing content.
We got that at 14:00.
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