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That's a nice mod, but I can't see myself doing that. The changing lights will be too distracting (for me at least).
I don't know what they cost or what you're willing to pay, but look at the HAF PSU covers from CM. They're sometimes hard to get, but they work well in this case.I'm afraid I can't give you any ideas on what to do regarding mods (except for the popular fan controller led swap), but remember that everybody has differrent taste. In the end I'd say it's best to use your imagination. If you have any ideas though, feel free to share them here and we can tell you what we think...
The Stryker fans are white, even though they appear light blue in pictures. Just look for the Stryker fans. :thunb:In other news, I got bored yesterday evening and put some car wax on part of my Stryker's top panel to see how it works out. I was actually amazed at the gloss I got out of it.
I just submitted my request for a 10 mill badge, I've been too lazy to do it earlier.
In that case you should get a DSLR. I don't know how the cameras in those higher-end phones are, but nothing beats the low-light capability and control of a DSLR.
The beauty of Win8.x is that you can upgrade your hardware without issues, since Windows will see the change and automatically reconfigure (I've done it several times). I'm not sure about 7, but you should be fine though.
What are those ports under the motherboard? They look like serial and parralel (com and LTP).
Yes, as long as the drive fits. If I'm not mistaken then some drives are slightly thicker than others.
Here you go:CM NorumuCM MIGUELCM-PatrickThere's also CM Phaedrus, but it looks like he's no longer a rep so I don't know if he'll be able to help you.
There are reps here, but I'm not sure which users are reps at the moment. I'll see if I can find one, and let you know.
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