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The folding rig is up and running, and I'm currently wondering if I should let my main rig's GPU also do some work this month.
Yet I can't find anybody that has 7, and as far as I know I participated in every event this year.
In. But why does the list only show 6 Foldathons next to my name?
I actually like the contrast of the black (that's also how I painted my old Enforcer), but to each their own.
I shoved a SSD in my Thinkpad T500. It's still slow, but it did make a very noticeable difference, especially considering the old HDD was dying.
Not that those side filters do much. You can expect a very small increase in dust that enters the case, but not a lot.
Makes sense. After all, not everybody gets hit by that law every single time, and not everybody spends a lot of time messing with clock speeds.
I'm high up in the club that originally organised the festival, so I'll probably be there the entire weekend helping with stuff (and of course showing my cars).
Small world. This is a bit off-topic, but if you're in the area ("from Vanderbijlpark" isn't specific about that) then you're welcome to go to Wheels at the Vaal.
I didn't even notice that. We're a pretty rare species on the site.
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