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What?! That's just stupid. So should I go for AVG instead?
Many people here have tile floors (including us), but we put carpets on top because it helps to keep the cold at bay in the winter (we don't use heating).
I'm not sure if it's what you mean, but Win8.1 wants to scan my Win10 drive when booting.
I just tried to install Avast on my main rig, but Windoze refused to let it install. Is there something else I can use, or do I have to stick to Defender?
I'm running 344.75 @ 4800x900. I'm thinking of ditching Surround for the moment though, as I have a few issues in Win10.
About the start menu size: That's definitely something they could improve on. Something where the menu can expand according to what you put on it.
Does someone know how I can get Nexus Mod Manager to work? It just keeps crashing at the splash screen. EDIT: I found the fix, I had to install the legacy version.
That works for me. The taskbar becomes solid black when I do it that way, but it's fairly easy to fix.So far the worst thing for me is a bug where any kind of control panel tends to take all my CPU power.
In my experience so far it's the exact opposite.Also, nevermind my question about NV Surround. I got it working now.
Win10 is up and running on my main rig, but how can I get NV Surround enabled? Oh, and I HATE IE. I can't wait for Firefox to finish downloading so I can actually do something.
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