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It's not designed for a 140mm, but you could always get creative and make it fit. And welcome o ocn!
I don't know about the Trooper, but on my Stryker it's the same as yours. So I guess it's normal.
I'm glad I haven't come across something like that yet. How can someone who knows how to maintain a computer let that happen?
Thanks for the tutorial.
Does anyone have sugestions as to how I should paint my keyboard? I don't think I'm going to go for the original look. If I can then I'll also install led strips, which hopefully will be visible between the keys.
I fixed the F1 and 5 keys, now there's one left and then I'm happy for the time being. Pictures of the switches:
You're right on the first part, but just formatting the card can give issues if I'm not mistaken.
I wouldn't worry too much. Basically they're saying it because th 1100D version isn't finished, so it's considered an unstable build. Just update your firmware to the latest version, and install one of the nightly builds. I've been runnign it on my 1100D for a few months now.
Magic Lantern.
Some progress on my OEMMAX: I've also place some of the old caps on the board to show the difference, but I couldn't replace all of them (that's why the Caps lock, Space bar, etc. are still the old ones). Concerning the cleaning of the switches, must I de-solder each one to clean it? Or can I disassemble them without de-soldering?
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