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No problem then.
I take it you're fairly new to PC building?Have you bought the strips yet? I can't say what connector they'll use, but all lighting I know of just draws its power directly from the PSU. It can be a molex (IDE power) connector, a SATA power connector, etc. If you look at the PSU cables, you'll only see a few types, and the connector on the led strip(s) should fit one of those (it'll only fit one way, so you should be fine as long as you don't force the connector...
Welcome to ocn and the Trooper/Stryker club. I use CCFLs, but led strips can't be that hard to install. Basically you stick them to the case (just work it out in a way that won't leave shadows), and if you cut them you must cut on one of the marked areas.EDIT: If it's of use, I have one CCFL behind the drive cages, and one in the bottom. Keep in mind though that I have a Stryker, so the white interior helps to spread the light.
I meant the top part that's so bright. Some people have logos and stuff there, so I was curious.
Looks good. I'm just curious, is there anything on the PSU cover that's not visible in the pictures? If so, you can take a picture of only that part (as little dark spots as possible) so it's visible.
Do you mean you want it to ask if you install a new program that can open a specific file? If so, it should do so when you open that file.
To answer the second question, yes you can. The Trooper (both versions) and Stryker are identical except for the paint, side panel design (visual change only), and the lack of e-sata on the Stryker. The side panel dimentions and connecting area are identical.It depends on the power draw (I can't remember the official rating, maybe you can find a link on the first page), but you can connect a few extra fans. Just be careful with the cable that already has two...
Welcome to ocn and the Trooper/Stryker club. 1. Connecting two fans to one cable shouldn't be a problem, but make sure that the fan is meant to receive power, the BitFenix ones for example have power on that cable and will damage the controller.2. I can't say for sure, but you can at the very least have one pull fan on top (under the plastic cover).3. Not that I can remember.4. You'll have to experiment.If you have further questions, feel free to ask.
Concerning the online/offline account, I didn't even think of that when I installed it on my laptop. I just installed, went through manual setup, and created an account by typing in a username. Maybe it's becasue I wasn't connected to the internet though.
I don't know that card, but I can't see why not. The Stryker is a HUGE case, and has lots of space.
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