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I'm not sure how much of a difference you'll notice going from 60 Hz to 144 (I only have experience with 60), but you should in theory get smoother motion. Oh, and just a warning. I tested a 32" tv on my PC some time ago, and FHD (1920*1080) at that size has very noticeable pixels. I suspect it might also be a bit of a pain at 27", but I can't say for certain. Personally I'd either get a higher res at that size, or a smaller monitor. Or, if you can see one in person,...
If you want better help you should supply your location. Prices differ from location to location, and as you already mentioned not all products are available everywhere. I can't give you any recommendations, but since others might ask this anyway, what size are you looking for? You can either get a large (but cheap) monitor, or you can buy a smaller one and get better quality. It just depends on your needs.
I hope you like them.
Good point. I have no choice but to agree.
They should be identical. I suppose you could get some interference on one and not the other, but they should be the same.You can have effects on TOSLink, depending on your settings. You can have the soundcard send the altered signal to your DAC, or you can use passthrough which sends the signal completely unchanged.
Just make sure to join Team Intel.
It's a yearly event where folders join teams (Intel, AMD, etc.) and compete to see which team gets the most points. If I recall correctly it lasts one week.EDIT: Here's a link to the FFW stats page:FFWAnother edit: How DARE you ninja me, dman811?!
Regarding your question about optical (TOSLink) and coaxial, no they're not the same. Coaxial is basically like an old TV arial cable (the one with a solid core and another braider conductor around it), with a RCA connector on each end. Both are S/PDIF (so they basically have the same signal), but one is electric and one is optical. I'd definitely suggest getting decent cables, but I wouldn't go insane buying cables.
Actually, it's not surprising at all. Lots of people in IT (and on this site) have some degree of autism, and that's one of the classic symptoms.EDIT: I just got another error when I submitted my post.
Same here. Mine shows as jkuhn, while it should be JKuhn.
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