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I put in a request earlier today for the FFW badge.
Hopefully I'll also be able to push more PPD next year. Not having the 960 had a very noticeable impact.Regarding the badge request thread not working, it's fine for me. I just submitted my request for the FFW badge.
Let me guess, you're going to forget the team and the blackjack?
Now you know what happens, right? It wasn't the first time that happened to someone though. I know it happened to Zantrill and mAs81, and that was just in the ban thread.
I wonder what @hertz9753 is going to think when he sees his email notifications...
We all know @hertz9753 is going to give it to me.
I suppose I should upgrade from my current G3258 at some point, but the issue is Windows. And speaking of that, I've been unable to find proper info so far. Will Win8.1 work properly with the new chips? By the way, @Megaman_90, thanks for the new sig quote.
I have to pause my folding when I want to use the rig during the day, because it gets unbearably hot. Also, the rig gets a bit slow when folding. But that's not an issue when I just want to browse a bit.
Group 3 prizes updated.
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