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I don't have experience with STM, but if it's similar to USM then I'd say yes. With my normal lenses I basically exclusively use manual focus, but on my 100-400L (USM) the AF is fast, quiet, and very accurate.
I can't comment on the quality of that lens, but I feel there's no reason why you can't use it. You can even use a 100-400L on that body without issues.
I know this is off topic, but cellphone cameras aren't the best quality, especially in less than ideal light (due to the manufacturers jamming too many pixels into a too small sensor). That's why a DSLR gives cleaner and sharper images, and better contrast, etc (you can fit several cellphone sensors in even an entry-level DSLR sensor). To make the best of what you have, use a large light source (a window (not in direct sunlight though), or even your monitor with a white...
So instead of having the power plug at the back, you'll have it under the case, and instead of using the extra space for expansion cards, you'll use it to mount an AIO? Or do you want to mount the AIO on the floor, and still use the space for expansion cards?Anyway, it doesn't look that complicated, so if you can't find a person to make the parts, you shouldn't have to pay an absurd amount if you go to an engineering business. Just make sure you get the design right...
So basically you want to move the PSU to the front, and then run a cable from that panel to the PSU? If I understand you correctly, you'll also have to make small slots in the motherboard tray where the PSU normally is (just look at the PCI slots, you'll see the holes I'm referring to. Oh, and you'll have to make something to mount the PSU. Sorry if this seems obvious, I'm just making sure you know of everything before starting.
That's a nice build there, definitely a lot better than mine. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the cables are a bit messy, maybe you can use combs or stitch them? Apart from that though, I can't see anything wrong.Oh, and the pictures aren't 100% level. I just had to point that out.
Here's my desktop as it is now:
I'm not sure what your layout is (I could go back and look for details but it's a bit late), but what you're looking for is positive pressure. Adding filters won't change that, you have to have more (or more powerful) fans pushing in than out. That way you have control over where air (and dust) enters the case.I'd use the 2 front fans as intake (I assume they are already), and also add fans in the bottom. That way you have 3 or 4 120mm fans pushing filtered air in, and...
If you have positive pressure, then you can put diy filters on the intake fans. That will greatly reduce dust in your rig, but only when it's on.
What you can do then is to put the controller in the bottom tray (with some modding), or inside the case if you don't need to access it a lot, and order a third HDD cage.Still, I'd say it's better to simply get a wooden plank the size of the Trooper's footprint, and just move that along with the case.
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