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I just hope I can keep using my 640 until it's truly obsolete (meaning unsuitable for my needs).
As above. And welcome from me too.
There's the key point. You might not have had issues, but some of us (meaning a lot of us) had some nasty problems, as above.
Yes.I'll just stick to my old ICE cars, thanks. By my calculations it'll be many decades before they reach what I consider to be very high mileage. Especially if I purchase more old cars over the years, then it might actually become centuries.
I don't se anything in your sig or profile. How did you do it?
Welcome to OCN and the Trooper/Stryker club. That's a nice bay-mounted monitor/controlelr you have there. Also, I see we think alike when it comes to the Stryker's handle. By the way, be sure to add your rig to your sig, so we can see exactly what it has.
Here you go.
You can order a third drive cage from the CM store, or you can make L brackets. Those are the best options, if you don't want to ghetto-rig it.
The folding rig is up and running, and I'm currently wondering if I should let my main rig's GPU also do some work this month.
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