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290X gets 900k PPD? I apparently need one of those.On a more serious note, I cant wait to get my 3rd 780 classy. Should put me up to about 580k PPD based of my numbers with 2.
Got both of my 780s going before I left for work. Hopefully ill have a 3rd before next months.
So I am finally getting all my stuff together to start water cooling again and have run in to a small problem. I cant seem to find 780 Classified EK back plates anywhere. EKs page doesnt have them, nor does performance-pcs or frozencpu. Havent seen them on ebay or amazon either. Any idea where I can get my hands on a few?
A reference 980 with a block sounds just fine for what you desire.
So I just opened and put together my DDC pump and upon finishing up, i run in to this: One of the four feet has no threads on it. I checked the instructions just to make sure I wasn't missing something so im thinking this is a small QC issue. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just missing something?
Thank you much.
Just ordered it on the 11th. I have my rig all set up already, so a little delay is no big deal. Just waiting on the case to start the water cooling.
Ive used the cougars on all my builds over the past couple years and haven't had a single issue with any of them. I also stay away from cooler master due to the terrible sickleflow fans. 80% of those were just trash.
After having quite a rough year, I figured with part my re-enlistment bonus I would finally get a case labs case. I have spent far to long drooling over them on this forum and the time has finally come. I put my order in, and hopefully in the next few weeks I will be awaiting delivery of my new gunmetal SMA8. Im not totally sure that I will do a build log, since it will be a simple build with minimal mods, but I will have some pictures to post once its finished for sure.
I may be wrong, but I believe if you use the 140.3 in the front, you will not have an open bay to put the fan controller in. Hopefully someone with the SM8 can chime in. I just purchased the SMA8 and it took me quite a while to decide between the two. As for the top, if you did the 140.3 mount with one of the extended tops you should have plenty of room.
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