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Thats a lot of rad space. As fat as i know, you would have to mount the 360 on the bottom in a 480 mount. i dont think they make a 360 mount for the bottom. It may interfere with the psu mounting. Someone correct me if im wrong. My screen is the 1440P version and I love it.
The radiators have their own mounts for the bottom as such: do need a flex bay mount to mount a rad to the front: believe The PSUs have some fitment issues just because how dual rads mount on the bottom. I could be wrong though. There is honestly enough room in the case to not need them both on bottom. I put a 560 in the...
I got mine last week. It got to me at 1 month on the dot. I got a couple of updates telling me it would be late due to a backup. It was well worth the wait.
well i tried the washers and they don't fix it. it either doesn't spin at all or rattles still. Hopefully someone else will see this before purchasing one, they are crap.
I did not see those when i opened it, guess ill have to take another look and try them out. Thanks
So i just finished putting my new loop together and am leak testing. I purchased this flow meter and installed in in my loop: This thing rattles worse than any fan ive ever had an issue with. Anyone know a fix for this by chance? Id hate to have to pull out out just because it makes so much damn noise.
In for sure. this would make a great folding rig.
I cant say enough good about this case. I dont think ill ever need a different one.
Yes i saw that. My point being is you can pick up a 780 classified these days for $300 which is less than a 970, so im wondering what 780 you have that will sell for more than a 970.
What card do you have that you are going to sell for a higher price than a new 970?
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