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Should work in either, but I did it in campaign
in on the 24th
i believe any of the rigid fittings of the correct size will work for copper as well. all the same steps go in to that as any other rigid piping. there are quite a few build logs using it on here.
if you are planning on spending $1100 on GPUs, dont get 770s, get the 780 classifieds. Much better cards and EK sells blocks for them.
Had another big adv work unit not finish in time oh well, got one in this time for over 300k so that's not too bad
Having some extra people would be nice while doing that. my crits are only doing about 4 to 5 mil and I run out of resources quick
yeah its not too bad, i was managing a little over 400 million xp an hour and i was killing them kind of slow. it really sucks trying to get there in t6 though.
in for the 23rd
The modi/magni combo is going to be your best bet, a different sound card would be pointless in this case. Thats what im about to get as well. As for hook up, USB from rig to modi, RCA between modi and magni, simple as that.
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