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Thats a lot of winners. congrats all
Its well worth it. I got mine up to 2.54 Ghz from 2.0 GHz and it made a huge difference.
I am for sure in again.
Refer to all previous posts.
It doesnt really matter, but as a personal preference I always put it with the fan down.
Im glad we got to the 50 million goal because im dropping a WU worth 75k about a half hour from the end of the FAT
Im looking to pick up another 780 classy and im sure with the upcoming release of the 980 classy a few of these will be available soon. Shoot me a pm if you have one available.
290X gets 900k PPD? I apparently need one of those.On a more serious note, I cant wait to get my 3rd 780 classy. Should put me up to about 580k PPD based of my numbers with 2.
Got both of my 780s going before I left for work. Hopefully ill have a 3rd before next months.
So I am finally getting all my stuff together to start water cooling again and have run in to a small problem. I cant seem to find 780 Classified EK back plates anywhere. EKs page doesnt have them, nor does performance-pcs or frozencpu. Havent seen them on ebay or amazon either. Any idea where I can get my hands on a few?
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