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I have heard to many bad things about them lately. It seems like a 50/50 split on getting a good or a trash item from them. Id rather just avoid that.
I play more cs;go than anything else and its great. Im usually trying to figure out how others didn't hear where someone was coming from.
I cant say anything about the Sennheisers as I don't own any of them, but I do have the Q701s. After looking around quite a bit, I purchased them on eBay almost a year ago for $100 so I was happy about that. They are plenty comfortable for hours of wear every day. I have no issues with the bumps in the head band at all. I also not have a lot of hair so there isn't any extra padding on my part. I also wear glasses and have no issue with them causing any comfort problems...
Ive already got a tv. i decided on a 1080P TV since not enough content uses 4K yet. I got it for cheap so when 4K becomes more mainstream, Ill get one. As for the budget, Id like to stay below $1000. Again, it doesn't have to be anything super great or have a crap ton of I/O. Ill probably only have a bluray player for movies and maybe a wii attached to it.
I have finally decided to pick up a TV and now need a decent sound system to go with it. I don't plan on doing much with it other than watching movies so what should I be looking for? From what I have seen, Onkyo is hit or miss with their receivers so I think ill stay away from them. Other than that, what would you guys suggest for a receiver and speakers? My plan is for a standard 5.1 setup but id rather have something a bit better than home theater in a box.
Router works just fine. all other network adapters work great except for the one on board. The reason I went with this board was because of all the awesome features. It really sucks having to use a different adapter when one is built in.
I have the LoD currently set to 10, it came to me at 1. I have done the calibration as well.The problem I am having is that I lift the mouse to much when playing quick games such as CS:GO and Battlefield. This was never an issue before with my 3.5G. I dont see any difference in shape or size and I cant tell any real difference in weight, so it leaves me to believe the sensor is what is causing it.
are you plugged in to the board or front panel audio? Im using a set of AKG Q701s and if I use the on board connection you can barely hear anything. Through the front panel connector it is just fine though.
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