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So I may have missed this, but why go with bio hazard fan grilles instead of the radiation tri-foil?
Any way to update my rank? Ive gone from silver elite to gold nova 2 this week.
Sick. I love fallout. Subbed
Funny part is, its G3RGs rig that's now in my case.I must say, having it all inside a case is very nice, which is why i spent the extra on it. still being able to fit water cooling in as well is a huge plus. As soon as i get mine working right again, i may end up water cooling it as i originally intended.
i would hope for the cards seeing as how the 4930k and R4BE will be over $1000 already. Id say go for the classified cards or if you can find a good enough deal, you may be able to get classified Tis.
I cant say for sure about the specs. What I can say for sure, is that every cooler master fan I have ever used was trash after 6 months of use. Even if the specs arent quite right on the cougars, they are a much higher quality fan for the price.
What are you going to be using it for? Most people dont need more than 8GB or higher speeds. If you will actually need it, g.skill makes some awesome stuff for a reasonable price.
Thhis has got to be one of my favorite builds in a long time. Makes me want to water cool mine again.
Was very glad to see this happen again. Ive made quite a bit of money off AMD stock. Other than last quarter, this has been the norm for AMD. Ive got back in to them again and look forward to them rising above $4 pps again and making me more.
I should add some people, ive been playing it for a bit now.
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