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Supermicro H8QGL-IF+ I used that with 4x Opteron 6128s as a folding rig. Worked great and can used a hacked bios to allow overclocking. I also used a Corsair HX1000 PSU, no special connectors needed.
From what I could find, Crypto is treated the same as capital gains so its broken up in to tax brackets and long vs short holding status.
Yes they are 3 GB cards
Id always go newest tech on the CPU, especially if no overclocking is involved. Thay being said, with no gaming and it being used for heavy multitasking, why not look in to Ryzen CPUs? They are significantly cheaper for something comparable. As for the case, I cant say enough about how awesome the caselabs cases are for both quality and ease of use. They are great for water cooling.
Drop in price just because they are sitting around.
I am also willing to take reasonable offers
If you just enable XMP it will set your ram at the speed you purchased it at, so 2133. If you dont set it, it will go to default speed. Im not sure what this is for yours as I don't use DDR4. With XMP enabled, you can choose a higher speed, such as the 3000 you are shooting for, but it will auto adjust the timings as well, thus not really making it any faster, if at all. If you really want more out of the ram, you will have to get down and dirty with the overclock which...
Overclocking your ram will have very little to no effect on your machine for what you are using it for. Frequency is also not the only thing you need to look at while overclocking ram. Even if you manage to get the frequency up, if the timings go up as well, you may get worse performance. The trick is getting the frequency high and timings low. Unfortunately this also will end up causing instability while overclocking the cpu. Adding extra voltage to the ram can help but...
$200 each with block and backplate. Will also be including the boxes I have, air coolers and any of the extras that I have as well.
Well I have it up and running now, showing 8GB which is better than 4 so thats a start. I pulled and installed the chips a few times, tried Memok and 2 of the 4 chips ended up booting. Im not sure what memok did since it made no changes but im just glad to be up and running again. I think it may have something to do with the memory controller on the cpu because the cpu is also not overclocking as i direct. First time ive ever seen that happen. I guess ill just stick with...
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