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yep, 1 hour difference thanks to daylight savings time
It is if you are enjoying the play while you get there
i guess im glad i picked up another 780 classy for $300. Ill hold on to those for a while.
well i guess i can re roll those to some other stuff then. that really blows
So here is a question for all those which doctors out there using pet builds. I noticed yesterday that the zunimassa set bonus of keeping your fetish army alive until they die does not apply to those that are spawned by the fetish sycophants passive skill. Right now I have been stacking both + physical damage % and fetish army damage % on my gear. Since the zuni bonus doesnt apply, does the fetish army damage apply from my items? These guys are my main killers so thats a...
turns out the zunimassa set doesnt save your fetish army if summoned from the passive skill. Thats a large disappointment.
Just had to post this because it had me rolling this morning.
Under $400 with quad GPU support i would probably have to say the SOC force would be the way to go. EVGA has a few good options as well but im not sure how much better, if any, their new boards over the X79 boards.
I finally found the gem that gives pets more damage last night. I cant wait to have an amulet good enough to put it in.
so am i missing how to make a season character or has it not happened yet?
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