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I just broke my 3.5G and got the chroma today. I feel like it was a step down so far. im having terrible lift off issues with mine.
The HX series may have been around for a while, but that doesnt mean they are bad PSUs at all. Ive used the HX1000 and HX 1200 for quite a while and both were great. The HX 1000 died after 6 years, and was used in a folding rig, and corsiar replaced it no questions asked. If there is a good one for cheaper, id say go for it, but you cant go wrong with corsairs HX series.
It will work either way
They make cables for it. Take a look at how a lot of the old GPU mining rigs were set up and you will get the idea. Just makes it so all the card can get some fresh air.
Running 4 cards on air is going to get them very hot unless you use risers.
I used the air 540 for my rig before I upgraded and it was awesome. Only change I made to it was i removed the 2 front 140s for 3 120s but it will work just fine either way.
They are made with black blades as well. Might be worth calling them to see if they carry them. Hard to believe they are $25 each there. I got mine for $12 each and love them. I have them on a 560 UT60 and the 120mm version on a 480 UT60.
You are correct good sir, not sure how I messed that up.Mine may just be a quality control issue, but I still wouldn't recommend it based just on my experience with it.
The hole drilled in the spinner is to large for the shaft its mounted on so it rattles a lot, far worse than any fan ive heard. This is supposed to be fixable by putting 2 washers on the shaft to keep it from wobbling and making the noise, but the washers will also make it so the resistance is so much that the damn spinner doesnt spin. Kind of useless really. Im going to leave it installed without the spinner just because I dont want to make that long section of piping...
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