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What are you going to be using it for? Most people dont need more than 8GB or higher speeds. If you will actually need it, g.skill makes some awesome stuff for a reasonable price.
Thhis has got to be one of my favorite builds in a long time. Makes me want to water cool mine again.
Was very glad to see this happen again. Ive made quite a bit of money off AMD stock. Other than last quarter, this has been the norm for AMD. Ive got back in to them again and look forward to them rising above $4 pps again and making me more.
I should add some people, ive been playing it for a bit now.
I may just try a fresh start. I got the machine as-is and didnt really have to do any setup other than put my folding info in, so it may be a good experience. i will have to look around though because last i heard, the kraken doesnt work with the newer versions of ubuntu
I wish it was that simple. i dont even use a gpu, just onboard.
The kill-a-watt was reading about 625w before i took it out. thats with the CPUs running at 2.4GHz on an 8101 WU.I dont think its an unstable overclock, as i have run it at 2.54 for months, but im going to take it back down to stock as soon as it shuts off again or finishes this WU.
id find that hard to believe with the ax1200. unfortunately i dont have another psu to give it a try though. the hx1000 i have in my main rig wont work for it.
ill give that a try as soon as i can. it seems to have started doing something different yesterday. twice, at some point during the day, it just shuts off and stays powered down. I have no idea what that is about.
Thank you very much
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