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That looks pretty nice to say the least...
Are they using the same components? Since TPU reviews are telling me that the Antec one fails the voltage regulation test at +3.3V and +5V when the unit is crossloaded. What is crossloading a PSU?
Hi, I just bought a Seasonic S12II 620W for my friend's gaming build. I know the Antec High Current Gamer 620W is a rebrand of the Seasonic S12II, but the voltage regulation on the minor rails are known to be poor. Is this applicable to the Seasonic S12II 620W? What is the difference between them component wise? Also, when compared to the M12II 620W, are there any difference between the two? Besides modular cabling of course.
Hi, I recently clean installed my new ASUS A450CC laptop with a Windows 8.1 DVD because I hated the bloatware in my laptop. The clean install works, and I managed to install all drivers and programs. Now I have a problem with my laptop, that is Windows seems to mistakenly detect my non-touch laptop as a touchscreen, shown here: So how do I disable/remove touchscreen functionality from my laptop?
OK. If I want to upgrade to a Vishera CPU would the ASRock 990FX Killer suffice?
Anyone could recommend me a budget (trying to keep costs down) and good board for FX-6300?
Hi, I'm looking for a cheap (but nice) GTX760... Here's what I've listed: 1. Zotac GTX760 AMP! 2. Gainward GTX760 Phantom 3. Palit GTX760 Jetstream The Zotac comes with a two free games (AC4 and Splinter Cell Blacklist), as well as a mouse pad Gainward seems to have a better fan design, and the fans are detachable... Palit one looks pretty nice though. Still can't decide on which card to get...
Hi, I'm trying to fix my friend's laptop, and it's a Toshiba Satellite C640. The laptop's hard drive has failed, and I'm trying to open up the hard drive bay to replace the hard drive. However, when I tried to unscrew the screw (there's only one screw that hold the hard drive bay cover), it does loosen, but it won't loose and make a clicking sound when I tried to loosen it further. How do I remove it? I did Googled it up and all I have to do is to pull the cover up...
Hi, I'm in a mood of some retro gaming so I decided to install and play Red Alert. I know the game will not work on 64 bit OS, so I had to use DosBox to accomplish this. Now the problem is I wanted to play the Windows 95 version of the game, not the DOS version of the game. How do I do that?
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