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Need a HDD for my NAS - nobody except I myself will access the NAS, and will be used as a media server. I'm looking for either these two: 1. Seagate Ironwolf 8TB (ready stock but I'm worried about their reliablilty - though strangely enough I have a Seagate 250GB that still works very well until today) 2. WD Red 8TB (no stock and no ETA for restocking) Which one is more reliable? Speed isn't a big issue for me, though the Seagate past track record on reliability has...
Well there's always price cuts
Why not get the MSI? It runs cool and quiet, and OCs well too.
Hi, I have a HTPC (specs is in my sig) and recently it suffered from BSODs. A quick analysis of the dump file with WinDBG seems to indicate that the wireless adapter is the one to blame. This is the dump file:   I'm running Windows 8.1 by the way.
I have forwarded all the ports - but I still need Teamviewer to work.
Windows 8.1 Pro. Also another question - it seems like my FTPS server won't work unless I use Teamviewer (a remote PC application) to connect to the machine.
I used FTP over TLS connection - would that be enough?
Hi, I just managed to set up my own SFTP server. While the server worked quite well, but when I ran ShieldsUp! from GRC - I got this error: Is there anyway to remedy this, or should I just leave it alone? Thanks.
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