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Well there's always price cuts
Why not get the MSI? It runs cool and quiet, and OCs well too.
Hi, I have a HTPC (specs is in my sig) and recently it suffered from BSODs. A quick analysis of the dump file with WinDBG seems to indicate that the wireless adapter is the one to blame. This is the dump file:   I'm running Windows 8.1 by the way.
I have forwarded all the ports - but I still need Teamviewer to work.
Windows 8.1 Pro. Also another question - it seems like my FTPS server won't work unless I use Teamviewer (a remote PC application) to connect to the machine.
I used FTP over TLS connection - would that be enough?
Hi, I just managed to set up my own SFTP server. While the server worked quite well, but when I ran ShieldsUp! from GRC - I got this error: Is there anyway to remedy this, or should I just leave it alone? Thanks.
Nobody actually noted that the laptop only comes with a dual core ULV i7? That CPU could be a huge problem handling high end GPUs...
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