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Hi, I have a HTPC with the following specs: Pentium E5200 Intel DG41WV board 4GB DDR3 1333 500GB HDD TP-Link Wireless adapter Windows 7 Pro 64 bit When I tried to reserve an upgrade to Windows 10, I got this error: The trouble is I have a working network hardware - I would like to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro, though the setup isn't allowing me to do so.
I have forwarded port 21, and even a port checker like tells me that the port is open. On the second part - I want my FTP server to be accessible over the Internet, therefore I have to use a dynamic DNS service to do so. I can transfer files in command prompt - though the files seem to be corrupted.
I'm pretty sure I have my ports forwarded, though I'm not sure whether I have set my server to passive mode. The problem is I can get the files via the command line, but not a GUI.Also, here's a log from ftptest.netCode:Warning: Plaintext FTP is insecure. You should use explicit FTP over TLS.Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connecting to
Warning: The entered address does not resolve to an IPv6 address.Status: Connected, waiting for...
I have recently set up a simple FTP server for my spare PC, while I can access them via a command prompt, however I cannot access my server via a GUI. I have followed the steps here: I have done all necessary port forwarding on my router, and created a firewall exception...
Well, I may found out the problem - it turns out that the download manager was the culprit, where the program seemingly takes up the whole network bandwidth (as high as 50MB/s) even though nothing is downloading. Terminated the process using task manager, and it seems like the download is a breeze once again. Can't believe that even one of my trusted application could behave like this. Update: it seems like the problem creep back again. Maybe I should try using...
Will do, and I'll post the progress here.
Yup - especially at the lab of my faculty. It used to be very fast and consistent, now it doesn't.
Yes. Even Macs are affected by this issue.
I'm having a really frustrating issue - it seems like whenever I tried to download a file (by using a download manager or the browser built in download manager), the download speeds often drop to 0bytes/sec, after few seconds into the download. At first the download seemed fast, until the speeds drop to 0bytes/sec and the download remain stuck at that speeds - making downloads impossible. This is a college network though and I have complained the issue to the IT...
Well, a 4GB 1333MHz stick pretty much solved this issue.
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