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Have you tried disabling those wake features to see if that is the problem. You should at least check.
Hey man I was having this issue with a p8z68-v gen 3 If I remember correctly it had to do with allowing USB devices to wake my computer. That said though I would start with making it so NO devices including wake on lan are able to start your computer up.
Sure you will notice some difference... but the bigger difference is if you will have the monitor further away from you since in a way that is increasing the DPI. When I went from a 23 to a 27 the monitor went back a foot. So now the dots are even smaller... if you get what I am saying.
I don't have this problem... I do the same thing as you. I am using an USB NuForce UDAC for DAC/Headphone and I have an HDMI cable going to me pre-amp/processor for playing movies in the living room. My surround and bit-rate setting stay the same always.
I know that Phyoba stuff is supposed to be the best... are other people using that on their delids though?Because it looks similar to other pastes and performing the best between the IHS and Block might not mean performing the best between the IHS and die...Might not be the case at all though and maybe that stuff is the best for both situations... just bringing up the idea...Other thing is that I wouldn't really be worrying about IBT temps.EditMy mistake... that stuff is...
Oh im sorryI didn't realize that bro...thanks for that info...Man I don't know where to go from hear... I mean I was pretty set on using i5 CPUs... now it looks like the quad core i7 and heck maybe even the 6 core i7 will be noticeably faster...Thanks for that info...any more is welcome...I would say since I have never seen a game that lost a large amount of performance from HT that it would be worth it to get an i7 over an i5 and leave the HT on all the time.
I currently have a high speed Coolermaster 80MM fan that is PWM. It came from a CPU heatsink and I am using it on a TJ07 for one of the 2 exhaust fans. I would like to have another... does not have to be the CM but would prefer it. Would like to pay between $5-10 but might pay more depending on how many and what type and what the original retail was. Thanks William
Thanks for that info... that is what I am trying to find out...So DOTA 2 will be one of the ones I try with 4 cores then 4 cores with HT on.ThanksI want to answer quite a few questions with this... and some have already been answered.It does seem that game can MOST DEFINATELY take advantage of 4 cores to the extent that even having 3 cores will cause a loss in frame rate. With that information it makes me wonder then does having 6 or 8 cores or does using HT when you...
I don't know why people think improved thermal interface material means solder. There is no way they are going back to solder. They are going to use improved thermal interface... there is a reason they went to TIM... it probably is less expensive for some reason... but whatever reason they have for TIM complaining about Ivy Bridge didn't make them rush back to solder... so why would they do it now... I truly believe if they where going back to solder they would say...
Why would you do that for such a short period of time? By the time you have this it will be just a few months...A GTX 580 is faster. Because of the mining craze you should be able to sell your 6970 for what the 580 costs... and just be out the shipping the ebay seller fees.Or just buy a GTX 750 TI it has plenty of power to get you by and I am pretty sure it supports G-SYNCSuper cheap and uses no power... would be great for a secondary cheap computer.
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