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Thank you I really appreciate the comment
[[SPOILER]] Where did you get the paracord?
Perhaps a bit too presumptuous, but I think I did a pretty clean and good looking build with a single gpu and cpu. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. LOL!
This is utterly awesome!!!! Did you build the pedestal yourself? Great work!
I just wanna say - I love this thread. I follow it religiously. I have learned so much and although I won't be doing anything to my system anytime soon I love to see what new things y'all come up with. Thanks for all the great posts.
I think the Naked Ivy kit is a great product. I realize everyone's experience differs but with my MSI mobo it fit perfectly and held the bare die perfectly and now my temps are better than ever. I reached 4.8 w/o going above 80 degrees after 4 hours of Aida64.
Take a look at the build log in my sig as well. I had to drill holes above and below the cable routing grommets.
That R4 build looks great! Quick question what type of fittings did you use going into the bottom? Is that like a bulkhead type fitting? If so who makes it?
I started out with a cardboard pattern that I cut to fit the area. I used a straight ruler to measure lengths and heights. I then used a jigsaw to cut the pattern out of some sheet metal I had laying around. I connected the top part and the bottom part of the shelf with a piece of 90 degree corner angle metal that I picked up at Home Depot. Then I just screwed everything together. It took a long time but it was worth the work. Look at darlene's build log on her switch...
Thanks Darlene
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