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oh haha. Just thought of this. You can invert fans and draw air in though the 120 in the back and exhaust out the front. coupled with aio cooler should be great
Beastly build. Awaiting pics
yea eta for us in singapore is july
Tried the Razer Naga MMOG today and really love the shape, ultra comfortable for me. Is there any mouse that is cheaper that has a similar shape? Thanks!
dont get the front dual 92mm. They have space for a 120 or even 140
Yep 1600*900. Damn the oc isnt stable in bf3. Dropped to 1200core 1480mem on 1.25v first. Will experiment again later. EDIT: Still isnt stable. Damn these "power editions" reallly suck for overclocking -.- Posted a thread in my local forum to trade for a tf3 or maybe sapphire one. Would it be wise to trade for a gtx 570?
OC'ed the MSI 7850 PE to 1260 Core 1500 mem at 1.25v
Yep I mean if you want to mount it horitontally.LOL'ed
H80 pushpull. The second fan made the front panel and 24pin cables a tight fit. GPU/Radiator clearance. You only have about 195mm if you are using the radiator side ways and want to keep the drive bay. A antec 620/ corsair h60 will allow cards like the 7850 to fit. Don't think i'll have the time to do benches anytime soon, but my temps are: GPU: 7850 (maxed oc in afterburner 1050/1450) Min: 38 Max: 75 CPU (4.5ghz) : Min: 40 Max: 80
I will take some soon and upload the pics of the h80 in push pull too pretty sure the h80 can't fir the 7850 if the tubes were coming out the side.
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