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I broke down one of my systems that was using Primochill coolant and everything was stained blue with uv blue coolant. Took apart another system with Mayhem blood red and no staining at all. You can also mix Mayhem product to make your own color.
Pics from my CaseLabs rebuild
I have noticed some people configure the 120mm back rad the way you have it. This does put cooler air though the rad but pushes hot air into the case. If you flip the fans around the warm air in the case will be pulled though the rad and in theory you will not get cooler temps. The other way looks better but you lose in performance.
I may have miss it but is there a reason you are not carrying the same color on the sleeving from front to back.
Looks good and looks like you are almost done.
I'm in. Subbed!
[[SPOILER]] Have you tried flipping the bracket around. I'm redoing my STH10 and had forgotten how the bracket can go either way. What I mean is put the fans on the inside of the bracket so you would have (from the front) bracket, fan, rad and fan. In the bottom of my case I had fan filter, grill, fan, bracket and rad . I barely had room to get the side cover on. On my new set up I got rid of the filters and grills and forked out the cash for a set of DEMCiflex filters.
I would run it with distilled until you get the pastel but flush it when you are ready to add the color.
Nice work on the HAF-X. I have one that is on air right now but it was my first water cooling adventure.
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