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it is really close upon placement of the power input on the motherboard. unless it islocated next to the keyboard/USB hub then most 95% of the motherboards will have this junction problem.i was comfortable with the 8-pin binding as there really isn't that much to be worried about. with sleevedcables the extra insulation will easily guard against any chaffing/rub issues for years to come. plus seeingthat the XT45 runs pretty much equally in performance to the UT60 from...
i have a mock up of an XSPC 360/Rampage IV Extreme. it does put the 8-pin in a bind. if that's a deal breakerthen the XT45 would be a better choice. the 8-pin is about 2mm from fan (binding the wires pretty hard, pressingthe mobo pretty firm). in the pictures below, the 8-pin is connected and fans are fine..airdeano
i still use the B-Blaster 140 fans and you won't need four (push/pull for that thin of a radiatorof fin density. you might gain 2°-4° temp drop, but the headache of low clearance comes intoplay. single set (push or pull) with that strong of a fan (even at 7v) is plenty of flow. i use twofor the intake on a Alphacool UT60 280 and 3x120 for rad exhaust and still have a positiveto combat dust. so two FD R2 or BGears 140 in front panel and two on H110 and your setup.might...
with the new 750D with dual 140mm intakes, single exhaust 140 and an upward draft could make it an awesome air cooled case with future hopefuls of water cooling. with a high roof for the D14 to do its job without battling the roof fans, i don't think you did anything wrong. make a build log for it and show us your progress.. airdeano
the panel i/o cables will fit with no problems. i have mine routed behind the motherboard and peakout from under with slack for days. so routing through the 8-pin is a piece of cake. buy on, my friend!airdeano
PM me and lets chat about it..airdeano
ok, one MSI R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC has been sold, but have one last one remaining. all PMs have been replied and awaiting first to pay, first to receive via PayPal. sorry i cannot "HOLD" any parts, because there are too many that are willing to pay sooner. i'd hope you understand. airdeano
to be honest, i do not know. they both have the dual BIOS switch.overclocking was minimal for testing performance evaluation of office environment noise vs productivity.airdeano
the EVGA GTX660ti are sold and now have updated this listing with 2x MSI R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC i will not be needing. airdeano
i'd give the warranty period left about 13months, scale would be 10 as there is a total of 20minsusing the keyboard. practically brand new..airdeano
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