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Gee I hope Zen is good...
Okay, well that $21 is really going to change my mind...The dollar isn't weak - in fact the central bank views it as overly strong, as does the Treasurer and many businesses who export.
$AUD1200 for a single card. Would not buy. That's my power bill for two quarters or six weekly grocery bills. Sorry, but wage growth in Australia has tanked and the increase in price outside of inflation simply makes it unaffordable for me now.
If it's WWII, I'd like them to focus on a particular campaign, maybe Africa or the Pacific? As an Australian, Tobruk or fighting in PNG would be particularly interesting to me for a couple of the SP missions. Multiplayer could bring in jungle and desert warfare, and the resulting characteristics of those. Would love an up close and personal battle with a Japanese soldier in the jungles of Indochina. Fix bayonets! Korea could be interesting (and hardly done as far as I'm...
Maybe this is the plan? Drop prices so people buy two GPU's - each of which have GDDR5 - without (mostly enthusiast) consumers having to outlay for a new PSU. Clears the stock of GDDR5 they might have on hand, which will lose value anyway as HBM2 comes online, and lets developers take advantage of a multi-purpose set up. I think Dx12 had some advantages around this?
I don't understand - the origin country is the US, with the destination been Bangalore, India. Why would they ship it out of the States for a conference in the States?
Team, Your wonderful advice from many years ago gave me a gaming rig that has kept me happy. But now it's time to upgrade and I'm seeking some advice. (and hopefully my upgrades won't be so intermittent now that I'm well into my career change...) My current, and probably somewhat quaint, build is as follows (with the bold bits been kept): Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper PSU: Seasonic M12D 850W Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Fatal1ty Professional Gen3 CPU: i5 2500K GPU:... all important snippet:What a good idea.
One of the few times I support government intervention. And that's saying something.
Already are. Many people quite simply refuse to pay that much when they can go online and get it that much cheaper.
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