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Any ideas on price? There's more out there. My body is ready.
Ta. Posting from a tablet. discussion.
It's quite a big increase. 794m to 821mOn another note, overall quarter-on-quarter revenue was quite poor, down 11 percent. Gaming revenue quarter-on-quarter alone was down 24 per cent. If they want to increase revenue from $1.94b last quarter to $1.95b this quarter, then it seems to me they need to release something in the gaming space since it's such a big part of their revenue stream (1,562 out of 1,937 this quarter).
Maybe it's a pro card; one using the last of GDDR5x; or one using HBM2. I don't know, just throwing it out there for a timeframe that would seem pretty unlikely.
Overreaction much?
Change perceptions of AMD? Ive moved on from my days of being a chef into media/marketing, and a successful technique if you want the media to self-generate publicity for you is to never overpromote. At one point I thought it might be a bit late with that 'poor Volta' thing they did, but oddly enough, people on OCN now are saying it's going to be poor with the lack of info and leaks. The more you can lower expectations, the bigger bang for the buck you can get in terms of...
I wonder if it's a bit of marketing. Lowball the figures by using an engineering sample, lower expectatioms, and then release something that benchmarks better.
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