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Plan to as soon as I get my motherboard back.
If I were a betting man, I'd put a tenner down on the Folding@home team to win a Nobel Prize at some point in the future. And you guys would be a massive part of it. Well done.
I'm hoping so. If I have to get a DAC it means I have to spend less on the headphones.
Already did. One guy/gal has given me some really good options at a variety of price points - Ultrasone HFI-680, 780 and Pro 750's, and the Shure SRH 840. I'd really love some diversity in views though. You know what head-fi is like with headphones - so many people want recommendations that you really only have 24 hours to get one, and it is quite often from one person! It's just like here with recommendations for !
Will I need the DAC if I already have a the Xonar DX?
Hey guys! I'm after some advice. I posted this elsewhere, but I've made some slight modifications to it. I'm a journo, and I need a new set of cans for sound/video editing. Here's what I am after: Great isolation. This is very important to me. I need to be able to focus just on the sound to find any blemishes I need to edit out in the piece. It might be a breath I need to remove, or finding the spacing between two short-spaced sentences when I am inserting a quote into a...
No, probably not. I've only just purchased a new build with Windows 7 Pro 64 on it, so buying Windows 8 seems like such a waste. I generally change OS's every second generation anyway so that probably rules me out. If there's a great deal I can get then I might, but I'm not going out of my way to buy it.
Now this would be fantastic if they could ventilate it somehow to the top exhaust fan/s many of us have. But since it doesn't....
Have you tried going into MSCONFIG?
What a pain! Just built my computer last night, had everything running smoothly, final lot of Windows updates had just finished and then when it rebooted it doesn't even POST. Black screen and that's it. So far I've figured out one fan header is dead (one of the CPU Fan headers). Not sure what else. Hopefully I can get a replacement from ASRock. Can't find my receipt though. At least I have a record on my credit card.
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