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Thanks for your interest guys! It should be a pretty badass build I honestly cant wait to get the case, its shipped! I might get it tomorrow
Thanks for the info, i will probably use that, it is very interesting!
Hello seraph84,Honestly, yes the 200mm radiator can be an option, if it does fit of course. I have not been trought all the TJ08-E Owner Club yet, so i dont really know what the case is capable of, but as soon as i get my case here, i will inspect it carefully and check all my optionThanks for coming and i hope i will get the case before the week end, have a good night!
Project on hold.
Index 1- Case Unboxing 2- Components list 3- Motherboard Unboxing
BioHazard Hello everyone, First of all, there is no risk for looking at my thread, do not worry. That said, i really wanted to do a BioHazard case mod for quite some time now, so here it is! The whole theme has kinda been over done, so i will try to be original in my non original theme Alright! The case? A SilverStone TJ08-E, Why? I have no idea.. Okay lets be serious, should i? I like this case, i honestly do and it has everything i wanted/needed for this...
I will PM you all his info, thanks for your interest!Thank you very much for your comment, it is very appreciated Come back often, much more is coming soon!
Let me tell you, thats about the maximum i can fit inside it lol, some wire/tube has been very hard to plug and so on, very small to work with but at the end i really like it!, thanks for your interest Fann!
Hello, here another little update for you =) First i wanted to show you again the custom case feet! Thanks to Fannblade They are simply the best! So stop looking around and PM Fannblade for your case feet need Alright, i also received my sleeving and cable, the color is amazing, let me show you! So yep, as you can see, i started installeing the watercooling loop and started filling it, i actually need some red dye to make the coolant color closer of what i...
Cool, keep me updated! Alright, i did show you the windows design in the previous update, but it chnaged a bit, the pannel will be all orange with smokey grey acrylic as windows with a laser etched outline, the line will be black. Well let me show you!Im about to pay them so Tom can start the cut Theres also a mobo tray mod coming up, so stay tuned! -I bought all my sleeving, all orange Bought from MODdiy, they had free shipping offer this week!Also i got my case feet...
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