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So we shouldn't question authority?
I've been trying to boot NetBSD from a flash drive for the last 4 hours but the motherboard will recognize that there is an OS installed on the drive, but it doesn't do anything. I can't find out what I'm doing wrong. Here's a screenshot:   The cursor will just blink forever. If the motherboard doesn't detect an OS, it will prompt me to insert a bootable media, which isn't the case here.   I've been using the dd command in Linux to copy the .img file onto the drive,...
Thank-you, this is probably the best way to understand it.
   "Better":  [[SPOILER]] The 8350 gets beaten by low-end Intel CPUs in single-threaded applications but in multithreaded it's playing with the stars. Sometimes Intel gets it's butt kicked by cheap AMD CPUs, sometimes AMD gets it's butt kicked by cheap Intel CPUs.
Sorry, a bit of an unfortunate wording of me. Yeah, I meant without a working GPU. (Meaning it's disabled)
Probably they will realease a GPU-less Kaveri APU, like the Athlon x4 750k, so I don't see too much of a problem here.
Wow, talk about biased. It's true that a 4670k is better in single-threaded performance, but a 8350 is way better in muti-core integer performance by far. In some benchmarks ad applications it can be better than a 3770k. In FP operations they're about the same, if not using SSE and AVX extensions. (8350 is better in SSE)
The 5600k only supports up to stock 1866mhz RAM.OP: Even if you're crossfiring, 1866mhz RAM will give you a small performance increase. For 7$ more go for 1866mhz.
AMD. As a company they are way more sympathetic than Intel and I've never seen them playing an unfair game. Intel on the other hand his known for benchmark rigging and patent trolling (see Cyrix).
Probably one of dumbest comments I've read on here for a long time. Basically you're comparing the clock rate side-by-side to Intel's CPUs and saying that obviously AMD is worse due to having higher clocks. The FX6300 costs as much as an i3 and performs multicored way better, but for some reason you're going on about how it doesn't beat an i5. BF4 supports 8-cores and will run much better on a FX6300 then some i3.
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