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I am very excited about this case...but a month delay almost makes me want to cancel and get another 670. I don't mind the extra time for a great product and I appreciate the QC by George and the team, but I ordered at the beginning of February. I am just getting a little tired of waiting....modern consumer eh?
Just pre-ordered as well.. going to dwarf my HAF 932 :D:D Really excited about this one George!
yes, as far as i know...and i am only running 4 HT
So quick question..running an i7 920 at 4.01 ghz at 1.218v.. idle temps around is pretty cool in my not sure that my room is the problem..doesnt this seem a little warm?
Hey Exxon. Sorry for the has seemed to work so far. no more rando BSODs.. Really appreciate the chart. rep for the help.
I am really not sure why i am getting this error..hope you can see this picture...i am not sure how to capture my dump file. I have read this is a type of memory error. Can anyone confirm this?
yes, i will try them..I have never had this before so let me try just the new card first..
Hey OCN, Just got my second GTX670 FTW earlier this week. Its great to have and performs wonderfully! I am running into some problems though..It worked fine until about two days when I kept trying to play DOTA 2..The game would start and bout 5 minutes in the game would crash and a solid red screen would appear. After it did this twice, the display driver completely disappeared and i had to re install it from the nvidia website. It has been kind of weird ever...
Put me down for one please!
i ordered on friday..Can i Expect it Tuesday? Houston here. I emailed him, but no response. is this normal? Also, No tracking number yet...
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