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also, i'm trying linx again to stress test. looks like my thermal paste set in it's not going over 70C now. though at 4.2 ghz @ 1.39 V it jumped up to 68C within 1 minute so I dropped my voltage to 1.3V at 4 GHz and so far it's passed 9 runs of linx not going above 61C (average 59-60C). going to see how low of voltage i can run stable at 4 ghz EDIT: linx errored at the 10th run (14 minutes 8 seconds) at 4 ghz @ 1.3V at 60C
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depends on a game, something crappy that was coded for console like mw3 will play just fine, but if you want to play a real pc game like crysis or something like that, you are definitely going to need a top end video card or sli
is that the super version? how is the screen? how far away do you have to sit from it to not see the isp glow? here's a benchmark i did. is it decent?
the korean monitors are a gamble, if you can't afford losing $300-400 than don't do it, wait for LG
can someone tell me what's a good software to test the monitor for bad pixels etc?
it could be the power supply but i don't think that's it(just my opinion), usually when psu is bad it will just be dead, no power at all, i read on one of the uk forums that there was a component that went bad and guy had a LG tech friend, so he had the part replaced but he was too much of a noob to find out which part, all that i know is that it was on the "driver board" not sure which part... post # 1201, 1324 and 1358you... there's a 64bit experimental version...unfortunately not the latest (3.5.2) but the only one i know of...
how much cpu-nb we talking? it won't run 1600mhz even at 1.45 V cpu-nb
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