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Excellent news ^_^
Any word on a release or pre-order date?
A 7970M is basically a 7870, and you don't see many 7870s going around driving 2 or 3 screen Eyefinity setups, now do you? Only solution is getting another 7970M and slotting that in (if your laptop can actually accomodate it), or buying a desktop. It's a laptop, it's never going to be able to match a desktop on performance, which is why trying to run Eyefinity on it is a silly idea.
The fix will work on any currently supported AMD multi-GPU setup, so that means anything from 5000-series onward. For those still using 4000-series multi-GPU setups (like me), no such luck
Well, if the current x86 procs in phones (Lenovo K900, etc.) Intel has out now are anything to go by, around the same as any high-end smartphone now.
Hi all, I'm looking for an mATX motherboard with an LGA1156 socket. I'll take anything as long as it will work with an i7 860. Looking to spend about $60-65 posted to Brisbane, Australia. Thanks.
Same, lmao
This. By the big studios' logic, they should also take down Dropbox, SpiderOak, etc., because there is a 100% chance of people using those services to host potentially copyrighted content too.
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