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Server was down because of the patch. Never verify your files through steam only from the game launcher, steam deletes the wrong files
Thank you very much.Btw I have the same UPS as you guys posted above and it is pretty awesome and pretty much the cheapest PFC UPS I could find (In Europe).
Hi, I have a question. I know that someone is not supposed to ran speakers off of a UPS because UPS are not designed for that kind of device. My question is, will it hurt my speakers and/or UPS if I connect the speakers to the battery and as soon as the battery starts working I turn the speakers off? Don't ask why but I have to connect my Logitech 5.1 surround to the battery of my UPS so I wanted to ask if I can potentially damage anything by doing that.
This is a patch with 8 pages of patch notes, the fact that they did not address the specific problems that you specifically had does not mean that it is not an impressive patch. The performance part of this patch was basically the animation changes and mostly the Esamir changes so if you want more performance especially from the VRAM side then at Esamir you will notice it the most.What I am trying to say is that they did a HUGE balance pass in one month and a half. In one...
For whoever finds the game a bit more difficult now, one factor is definitely the fact that after the performance update more people are able to hit stuff in big battle. The second and biggest factor is probably the problems with hit detection present right now
Found it, it's this one but I remember it not being all that accurate
It's really good, in miller we used to have TR overpop but after the PU01 things are pretty equal, I think the same happened on the other servers as well.There is a website that shows pop per hour for each faction but I can't remember which one it was.
Performance Update 02The patch notes are massive, biggest ones I've seen (8 pages long!).This update broke the game for a couple of days but now they resolved most issues and they also have double XP running as an apology that is why I though it was best for this to be posted now.Also the best part is the sales they have up to January 2. Each day will feature a category of items at 50% off (shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols etc.), one item at 99 SC (99 cents!) and one item...
Well I can see the sales but they don't have discounts atm, probably the network is hogged.
I wanted the direct boot to desktop as well so I'm really happy with having Windows 8.1 now (MSDNAA early access). Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you see the start screen for a split second with using your method above?
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