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So fake.
I have the latest XIM, and I will agree with waylo88 on the lag issue. It's not great. Not when you have a gaming PC. It is a novelty that quickly wears off, especially if you own the same game on the console and PC and you can notice a big difference in input lag between the two. Yes, there is a slight advantage for the XIM player using kb&m but the controls are just "off". I had fun for a while with it in BO2,and some other games, and the settings are fairly easy once...
My BF4 hasn't crashed or had any of the mentioned issues, other than being stuck in revival once. But that happened in BF3 also. My issue is with the game itself. It's just not that fun.
Quick update. Everything still working great on my Aivia Osmium. And the great thing, they make them in Brown MX Switches now too.
I was browsing my local Micro Center and found a Zotac GTX 670 for $139 otd. Hehe. This was too good to pass up, even though I sport a 780 now...
Screw all the Alphabet agencies.
The games looks....rather underwhelming. And not because I play on PC. The jump from PS3 to PS4 seems even smaller than from PS2 to PS3, even though PS4 has enough juice. Talk about lazy, lets-make-a-quick-buck development.
No it's not. You just don't want to admit that certain products are sometimes better than the others. Like when AMD lowered the prices of 7970 and updated drivers and became the better choice according to.... WAIT..... TOMS HARDWARE.
You have to have a MC store nearby. I don't think they ship, and quantity is limited, obviously.
Open box.They had a bunch of different 780's hovering around $390-450, due to people buying them at $600+ only to find out nvidia just lowered the prices. Mine wasn't even opened or taken out of the case. I also saw an EVGA 670 for $139, and other great deals. Best store ever. The thing is, I just sold my EVGA 780 a month ago for $620, which I also bought at Microcenter for $550 (open box). Here is a pic.
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