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I like that blue. It's really nice with the white. It's lighter than the blue used on black phantoms, and it works really well.
Is there a reason for the seem on the left side, above the PSU?
Your everything.Your lifestyle is why I never want children.
So it is. I actually really like that. I'm sure you'll come up with something else even more cool and interesting.
I actually like none of these. What happens if you leave the outlines on the original windows and combine the bottom right two triangles into another quadrilateral? I think that will achieve the "original style" without being overly busy...
Last person I saw use it (K.3nny in his pink NZXT Phantom) said it lasted 3 days, but the color was still pretty when the aurora effect was lost. Apparently it was designed specifically for show build and was not meant for extended use.
I must be the only one who doesn't like full size windows. I guess I have no interest in hard drives, 5.25 drive bays, and rounded squares.
That looks really nice! Why did you choose vinyl over paint? Just out of curiosity.
Would anyone like my first born child? Or should I be posting this in the marketplace? Call in the next twenty minutes, and I'll throw in an arm for cheap! Call now, and a leg can be yours as well!!!Never let me write infomercials...
If it's still powder coated, that really is unacceptable.
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