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I have missed my 600T for quite awhile since I got rid of it, but could not bring myself to get another as I have been waiting for Corsair to make a replacement. I'm glad I waited and I should have my white 780T tomorrow.
I'm using a single EVGA 780 SC at the moment with my PG278Q and to me the only difference between the 47fps I was getting in that game and 120+ fps that I would get on my old vg248qe in some games was the motion blur. There was absolutely no stuttering or tearing.
Mine is sitting at a relative's house waiting for me to get off work and go pick it up. Only 3 more hours to go....
That has been my plan. When I was using my U2713HM, I never felt the need for a second monitor. Once I receive my Swift, I will be going back to a single screen as well.
The only issue that I know of is one that I have had with my VG248QE and a secondary 60Hz monitor. If I have the refresh rate set to 144Hz in windows, my GTX 780 does not idle properly resulting in higher temps. This has been an issue for many people apparently and the only fix I've seen so far is to set the monitor to 120Hz. That seems to fix the issue.
Well if you are shelling out $800 for a monitor, what is another $50 in the grand scheme of things?
I believe you are right. Any time I've ordered Next Day Air from Newegg, it usually doesn't change to shipped until late in the evening, and sometimes I won't even get the tracking number until early the next morning.
That's good to hear! I bet you are relieved!
I hadn't considered that. I checked the page around 7am CST and it had shown sold out online. Knowing Best Buy, I assumed that was the default status for something that wasn't currently being sold. I figured that maybe they had just not activated the ability to purchase them yet.As for the in-store pickup, I'm in the same boat. The Best Buy's around me never carry anything like this.
Ouch that sucks. You may have a chance to grab one from Best Buy if you are so inclined. I don't believe that they have actually put them up for sale at all yet even though the page is there.
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