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Do you happen to have SCCM 2012 for application deployment in your environment? I haven't looked into all of the details, but it does have quite a few management features for iOS devices.
Full Throttle is one of my all-time favorite games. That and Sam and Max Hit the Road.I will definitely be picking up Grim Fandango as for some reason I never finished the original.
When using multiple graphics cards, the PCIe slots do not operate at their full bandwidth. As with most other motherboards, the configs for graphics cards are: 16x, 0x, 0x 8x, 8x, 0x 8x, 4x, 4x This is listed in the specifications for the board on their site. I actually ordered the Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 7 today to replace my MSI Z97 Gaming 7 that I received yesterday due to the fact that it has better power phases.
What board do you have out of curiosity? You might also check on a bios update as well. My MSI Gaming 7 was running the processor stock in prime at 1.22v. I found that there was a bios update for it and after the update, it dropped the voltage in prime at stock to 1.14v. Just something you might check into.On a side note, I have ordered a Gigabyte Gaming 7 and will be returning the MSI Gaming 7.
So, I'm starting to rethink my motherboard choice. I went with the MSI Z97 Gaming 7 as MSI is for the most part all I've owned for the past 8 years or so. I'm very tempted to switch to a Maximus VII Hero.
It shipped from City of Industry, CA.Small update for my chip from Newegg. I played around a bit with it last night after I finally got everything put back together.I was able to boot 4.8 with 1.25v but it was not stable at all in prime of course. I dropped it down to 4.6 to test and ran x264 for 1 loop. On air, my temps hit the high 80's so I will definitely need to delid or switch to watercooling to really take this chip any farther. At stock I was even hitting mid...
It was more that I wanted an MSI. I am undecided about SLI in the future as I'm waiting to see what the 880 series holds. I actually just sold my second 780 and am now running one card.
The Motherboard is an MSI z97 Gaming 7, I've always had good luck with their boards.I'll post back my results once I get it up and running. I'll be switching cases to my SM8 at the same time as I have a feeling I'll want to upgrade back to WC in the near future
My chip from Newegg just arrived. Surprised to see it is an L4!
Single pump should be fine. I am sure there are merits to a dual pump configuration, but I believe it would be more for redundancy than anything. I ran a CPU + 2xGPU + 240 rad + 480 rad with one pump and had no issues whatsoever.
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