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Posts by Shaitan lists the freesync range as 48-144hz.
Anything other than the FE cards were not promised on day one.
It was doing that to me, I just tried and it actually let me get to the checkout, so you may try again
The only reason that I'm not sure that will be the case is that I remember there being a period in time for the 900 series that the reference cooler was usually $20 or so more than the custom cards. I expect that to be the case this time as well.
I am betting the only $599 cards we will see are the plastic shroud blower style coolers. The other cards from the AIBs will probably be $649 - $679. If I'm wrong then that is great. No problem admitting that.
I thought you were going with AMD this round?I'm still on the fence myself. I want something more than my 980 reference model that I stepped up to at release. I would like to try out AMD for a change, but I may end up with a 1070.
RE2 is one of my all time favorite games. I am anxiously awaiting the remake of it as well! That and Final Fantasy VII remake will make my life complete I also would love a Final Fantasy VIII remake as well....
That doesn't look to be too bad. I also see a lot of people recommending the Zalman CNPS8900 if you have that available. In all honesty though, you probably won't need much cooling with that processor so I'm sure whatever you go with will be just fine. If the stock cooler doesn't bother you at all, then by all means go ahead and use it!
If it is just going to be 1080p 60Hz, I myself would just pick up a used 970. I doubt you would need much more than that for a while. As for the CPU cooler, the stock one would probably be fine, but it would annoy me so I would probably go with something like the Cryorig C7
I have been trying to find the information, but I remember EVGA mentioning with the 900 series that the reference cooler is just too expensive to manufacture. That is why they made their own plastic cooler.I also remember somewhere it stating that when they started this type of cooler with the 690, that it was costing in the neighborhood of 3x more to make the cooler.Not sure how much of this is true, but with the materials and feel of the cooler, I suspect it to be the...
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