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It is entirely possible that running the A40's directly off the sound card would eliminate the main complaint I had with them, which is TOO much bass. That is one thing that I had never tried.
That is the one problem with using the AD700x's. They are amazing for BF4 and other shooters, but the need for a separate mic is a bit annoying. I didn't like the Zalman clip-on mic, and the blue snowball that I have just isn't all that great. I usually switch back to the PC 360's if I plan on using a mic at all.Also, the mic on the PC 360's is fantastic.
Personally, I prefer my sennheiser PC 360's or even my AD700x's to any Astro headsets I've owned in the past.
I like to use for my wallpapers. Their search function allows you to set a specific resolution to search for within their database.
I will second these suggestions.I will note that I just switched from the Deathadder 2013 to the Mionix Avior 7000 and feel that it is a much better mouse as far as the sensors go. You may prefer the Naos to the Avior as I had to adjust my normal palm grip for the Avior.
Of the two, you would have an easier time fitting that res into the arc mini r2 simply for the fact that you can remove the 5.25in drive bays. With the res being 10" tall and the case being 15" tall it would still be a tight fit once you add the fittings and whatnot, but it could be done. I had that res in my old 800d and it took up quite a bit of space. It is a great looking res though and if I ever get back into watercooling, it would be the one I would go with again.
The Klipsch set is a good choice and you can't go wrong with them. Also, the Logitech Z623 set is very good as well. Here is a link for a white ducky shine 3 with cherry mx browns and white backlight.
I'm getting the same message, already paid for mine as well.
I would suggest a Fractal Design Define R4: You will probably want to add 2 more of the Fractal Design 140mm fans to it however.
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