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You'll be the first to know if I ultimately decide to, I know you've been looking for two others for some time.
I had the same problem with my VG248QE that I used to have. If I set the system to 144Hz, my card would not downclock properly. Same thing with the Swift, even if it is the only monitor connected. On another note, I am contemplating parting ways with my Swift. Now that I have seen that Dell is finally releasing their 3440x1440 IPS panel, I am thinking about eventually switching to that. I have found that lately, I am mainly playing Skyrim or going back through Fallout...
I usually switch through cases left and right trying to find the right fit, and I think I finally have! I also think this was the quickest build I have done in a long time. There is soooo much room for cable management, it is ridiculous.
Might as well post my setup seeing as how I lurk in this thread all the time Excuse the crappy phone pic
Here are some crappy phone pics of my rig to hurt your eyes
Do you just need to be lvl 20 for the raid? I am sitting at 15 currently, and I gained most of those by just doing pvp.
Between the two, I would say the I5 4690 + GTX 770 would be your best bet. The extra GPU horsepower would benefit you more than the hyperthreading for gaming purposes.
I generally don't do sports games, but Fifa is one that I have enjoyed everytime I've played in the past. I am still undecided if I want to pick it up or not.
So my White 780T arrived yesterday and I moved all of my components over last night. The last time I enjoyed working with a case this much was my 600T a couple of years ago. So far I am thoroughly pleased with this case and can't find a single thing to complain about. I am at work now, but will post some pics later
Yeah, I actually never understood why they called them "Gold" in the first place.
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