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I haven't seen any official information on it, but I believe the default polling rate is 500.
He ain't no Loch Ness monster!
I did not realize that! Thanks for the info!
I have a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid and I can say that it has an amazing build quality for the price. I've owned much more expensive keyboards that didn't feel any more sturdy than this one.
Have you looked at the antlion modmic? You could add that to your Bose, although that is another wire. On another note, I have a snowball that has been sitting boxed on the shelf since I got it. I have been trying to decide what to do with it as it wouldn't be worth the trouble to try and sell it. Depending on where you are located, I might be able to ship it to you. I'd much rather it go to someone that would use it than either sit on my shelf.
Out of my personal experience having owned both and comparing the two side by side, I'd have to say the Benq would be my choice. It takes more work to get the IQ straightened out, but the performance to me seems slightly better than the Asus. It also feels like a higher quality monitor as well.
Has an x70 series card ever historically sold for that much?
I'll give DSFix another try. I used if the last time I tried, but I don't remember why I didn't continue on with the game. I may have gotten sidetracked by another game..... it always seems to happen.
I'd be all over that.I just had a copy of demons souls delivered yesterday to play through. I only made it about halfway through it when it was released.Never played Dark Souls for more than 10 minutes as it seemed crappy on the PC. Had that delivered for PS3 as well.Started a playthrough of DS2 a bit before 3 released and still need to finish it.It seems that DS3 will be the first one I finish, 36 hours in and I'm loving it! Defeated the Dragonslayer Armor last...
I think I read that they come with a 9ft braided cable. You can download the software from microsoft to remap the buttons on a windows 10 PC. Unfortunately, you can't remap them to anything other than the standard button inputs. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I could remap a button for push to talk.
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