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Both of the mouse pads you mentioned are cloth I believe, but I'd like to throw my vote in for the Razer Destructor 2. It is a hard mouse pad and the DA just glides over it. Or, I currently use the Corsair MM200 extended for when I want to use a cloth pad.
I agree. I much prefer the g402 to my deathadder chroma as far as performance goes. I unfortunately develop hand cramps pretty quickly when using it as it is so thin. I haven't used the rival although the shape feels comparable to the deathadder.Currently I use a Corsair M45 and prefer it to both the deathadder and the g402.
I tried the monitor out for a couple of hours before boxing it up and sending it back.I originally purchased the monitor as a cheaper alternative to the ROG Swift. I have been using a 1440p IPS monitor (Dell U2713HM) and a 1080p 144Hz TN monitor (Asus VG248QE) for quite some time, so I had both ends of the spectrum to compare this monitor to.Resolution: 1080p on anything larger than a 24" panel is usually something that I avoid. This monitor has not changed that at...
I'll toss in a second vote for the Dell U2713HM monitor. It is a fantastic monitor.
My advice would be the Asus vg248qe.I have had the XL2420T and the new XL2430T. I have not been able to get near the color quality out of them that I can get out of my VG248QE. I have almost got it to the point where it is near identical to my U2713HM ips panel.
If anyone has been looking for a 980 w/ aftermarket cooling, the MSI 980 Gaming is in stock at Newegg:
Skyrim was one of the main deciding factors in returning the Swift. I had to disable all features of the monitor to play the game properly. Bethesda games do not like G-Sync or > 60Hz refresh rates.My main games that I play on PC are Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Fallout: 3, and Fallout:NV. Along with the occasional Civ 5 or other point and click game.All of the above either work well with 21:9 or you can at least use an app like flawless widescreen to make them compatible.
Madara Uchiha is the name of another player. The game will randomly assign them to you when a captain kills someone else that is playing the game.
I just recently returned my ROG Swift and will probably go with a 21:9 in the near future. It just makes more sense for me since I don't really play many fast paced games.I will say that G-Sync is amazing though, and if they put that in a 21:9 monitor I would buy it in a heartbeat.
You'll be the first to know if I ultimately decide to, I know you've been looking for two others for some time.
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