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Ok i see now. Thank you epereles
It did, it came with the A8 4500 and a hd 7640. I just dont have that option. I tried dowoading the amd control center again but nithing .
I just bought the asus k55n ds81. I'm trying to crossfire but in the amd vision engine control center, it does not give me that option. I cant find it anywhere. If someone can help me out that would be great. thank you and hopefully someone has done it to the same laptop.
Ya I will not, I just have to buy faster ram. I have seen people play battlefield 3 on medium settings. But they upgrade the ram. But right now i still dont know what to get the asus or acer. I would really like to try something new with acer or stay on the safe side and go with asus. Im still open to suggestions so tell me what you guys would get. I think i will move up to the $550 budget. But still would like suggestions on the $450 range because of personal matters.
I was looking at that ACER but for what people have said in the past about it i keep it to the side. I think i will give it a shot becuase like what you said SpykeZ ACER is pretty good now. Well i have this laptop in mind. Let me know what you guys think ? Its the ASUS k55n
What laptop do you have ?
I have $450 for a laptop for school and some gaming. I want to play BF3 on my laptop on whatever setting. But I also want to be able to play it smoothly. I don't know a lot when it comes to specs for a gaming laptop. I have picked the Asus - K-Series 15.6" Laptop what you guys think ? If you guys are going to suggest a laptop to me just remember that I only have $450 and no more then $500 to spend. Thank you for your...
that would be awesome !!!!
No overclocking, No unlock multiplier for my motherboard, keep that in mind. Due to factory PC I'm gong to be doing video editing, photo editing and, some gaming but not hardcore in any subject. What would be the best pick ? Don't really matter what CPU because they are both going for $45
thanks everyone for the help PunkX 1 Majorhi Adrenaline Schmuckley pow3rtr1p now its time to decide what board
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