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Yes, and the new K60 and K90 are fully mechanical now as well. I think they're called the K65 and K95
You could also wait for the Corsair K70. They also released MX Blue's at Computex. It should have everything you have: MX blues, it's backlit and has the number pad. You get all that, plus Corsair's awesome customer service EDIT: Oh, and I'm not entirely sure, but it'll probably have a USB hub as well. Might be your best choice
I would wait. Ducky had a fully backlit Zero keyboard at Computex that could be arriving soon. Since the original Zero's are around $90, I'm guessing the backlit one would be around the same price of the one you're buying and it'd be a real full size keyboard with proper arrows and delete buttons.
Yeah, size and also the number of PCI lanes and number of SATA ports. The mATX, being smaller, naturally has less space for those things. Also, having an mATX board allows you to get a smaller case which only fits mATX boards if you wanted to go that route
For one, the Maximus V is an mATX board instead of an ATX
It's like that intentionally; Nvidia cards down downclock when you use multiple monitors. Here's a HOW TO on how to fix that though, not 100% sure if it works since I haven't tried it myself, but it should help
I think he might be using Rainmeter? Not really sure though. Why don't you ask the poster of the picture, his OCN username is on the picture itself as well haha
Amazon has this monitor for $280 right now with free shipping. I hear it's a really good IPS monitor for it's price and it's usually around the same price as the ASUS PA248Q since it's also around the same performance range. Really thinking about picking one up for myself, maybe you would like to as well LINK
OMG I hope I win
For modular, I say anything 140mm and you will be safe. 150mm might be cutting it close and it will depend on how the connectors are positioned on the PSU. 160mm is definitely a no no and will not fit for sure. For non-modular, don't quote me on this, but I think full size PSU's should still be fine because all the cables will be coming out of the side closest to the front of the case which is not obscured by the card at all not unless you have some ridiculously long...
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