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Hi guys! I'm the owner of this club and first off I would like to apologize to everyone for my absence, I recently moved and was not able to find stable internet. everyone who asked to join the club has now been added, again I apologize for being gone for so long hopefully this club is still going strong Happy Holidays too all.
Welcome to the club! I'm really sorry I was late.
Just need to upload a picture of your motherboard and you're set
Back from vacation hope everyone had a good fourth! Quick reminder if anyone wants to join the club, the req are in the first post
Welcome the the club!
Welcome to the club guys! Took a bit longer than usual, had some family come over for the week.
Welcome to the club--I have no clue who she is :X found the image on tumblr a few months ago
Welcome to the club guys!
Welcome to the club!On a side note, I haven't really looked into the Haswell boards but this club shall always be open for discussion on the V series line up. I'm still very much enjoying my board and I hope you all are as well.
Don't forget guys, if you want to join the club you need to either post a picture of your motherboard with your CPU-z or write your username on a piece of paper and take a picture of it in front of your motherboard.
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