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Are you hitting thermal and/or TDP limits or are you getting driver crashes/instability above 1430?
There are no programs that let you advance the set point for the Strix above 1.2125. They may show they are moving, they may read voltage as higher, but the reality is, none of them are actually adjusting anything on your card.Grab a multi-meter, measure GPU voltage, you will find that it will be 1.28x at full 3d load no matter what increase voltage you set it to, stock or +67.Not even GPU Tweak allows actual increases in Strix voltage beyond what you get as the card is...
EVGA Classified, Matrix, KingpinOnly 3 worth buying imho
Again, what do you need a skynet bios for? Please provide what you want specifically. Almost everything is already available, just need to ask for it. Anyway, new personal best scores: Matrix Alone:|*|Result%20Details Matrix and Strix dancing together:|*|Result%20Details
1080p Claviger -- 3960X @ 4.9 --- Asus Matrix 980 + Asus Strix 980 SLI --- 1550/8400 ---153.3 --- 3862 Sadly, a few FPS short ofthe overall top 30, puts me at the top of the 980 2 card heap though:p Not going to get much higher unless I get some better ambient temps (28-30 lately).
While I do like my R4BE, I find it a bit dissapointing that hotwire can't be adjusted in windows instead of ok on the OC panel. Also dissapointed with the performance. My R4G was faster at the same setting using the same ram and same cpu. 4700 on R4G is equal to 4800 on R4BE, identical configurations In BIOS and same windows instal. Asus did such an incredible job optomizing the R4G it left nothing on the table in performance or OCing headroom.
For you SLI 980 guys is this in the right ballpark at least:|*|Result%20Details
So are these for sale or what? Interested in them all at once.
1500 isn't that low on the GPU, a lot of cards only get to the high 14xx area before requiring extra voltage. Many of the people who put full cover blocks on 980s are doing it for any number of the reasons below: A: Looks B: Silence C:Because sexy yo D:They are using increased Vcore on the GPU to push to high OCs and actually need the extra cooling. At 70c it isn't throttling you are correct, but it also isn't boosting to it's highest available bin. When I put my full...
Pics of my bitspower covered Matrix and Strix. Matrix block is huge! Temps at load are 5c delta over water temps. Strix backplate covers voltage points, Matrix leaves GPU and Mem points readable. Both fit flawlessly and flow well. Using the mayhem pastel white uv based on dragon ice fluid does work well, it purges bubbles better than pure water does and performs close enough to pure water that my sensors can't read a difference.
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