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As far as I know, no X79 board is RST capable. Your better off with a dedicated SSD for performance anyways. I own the Synapse, and to be honest, it is not very impressive. I have it caching for a 2x1TB RAID 0 array, and it actually massively bottlnecks the RAID array. The Chronos 120GB is under 120 bucks at newegg and its fast, great deal for an OS drive.
Temps seem right, you'll get a small improvement with most TIM over time, and they Loop won't really start to shine vs closed loop systems till you start cranking up speed/voltage where it will leave them behind
Indeed how are the temps now?! No need to flame/troll, everyone makes mistakes, and Loops are not simple slap it together and go systems.
The easiest to use program I have found to get every single sensor reading is HWINFO64
Stock temps should be pretty low, from a review I read that I cannot seem to find, they were getting 50c under load using the Intel branded closed loop system, so slightly above that makes sense for a good air cooler.
Also, What are your settings: Vcore at Load: PLL at load: VTT at load: LLC: VCCSA at load: BCLK: Multiplier: those will help in saying if 68c is within normal range I see 71c when reaaaally pushing (5.2ghz), and 64-68 or so around 5ghz, but that is normal for my voltage levels.
First off, don't use BF3 temps, BF3 uses drastically swinging and varied CPU loads from second to second, use Prime 95, IBT is garbage for testing SB-E, P95 is far harder to pass and doesn't put retarded useless stress levels on your CPU like IBT, something that intel engineers themselves say may cause CPU damage the first time it is started up! The RASA block needs a LOT of pressure to function optimally. Ignore the springs being all the way depressed, keep turning, ...
Another Happy customer: 5ghz - Check Fast RAM - Check Temps under 80c - Check Way too much Vcore - Check I'll see how long it lasts. Chip is stable up to 5.1 that I have verified so far. Check it out 1st place : - 32m - 1024m
As a BD owner who runs it at 4.8, 1.5v 24/7, I can tell you it absolutely will suck an amazing amount of juice when crunching a DC project. With dual 6870 and the 8150 I pull an amazing 840w off the wall according to my KW running IBT and Kombustor. Granted that is not a realistic load but still, it is high. The CPU alone in IBT pulls 580-610 it floats a bit. Gaming in BF3, duno leme look, 520w from the wall. It only takes about 40%-60% CPU load to feed the...
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