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Nope. The only way on a Strix is using the modify tool.
How did you come up with that number? The Supremacy EVO is a couple of degrees better in many tests, and the higher the heat load, the bigger the spread gets between the EVO and Raystorm.
Read about core parking and disable it, that will fix any possible performance issues associated with the speedstep. There is no reason to disable speed step unless you are shooting for the absolute limit, voltage and thermals be damned, that your chip will operate at. Hell, I leave SpeedStep and all C states enabled when I run my 3960 at 5ghz... If the CPU is slowing down while you are playing/watching something, it doesnt need the extra speed for the task, no big...
Your placement of components is toally viable and shouldn't have any issues I can see except requiring a 90 degree out of the pump to clear the PSU. With an MCP50X, that is a non issue for flow, especially in a cpu only single radiator setup. The 50X will push stupid amount of fluid around. I have 12 90s, 4 rads, 3 blocks, and I can still get a ton of flow out of my 50X, well over 1GPM. That case has a lot of space to use in it because of how wide it is. You could...
Swiftech looks like. Any cylinderical res with a male to male will achieve the same thing. The top is still the stock MCP50X top. Swiftech doesn't want people to remove the top of the MPC 50X pumps because of the little washers inside that could get lost/replaced wrong.
1.4175vcore is quite a thermal load and is going to get hot, no way around that, using that chip. It doesn't have to get that hot though! Is it getting to 90 quickly or is that the temp after say 30 minutes at full load? If it is jumping straight into the 80s when you apply a 100% load, look towards TIM/Block/Mount Pressure. Can I suggest first step - buy and use liquid ultra TIM or Indigo Extreme. They work very well and consitently produce 3-5c drops or better vs...
If you feel you must add something besides water and silver, water wetter is held in high regard in many industries.
How much space do you have for radiators? Looking at the case it doesn't look like much. Are you against using an external radiator with quick disconnects so you can easily connect/disconnect when it's time to move the case?
Yes you can, I use a seperate res, there is actually not an integrated top/res for the MCP50x yet. Barbs + clamps are mechanically the same holding method as a compression fitting. On both types the tube slides over a barb or center piece with a raised ridge, and then a object is used to hold the hose in place against the barb. From all the barbs I have used, Danger Den barbs have the best "bite" on the inside of the hose, compared to Bitspower, XSPC, Koolance.
GPU tweak will not reflect the change to voltage, nor will afterburner, or gpu-z. HWinfo will show changes. None of them are accurate, use the measuring points and a DMM on the back of the card.It is not locked at 1.2, but it is not the easiest thing in the work to adjust voltage, none of the usual programs work.
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