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The only crashes I have ever had were related to 2 corrupted .rpk files (errsysinvalidresource_5: Corrupt game data). I have rechecked each file md5 checksum with a tool and redownloaded 2 files. All issues were gone ever since.
I wonder how many people here actually have experienced this bug.
I love how everyone is bashing R* for this. Haters gonna hate.
I have launched non steam GTA V today and haven't noticed any bugs so far. Runs great.
Heroes of Might and Magic from III to VI. This is a turn based strategy so you don't need to hurry while playing. The Heroes of Might and Magic III with all addons is my favorite.
Bad news, GTA V comes with social club.
I am actually impressed that rock star servers have handled it and I was able to download everything in 5 hours.
Got the key from GMG. Downloading through social club. Speed could have been better. I get 10MB/s dl speed from steam usually, could have been worse though.
So you need to reinvent the wheel then.. You can take a look at how java collections api works: what kind of structures it offers, what kind of methods each structure has and then try to implement it in your way. Also, you can see the source code for each structure in the jdk to see all the details.
Looks like you are looking for java collections api. I have found a tutorial that I think will be helpful for you:
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