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These gpus can be clocked higher. Got my MSI 7850 power edition clocked @ 1300MHz on the core. Also, I don't really care about people having stock clocks. The only thing that I do not approve is buying expensive boards for overclocking, unlocked cpus and having expensive cooling just to run it at stock
60fps without microstuttering is good enough for me.
This is the fan setup that I currently have and it works good. You can have similar configuration and instead of the bottom mounted fan you can use a fan mounted on the side panel.
It definitely will not hurt. I assume that you have 2x120mm intake fans in the front and 200mm top and 140mm rear exhaust fans. You probably have a negative pressure in the case and additional fan will bring it to the positive side.
Touche, positive air pressure in the case = less dust. But also, less fans - less noise.
If you have a cutout in the motherboard tray in the cpu area (for easier heatsink installation), run those cables through there, between the motherboard and motherboard tray. You will be able to hide the cables behind the motherboard this way.If the airflow is already good enough, don't put another fan. Your PC will collect less dust.
It looks better now. One more thing that you can do to make it perfect, you can run the front USB and front audio cables under the motherboard instead of using that cutout, it will look much better.
Are you really able to tell the difference between 150 and 200 fps? 144fps target might be reasonable for 144Hz monitors, but everything above is useless imo. OP has a single GTX980 and it will do more than 150 fps in the BF4 only with lowered graphics settings.So at this point, if you don't care about wasting your money, then go for the 4790k. You will see improvements in the other games. If you need the money for something else, skip this upgrade. It will not give you...
OP, you will not see a difference in the BF4 from switching to the 4790k. As I understand, you have a single gpu setup. If this is the only reason for your upgrade, it is not worth it. BF4 runs great on the FX83xx cpus.
It will eventually get to the PC after 5 years and it will be a bad console port, just like the other games in the series.
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