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This is hilarious. I hope that there are many alternative endings in the game.
You should try Hitman series. I liked a lot Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution. I love sandbox style levels in hitman where you can find many alternative ways how to accomplish your goals, which adds to the replay value of these games.
It is a nice build, but this cpu needs overclocking and it means that it needs at least a decent cooler and a better motherboard which will raise the price. I think that the FX63xx would be better in this case because it is not as hot as the 8core and therefore can be overclocked higher and with less effort. Also the G3258 will be a good choice for gaming too and it will leave a path for cpu upgrade in long term perspective without changing the motherboard.
Thank you but I already have an overclocked amd cpu that heats my room pretty well when it's cold.
If I were you, I would get 8350 or 8320 and overclock it. You already have a decent motherboard and this upgrade will be cheap and you will see improvements in the performance. If you don't plan on getting high end multi gpu setup, I think that it is pretty obvious decision.
According to asus, this board has 1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 slot.
Companies lately:
When I see "Gaming" in a name of a product I just want to throw up. When I see this word combined with this logo, I want do do it even more.
I have 100Mbps connection and up to 400Mbps connection is available here for €29. I feel like I am in a stone age when I sometimes have to use 10Mbps connection.
I have been using Chrome on my laptop and haven't noticed any severe battery drain. With chrome open, my laptop manages to work for ~4 - 5h from battery which is normal. As for memory management, yeah, it could be better.
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