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Your temps look fine and it is strange that you have crashes at stock settings. It might be a bad PSU too. I would recommend to test your system with different PSU if you can.
Have you uninstalled old drivers properly?
I think that foliage looks very good in this game too and track textures are very good. They did a great job in creating the Nordschleife. The titles like Crysis/Crysis3 have amazing graphics and technology but they fail to create photorealistic feel. Sometimes you think that these games have better graphics than the real life You can watch this video side by side with the original one, I think this is amazing.
Assetto Corsa should be in the list.
Meh, I have already built an amd gpu/cpu powered oven. They should come up with something new.Not everyone can afford a smart home, so using this chip makes more sense. It makes this oven autonomous.I am more curious about possible pricing of this solution and will it run Crysis?
At this point it is wiser to get a 4690k or 4790k cpu depending on your budget. With Intel cpu you can get a quality 650W PSU instead of 850.
My r9 290 vapor-x hits 6.4GHz easily thanks to custom pcb and hynix memory chips. I haven't tried to find max stable memory clock yet, probably it will go even higher.I do think that there is a chance that 390x will get an architecture upgrade, there is no hard proof of it being a rebrand yet. Luckily, there is only one week left to wait and see.
Currently playing Dragon Age Inquisition and had no issues yet. I play 2-3 hour sessions. Also played GTA V with this OC.
My 290 VAPOR-X handles 1200MHz OC at 72C 63% fan speed. No throttling and this is in summer. In a jet mode (more than 70% fan speed) it can achieve even better temps though the noise is unbearable.
If you look at XFX page again, you will find correct 290X box. Looks like they added this picture there by mistake.
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