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Looking forward to test this tool when I get back home
I think that 30 euros for 5-10% boost in performance is that not much. You can overclock 290x too and gain more performance than with overclocked 290. Where I live 290x is much more expensive than 290 and it makes sense to buy 290 instead. Ether way, you can't go wrong with both options.
I think that 290/290x will be better in the long run as you want to keep it for 2 years. It has full 4 gigs of memory and runs better at higher resolutions than 970. Nvidia will release cards with new architecture next year and probably will ditch driver support for maxwell cards like it did with kepler. AMD on the other hand will rebrand 290 series and will support it for at least a year more. The r9 290 will have tier 3 dx12 support and 970 will have only tier 2 dx12...
Actually seems like a decent card from the review. Haven't heard about this particular model before.
Sapphire tri-x is the best one from 290s. Other listed cards can't match it.
MSI Afterburner works with my r9 290 vapor-x just fine. You can access the fan profile configuration in settings->fan tab. Also, 90C is too hot for this card. Can you compare the temps of the both cards? It might give an insight if there is a problem with the card's cooler. Edit: Sapphire Trixx also has this option
Your PC is turning off for a different reason (bad PSU, unstable overclocks, overheating and so on). As for the game crashes that do not cause pc shutdown, it may be a game bug or something related to your PC configuration. I had like 6 crashes one day in the online mode and the next day after the update not a single one. The game got more stable in the online mode and I haven't experienced any crashes for the last 2 weeks.
I see you need more crew members. Can you add me in to the group? My name in the social club is omenz_one.
I am glad that I haven't preordered this game. This is the first title in a while that runs so bad on AMD cards. Usually you get 20% performance hit tops with nvidia crapworks but this is just ridiculous.
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