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HTC - 3 letters, Half Life 3 confirmed.
I think that Half Life 4 will be released earlier than GTA V.
I'm in. Thank you.
What are you talking about? FC4 ran smooth like a butter on my HD7850 and my R9 290 performed decently in Dying Light too. Don't spread false facts.
My card was clocked at 1250MHz core and 1600MHz memory. RAM is 1866MHz CL9.
Got a new shiny Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X om3nz --- FX8320@4.9 --- R9 290 --- P15144
This notebook is so huge and heavy that my desktop can be considered as a portable computer too. Notebooks with screen size over 15" are impractical.
Wow, this case looks amazing. Looking forward for more updates on this build.
Yes, indeed. My bad. This card would put a strain on a 250W psu.
All of these cards consume no more than 75W of power. I think that this psu should handle it. As for the price, you can find the AGP HD3850 for 20-30 bucks on ebay.
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