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Have you read the description of this api? It has nothing to do with graphics. It can be used for something like an overclocking utility or a gpu control panel.
The Noctua nh-d15 is a decent air cooler and I think you can hit around 4,6GHz with it easily. It also provides plenty of room for memory if you use only one fan in the middle and second one in pull (I think that there will be loss in cooler performance if you configure it that way). If you will use one fan for push, then you will troubles with the most of the ram sticks with heatsinks. I think you should consider an option with the AIO water coolers. They provide a...
You can't go wrong with Asus Sabertooth. This is a great board for overclocking with a reasonable price. I would say that this is one of the best boards for the am3+ socket. As for the ram clearance, you can use low profile ram sticks with air coolers. Also, what kind of cpu cooler are you planning to use?
You should try prime95 or better IBT to really stress test the cpu. I had the same config like you fx8320 + ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 + Evo 212 and I couldn't reach more than 4.2Ghz with good temps. It is also possible that your cpu is throttling. Check your cpu clock when stress testing to find it out. If after all suggested tests you are stable, then you got a wonder chip.
I have my pc hooked up to a tv and I use a 360 gamepad. Feels like an xbox with better fps and graphics.
I had ridiculous stutters in fc4 on any graphics settings too, but after setting DisableLoadingMip to 1 in GamerProfile.xml, game was butter smooth. Anyway, I didn't like the game. It felt like a crappier version of FC3. They have put minimum effort in development of this game because it is FC3 with new textures and crappy story. Shame on you ubisoft.I was interested in The Crew before, but I have a feeling that it will be a flop too.
True men use a gun and a bucket to donate blood.
This is hilarious. I hope that there are many alternative endings in the game.
You should try Hitman series. I liked a lot Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution. I love sandbox style levels in hitman where you can find many alternative ways how to accomplish your goals, which adds to the replay value of these games.
It is a nice build, but this cpu needs overclocking and it means that it needs at least a decent cooler and a better motherboard which will raise the price. I think that the FX63xx would be better in this case because it is not as hot as the 8core and therefore can be overclocked higher and with less effort. Also the G3258 will be a good choice for gaming too and it will leave a path for cpu upgrade in long term perspective without changing the motherboard.
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