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I have 100Mbps connection and up to 400Mbps connection is available here for €29. I feel like I am in a stone age when I sometimes have to use 10Mbps connection.
I have been using Chrome on my laptop and haven't noticed any severe battery drain. With chrome open, my laptop manages to work for ~4 - 5h from battery which is normal. As for memory management, yeah, it could be better.
I was running a 212 that was left from a previous build with my FX8320 and I could overclock it to 4GHz with no problems. I think that 212 will be much better than what you have right now and it will cool your cpu at stock pretty well.
You can check your gpu usage and if it is close to 99% then you will not get any benefits from overclocking you cpu because your gpu is the limiting factor.
Congratulations! It is amazing how much you can achieve with such limited resources. I hope to see some other amazing builds from you in future.
I would grab R9 280x and CF it. It will get a more significant performance boost than going with a single R9 290x. Also, AMD's drivers got much better for multigpu setups.
290 is the best choice among the listed cards.
Wrapped up PSU looks very nice, this vinyl makes everything look so good.
I think it is Orwell Dev-C++
I suggest to start with C, then move on to C++ to get a concept of object oriented programming and how the objects are stored in the memory and only then move to Java or C#. Also, I recommend "SCJP Sun certified programmer for java 6" book if you want to learn java, it covers the core concepts very well and it is interesting to read. For developing simple console programs in c/c++ I can recommend Dev-C++ IDE, it is lightweight and simple.
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