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Count me in!
As a developer I am unhappy that mozilla still exists, so what?
I am hoping to see some tests for amd side.
Tried this out and it does not work that great. But at least they are taking first steps in the right direction.
It is easy to reflect or dissipate a laser beam and it is a big disadvantage of laser weapons. If you use laser as an anti aircraft/missile weapon, there are problems with "shooting" through the clouds. Lasers will be useless in the heavy rain, snow or mist. Basically, you need near perfect weather conditions for laser weapons to work.
Your temps look fine and it is strange that you have crashes at stock settings. It might be a bad PSU too. I would recommend to test your system with different PSU if you can.
Have you uninstalled old drivers properly?
I think that foliage looks very good in this game too and track textures are very good. They did a great job in creating the Nordschleife. The titles like Crysis/Crysis3 have amazing graphics and technology but they fail to create photorealistic feel. Sometimes you think that these games have better graphics than the real life You can watch this video side by side with the original one, I think this is amazing.
Assetto Corsa should be in the list.
Meh, I have already built an amd gpu/cpu powered oven. They should come up with something new.Not everyone can afford a smart home, so using this chip makes more sense. It makes this oven autonomous.I am more curious about possible pricing of this solution and will it run Crysis?
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