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I could not get acceptable temps with 212 when I went beyond 4.2GHz with my FX8320.
I think that if you go AMD way, it is better to get FX-8320 and overclock it. Having 8320@4.6GHz and R9 290 myself, I can run anything at ultra@1080p just fine. There are few games that utilize only 1-2 cores and GPU is bottlenecked by FX-8320. CPU overhead issue with AMD graphics drivers amplifies this effect in AMD CPU+GPU combo, however you still get acceptable performance in those games. Because of this, I think that the best combo would be Intel cpu + AMD gpu or AMD...
My vapor-x r9 290 runs just fine off a single cable with two 8pin connectors and I can overclock it too.
My R9 290 runs just fine. I have not installed Overdrive though.
So basically the problem is with running FL studio? I've had the same problem and switching to asio4all driver in FL studio solved it. I have an FX8320@4.6Ghz, everything worked fine when it was running @4.2GHz. Here is the guide. If you already did this and still experience performance issues, then overclocking might help but I wouldn't expect miracles.
There are so many cracked steam games, this won't stop anything. They just want to save some money on dvds .
Count me in!
As a developer I am unhappy that mozilla still exists, so what?
I am hoping to see some tests for amd side.
Tried this out and it does not work that great. But at least they are taking first steps in the right direction.
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