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It isn't that bad at all. Also, I like how the fan looks when the card is working.
A real upgrade would be getting a 4770k. Going from the 8350 to the 4670k is like a side grade. If you care about rendering something and other tasks that require more cores and game, then the 8350 would be a better choice. If you only do gaming, then get the 4670k.
I have had 3 dead/malfunctioning no-name PSUs before and they were powering not a powerful system at all. Luckily, they didn't damage my old pc and if they would damage it, I wouldn't care because it was old trash. Though, I could buy one somewhat ok PSU for the price of 3 no-names that would work just fine and save my self from headaches.Edit: cheap PSUs do not have over power, over voltage, over temperature, short-circuit protections as more expensive counterparts. In...
Grab a PSU and then a GPU. I do not recommend skimping on the PSU. Later on if you decide to upgrade your motherboard and ram you might want to consider getting a better cpu also. The reason why you would want to get a newer mobo is DDR3 memory, SATA3 6Gb/s for SSD and better overclocking abilities, there is still a potential in your cpu.
Count me in! Thanks
Advantages: need less space, more mosfet cooling. Disadvantages: lower cooling performance due to the smaller rad size. I would recommend such coolers only if you have a space limitations and can't fit a tower cooler or if you don't care about crazy overclocking and want to have something that is better than a stock cooler.
Sorry, I have mixed up the temps. It is 62C for cores and 72C for the socket. So basically you hit the 62C mark and your cpu starts to throttle. You can run prime95 for 6 hours only because cpu throttles and doesn't run at 5GHz. Try to monitor cpu clock in the CPU-Z when running prime, you will probably see the clock drop.
I think that this voltage (1.42v) is too low for a 5GHz. If you run prime95, you probably will see that your cpu is not stable. Also, you get lower score with higher cpu frequency probably because of the throttling. Try to monitor you cpu clock in the CPU-Z and core/socket temps in hwmonitor when running prime95 or benchmarks to see if throttling is kicking in. For cpu socket temps, there is 62C limit and core temps there is 72C limit.
I agree with you. The examples above in python look plain and simple.
I would like to add that this is doable in java too. You can use apache commons httpclient java library for this.
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