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eDP -> control -> 60Hz 4K? Not MST.Nvidia shows 4K surround @ 60hz/60fps. Game is just Assassin's creed not the Crysis. But there is space and possibility for set up like that.
perhaps this... 12.1-inch 4K2K TFT LCD
The problem is you can't get both!
I`m not sure. Why not? It is for my Qnix, samsung PLS panel.But the think is low lag.Cheap korean monitors have Multi version vga, DVI, displayport, HDMI 1.4 and skipping frames. 120Hz dont work that way.
2560 x 1440/1600 @ 120Hz only displayport That will needed.
679,90 €. Local pixmania.
This + AMD eyefinity 5x1P
MST HUB is in stock mostly in german web stores (100€). U can connect two or even three screen one hub. Not sure how many iPad screens.
Subbed. Great work
dream of something
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