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Blue screens happen when overclocking, just means it isn't stable. You may find that it still isn't stable at 1.25 when you start stress testing.
check the page file, for 64g it will take up a lot automatically. for my 16gigs of ram it allocated ~20gigs
the same plug you use for your power supply
For a bit more I would suggest the crossover. I own both a crossover and a catleap and the build quality of the crossover is just amazing. The catleap wobbles so much. One thing the catleap has over the cross is the plugs are on the side of the back of the monitor, so they are easier to access, but every monitor I have had has been on the bottom, so if you are used to it it isnt that bit of a negative. I am actually planning on selling my catleap and picking up a second...
I did not use the promo, it was just listed at 309.99 when I ordered. Filled mine out so we will see. I bought 2x3770K but only got 1 rebate so oh well. Only got the confirmation email so far @7:30 AM PST
Weird, I bought my 3770k this morning from TD @ 309.99. That rebate should still work right?
That sale also starts on monday, so be careful if you are going to try and get those prices tomorrow.
Not to rain on your parade, but sorry:
I think its a little early to jump to conclusions like that. Maybe the 22nm process does not benefit from solder vs paste, we just dont know yet. What if IB-E uses paste?
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