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Hello, I got one of these when they first came out to use in a DAW in my studio. Absolutely no problems and solid performance. I'm not OC'ing this one, although you can. I so far have not had any problems or surprises with it and would recommend it, especially if the price is right. The BIOS GUI is a bit clunky as some others have posted but it does everything I need it to do. LC
I also use Creative's E-MU 1212M and 1616M cards but seems for some reason they stopped making them. There are some alternatives like the Hammerfall cards but they cost much more than you want to spend. Here's one that will get the job done for half of what you are looking to spend. It will get you 24 bit/192kHz which is more than needed for a great...
I had the same problem with the stealth cover getting stuck on retraction. Here's what I do to avoid the problem. Pull down and hold the flap open when you need to close the drive, the heel of the flap will push the close button, the tray will retract, you can then release the flap. This works great for me!
I just yanked mine out with a small screwdriver and pliers. They snap in and out very easily.
Have you tried just calling them? I had a problem with a broken top fan louver latch, so I emailed them a video showing the problem. Never did get a response, so I got aggravated and called. Talked to a very nice gentleman, explained my problem, he asked for my address and sent me 2 latches although I only needed 1. They arrived in 2 days. All fixed!
See my previous post:
Yep...You need to plug in the SATA cable, It's what carries power to the I/O LED lights.Here's what I did with my DVD drive.
Here ya go..., I like these better...
Ahh... thanks for clearing that up. The SW810 search worked great.
Hmm....The description says White, or am I missing something. Also, if you do a search for Switch 810, the only ones that come up are the original White and Black.
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