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Most people use RST12 with X79 AFAIK which is unified RST and RSTe
Who uses RSTe for X79 this time anyway ? Go for RST 12.5 ; )
I think ill reverse the rear fan and ill going to buy modded side panel with a place for 120mm on the window or ill mod it myselfe. This should create positive pressure . EDIT: I wonder if this is true for watercooling too : . Do You think reversing CPU RAD fans to intake will be good idea? It will blow the heat form the rad inside , so i dont...
I think im gonna try it. Anyway if i do it than the hot air will blow on VRM section of the mobo (or maybe it wont be so hot ?).
Wont the rad dump hot air in the case resulting in higher temps ? Or is it the only way to go ? I really want the best airflow i can get from this case I wonder if i recofnigure top fans to push into the case through rad that GTX 680 sli will be hot and well, it would blow directly into the VRM block ( which can be good ).
Well, I know thati need to replace the 140mm noctua in the lower right corner to something with higher static pressure as there are really poorly optimized holes to push air through , i am actually thinking of drilling some more holes there. I know that i need to add 120mm fan under that noctua that needs to be replaced. I would like to know if its done right etc as i do not have any eexp with this case nor with any other corsair case. Any suggestions are welcome as i want...
Hello guys, I just completed (almost) a build for my friend but i read that in corsair 800D You need to create positive pressure to have optimal airflow. So , i ve attached a photo of the actual setup. I would really liek to get some advices from You.
I got here by a complete accident but this thread is hilarious ! XD
Ye he did touch by accident everything behind the socket and ram . And that beeping sound follo0wing by a lock of a PC was wierd and i ve never encoutnered this.
Hello, I ve jsut recently assembled RIVE cooling block in addition to my XSPC D5 RX360. I have 2 questions. First when i boted the pc and ran occt to test it the pc speaker started to make rapid short beeps and debug led showed 02 which means S2 sleep state according to the manual. After when i boot the pc this problem didnt manifest itself still. Anyone has idea what could that be ? I have a thermal diode under mosfet heatsing and beetween 2 mosfests and it doesnt...
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