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nThere are some Korean 60Hz models at 1440p that can be ran at a higher refresh rate than the stock 60hz. Might want to look into those. Can't give you an exact model number. Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable will answer your OP.Other than that though, there are no brand name monitors that can run 3d at 120hz.
i played this game when it was only in Russian. it was fun, but had to remove cuz of some virus that the strange Russian game client gave me lol. lokin forward to playing this game in when it comes to open beta (hopefully)
Is there any known way to leave dx11 features on and fix microslutter? On my sig rig - no matter my fps - i always get microslutter that makes the game feel like it is playing at 5 fps. I've had the game since its been out, but i can't play it because of the horrible microslutter.
hells no
damn really hoping my 7970 crossfire and 3770k can max this at 1440p. what do u guys think?
Would love to have this game, unfortunately can't buy it right now, soo.. IM IN
So i hav a crucial m4 256 GB currently. I have ordered another of the exact same ssd. And i would like to use them in Raid 0. The problem is my current m4 has 166 out of 266 GB already used. In a perfect world i'd just be able to plug the other ssd into my SATA 6 GB port and they would run in raid 0. I don't think this is the case though, right? So my questions: Do i have to backup and erase my current m4, before adding the other ssd to my computer (and putting them in...
thats normal for a 680 i'd say
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