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+however many people have already upvoted aospx.I go back and forth between Oxygen 2.3.2 and aospx (new AR coming out tomorrow, hopefully).As for the instructions, you'll need to have Clockworkmod Recovery flashed to your phone. It's also a good idea to make a nandroid backup of the phone, before you flash a different rom.Enter recovery, select "Wipe data/factory reset" from the main menu. For good mesure, I always wipe the cache partition also, as well as clearing dalvik... to 2:57
Its a random house remix of the Battlefield theme. Let me do some digging for an exact match Edit: This one
The file you were looking for could not be found: The file expired because it was not downloaded for 60 days The file was deleted by its owner There was a server Error (highly unlikely) The file was removed by LimeLinx because it infringed our Terms of Service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
Video made me lol. I had to keep watching after he proclaimed himself as a "hardcore gamer" because he "grew up on Halo".
I bought mine this morning, and have had a few hours to play it, as well. For the most part, I agree with most of Paradox me's conclusions. I preordered and picked up SSFIV3D, along with the 3DS, and the 3D characters look amazing. I've noticed that when in 3D mode, everything looks crisper (probably as a result of the combined resolution of the top screen); with 3D off, the images on the top screen look kind of blurry. Like most reviews have said, the backgrounds aren't...
I bought a used Wii a while ago. Thinking I would get so much use out of it, so far it's served it's purpose. I use it mainly for Epic Mickey, SSBB, and emulators, but it's used mostly by the family for Netflix (which is used a lot). With even used Wii's being about $110, I'd say they're worth it.
I haven't used Firefox since v. 3.5. Have they added an option for "always open new tabs last"? Is there an addon that will do this?
I already bought mine, just waiting for release day. The battery life doesn't worry me, at all because: I will probably rarely ever take it anywhere; it's bound to be a few weeks, at most, before someone releases a higher capacity, drop-in aftermarket battery.
I like it.
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