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Yes to all those questions. But one thing. How can an incorrect installment of a a cpu cooler cause random shutoffs and randomly prevent turn-ons?
Hey guys, I had a question about something that's happening quite often. I'm just about finished with a new computer build, but I'm having an issue. Most of the time, when I press the power button on my case, the computer will start up fine. Sometimes, it will randomly stop and turn off. Sometimes, when I press the same power button, the led on my fans will flash on then flash off almost immediately. Sometimes, the pressing of the power button doesn't cause any reaction....
Ok, sounds good xD
So that doesn't mean that my board is necessarily problematic? It is normal that it does not turn on without a processor or graphics card?
Hey guys! I just got my AsRock Extreme3 Gen3 today from Newegg. Now, I have never done this before, but I decided to see if I could power up my PC without a graphics card or processor installed (I just wanted to see if my computer components would work through the motherboard, such as my power LED's that I recently replaced). I am waiting for my processor and graphics card, but I am getting worried. Before installing my motherboard, I have tested all my components using...
Hey guys, I've made a new build with this motherboard. I've never done this before, but this is what I did: while waiting for my other components to arrive, I decided that I would install the motherboard into my case along with the psu, fan controller, fans, and dvd player. I have tested all my components using the paper clip trick to make sure that everything was functional. However, when I connected the 24-pin along with the 8-pin to my motherboard and powered up,...
Ok great! Thanks guys!
44 degrees
Sweet thanks! Also, do you think I can oc my 2500k to about 4.8- 5.0 ghz on my phanteks cooler?
1) Do you prefer to build your own PC’s or buy a branded system? a) Prefer to build my own 2) How often do you replace or upgrade your PC? b) 12 – 18 months 3) How important do you feel an SSD is to system performance? a) Extremely important
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