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XFX Fury X is $400 again on Newegg. They were running a deal where if you paid with Paypal you got $25 more off, not sure if they're still doing that but it would be $375 if they are.
Got my waterblock installed on my Fury X today. Gotta love the look of the EK blocks and that sweet GPU die with HBM. [[SPOILER]] Idle temp is ~25C (room temp ~24C), max load temp so far is 31C. I'm looking into a modded vBIOS and hoping to get it OCd soon.
Newegg has the XFX Fury X for $400 now. I ordered mine last month with the $20 rebate but they gave me $60 Newegg credit after chatting with them. Might be worth a shot if you purchased recently.
I ordered one of these on the 30th with the $20 rebate. Seemed like a good match for my new 3440x1440 monitor. Got an EK block on the way as well. Does anyone use one of the EK backplates on their Fury X? They've got a gold one that is ~$50 shipped that would look great in my build.
I always do a full read, full zero, full read with the manufacturer software or WD Lifeguard if they don't have one. I started doing that about 5 years ago when I used unRAID and it's been a very reliable way to pick out bad drives. You can also/alternately use software like Stablebit Scanner to actively watch the drives SMART and filesystem health.
Sorry for the delay, I forgot I had this posted... I just put your post numbers into Congrats to Lime.
I have no idea. I'm not familiar at all with Cisco hardware, if you can tell me how or point me to a reference on how to check I will do my best.
Pulled from a working environment. Might need to be reset, I'm not 100% how do that on the Cisco. Both work great. The Cisco has a 64GB mSATA installed in it from the factory which is pictured. Comes with power adapter. The Dell X1018 is the 16 port model, has two fiber ports on it too. Comes with power cable. $250 shipped for the Cisco OBO $130 shipped for the Dell OBO
Nope it is Vita only. Sony loves them some proprietary memory cards.
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