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I'm in! Thanks!
Do you have a custom fan curve set up for the GPU? It might not be spinning the fans very fast. If you aren't OCd you might be able to drop the voltage for the card a bit as well which will reduce temperatures. You could also try repasting the card to see if you could get the temp to drop, I would assume you'd see a few degrees at load MSI's pasting jobs are pretty awful in my experience.Otherwise you're going to need more airflow as that looks like a fairly restricted...
Alright, winners have been drawn congratulations to: #38 - kckyle #12 - diggidi #44 - ShortySmalls #05 - HybridCore #66 - Kinaesthetic #68 - paulc87 Winners, expect a PM soon. Best of luck to everyone next time I give some more of these away, I've already got 3 more.
Been buying a lot of SSDs at work and they all come with one of these vouchers for Acronis True Image HD 2014. Just post on here and I'll pick 6 winners using Entries received after 11:59:59 PM PST 1/21/15 won't be counted, I'll post/PM the winners on the 22nd.
In, thanks!
Got to clean up and troubleshoot a friends build in the newish Silverstone DS380. Got it all working and cleaned all the cabling up, figured I'd post a couple pictures. [[SPOILER]]
Has anyone confirmed that it is actually allowing more than 1.212V and not just saying its more? Why would Linux be able to run higher voltages that previously required a hard mod?
According to this video it's for maximum stability on the GPUs if you have multiple and are overclocking. If you aren't noticing any performance problems or you aren't OCing heavily I wouldn't worry about it.
Have you tested the card in another system to make sure it is OK? I wouldn't think you got 3 bad GPUs in a row but it might be possible.
Checking the card in another PC seems like the best plan. If it works then it might be possible it isn't being seated in your Mpower correctly. Is the little locking clip on the motherboard locking the card into the slot correctly? I've seen a few times where the card is just a tiny bit off and PC won't see it. What happens if you boot up with the HDMI on the mobo and switch to the GPU? Is Windows seeing the GPU in device manager?
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