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So I have a stylus on the way for this, should be here next Wednesday. It's going on eBay soon as well if I don't get any interest on here.
I bought this EVGA 1300W power supply new November 25th of last year. It was used for a few months in a build I had running 3 7970s and an 8350. It is like new, ~5 months of moderate (800-900W) usage on the clock. All original stuff included in the retail box. Looking for $125 Paypal, shipped US48. PM me any questions.
I bought this ASRock Z87E-ITX motherboard July 9th of this year. Originally bought it for a portable build but it is getting parted out and I don't have as use for it now. It only has a handful of hours on it and it was only run with a Pentium G3258 @ 4.3 GHz. Great board with all the original stuff included. Looking for $90 Paypal, shipped US48. PM me any questions.
Last bump. Off to eBay tomorrow.
Looking to sell this like new Seagate Slim SSHD. It’s the 500GB model with 8GB of built in SSD cache. Came new in my laptop and I switched over to an SSD so I don't need it. S.M.A.R.T. data is clean as you can see in the CrystalDiskInfo picture, it has been zeroed out and it ready to go. Only 10 hours of on time. Looking for $45 Paypal, shipped. PM me any questions.
Major price drop. Let's get this gone.
One of the 8350s is sold.
All PMs replied to yesterday. Prices dropped as well. Offers are welcome, worst I can say is no thanks.
I'm looking to get rid of my Surface Pro 2 today. I got it new in box in May and it is still under warranty until May 25th, 2015 (as pictured). I've got a Type Cover, two chargers and a mini displayport to HDMI adapter. It in great condition, the screen is flawless and the only scratches that are really noticeable are on the side (picture 6) and the charging port (picture 7). There is light scratching on the back but it is hard to see and hasn't gone through the...
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