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3770S pending sale.
Got the i5 out an iMac with a dead logic board, purchased the i7 for a project but ended up going another direction. Both work great, price is shipped USPS First Class. 3770S: SOLD 3330S:
XFX Fury X is $400 again on Newegg. They were running a deal where if you paid with Paypal you got $25 more off, not sure if they're still doing that but it would be $375 if they are.
Got my waterblock installed on my Fury X today. Gotta love the look of the EK blocks and that sweet GPU die with HBM. [[SPOILER]] Idle temp is ~25C (room temp ~24C), max load temp so far is 31C. I'm looking into a modded vBIOS and hoping to get it OCd soon.
Newegg has the XFX Fury X for $400 now. I ordered mine last month with the $20 rebate but they gave me $60 Newegg credit after chatting with them. Might be worth a shot if you purchased recently.
I ordered one of these on the 30th with the $20 rebate. Seemed like a good match for my new 3440x1440 monitor. Got an EK block on the way as well. Does anyone use one of the EK backplates on their Fury X? They've got a gold one that is ~$50 shipped that would look great in my build.
I always do a full read, full zero, full read with the manufacturer software or WD Lifeguard if they don't have one. I started doing that about 5 years ago when I used unRAID and it's been a very reliable way to pick out bad drives. You can also/alternately use software like Stablebit Scanner to actively watch the drives SMART and filesystem health.
Sorry for the delay, I forgot I had this posted... I just put your post numbers into Congrats to Lime.
I have no idea. I'm not familiar at all with Cisco hardware, if you can tell me how or point me to a reference on how to check I will do my best.
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