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Sure, if you need help tracking anything down let me know. You'd probably be better off getting the drives from Intel/Realtek anyways, the MSI ones are pretty old.
You could try the Windows 8.1 drivers or you could go to newer drives from the manufacturers. IE, Intel for the chipset, Realtek for audio, etc.I would think 10 would have a lot of if not all the base drives and you'd maybe only need GPU drivers.
It should be fine, that is only a 10W increase and your VRM temps are good. Your card has two 8 pin connectors? If so thats 375W "max" so you should be totally safe.
I'm back with 10 Acronis True Image HD 2014 vouchers. Just post on here and I'll pick 10 winners using Entries received after 11:59:59 PM PST August 5th won't be counted, I'll post/PM the winners on the 6th. Rules: Must have an account made before this was posted. Can't be a winner from the previous contests. Submit any response to this thread once, do not post multiple replies or you're disqualified.
Yeah that's about what I was thinking. Probably $100+shipping if I decide to get rid of the U2410. Thanks!
As the title says, looking to sell my monitors and I have a rough price in mind but wanted some more opinions. U3011 - Next Business Day warranty until 3/21/2017 U2410 - out of warranty, power LED doesn't work Neither has any dead pixels or problems besides the one LED, comes with Dell stands. No cosmetic damage. Thanks.
I run mine at 1345/1950, so +400MHz on the vRAM. The catch with GPU memory, from what I understand, is that it will eventually become unstable but won't crash due to ECC features in the RAM, so you can OC it really far but it more than likely isn't actually stable. The only way to check is to run benches at different RAM speeds and watch for the drop in performance at a higher clock.
It certainly won't hurt as the factory thermal paste application is usually not the best. I would think you would be at least a couple C cooler minimum but if the application is really bad or it is dried up you could see 10C+ drops. I'd recommend Prolimatech PK-3 if you do choose to repaste.
I've been using unRAID as my home server OS for a few years now but I'm moving to a different set up now with multiple servers. For sale today is an 8GB Patriot flash drive with an unRAID Pro key registered to it (the keys only work on registered flash drives). I'm looking for $50 Paypal, shipped US48. The cheapest key from LimeTech is $59 and it only gets you 6 disks while the pro key allows for up to 25. PM me any questions. Thanks! Please see...
I think they're made to fit 120MM fans but they are soft plastic so you could easily drill a couple more holes in them.
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