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Put the 8GB sticks in slots 2 and 4 and the 4GB sticks in slots 1 and 3. Always put the larger sticks in the primary slots listed for the board.
Project 1: Paint the IO brackets and hard drive trays. First I attached all the brackest and trays to cardboard sheets using pins. This is the best way I've found to move stuff around after it's painted. Here they are, freshly painted and looking pretty good. I flipped them over the next day and sprayed the other side. Finished drying and reinstalled. They look good, I will get some higher res pictures soon, sorry for the cruddy phone pics.
DESCRIPTION Hi everyone, first off thanks for checking this build log out I hope you enjoy it. I’m building a new server to house my files and run some VMs for me. It’s built in a Fractal Design R5 Titanium case and (probably) powered with a Seasonic Fanless PSU. It has a Z87 motherboard and a 4790K which may or may not be overclocked/delidded, it depends on the cooling. I’m starting with 16GB of RAM and 3 RAID arrays with plans to expand in the future. There will...
I'm not sure, it came with a 7 year warranty from Seasonic. I can contact the person I bought it from and see if they can get the invoice for it.
Hello, I purchased this on here September 22, 2012. I've used it off and on several time over the last few years but it is super overkill for my latest build and it is time for it to move on. I've got the original box and accessories and all the cables are included. It is a great power supply and is completely silent, no coil whine or fan noise. It has the hybrid fan switch as well which keeps the fan off under a certain load so that is pretty cool too. If you want any...
Might try RMAing and getting another unit and see if it is quiet. I think I'll try my luck when the time comes and see if I get quiet one. Have you tried running the PSU on its own? Like with a paperclip so just the PSU is on, nothing else.
I've never heard that. My Z77 Mpower is fine on 8.1 and my buddy has an MSI Z68 with 8.1 and he doesn't have any problems.
You might try leaving it on for a few days. Not sure if that will help but I've seen people claim it helps with GPUs and I seem to remember the same with PSUs (but I could be making that up ). I was just looking at these for a silent server build I'm working on and it's disappointing to hear yours is loud.
If you meant the thing under the controller it looks like it might be this.
They are. Although I would prefer to flatten the Intel box (everything still included ) so that it would all fit in a slightly smaller box.
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