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Thanks! It only took like like 12 coats of paint followed by sanding to get it completely flat but who's counting?
Project 6: Front Panel Delete Just wrapped up with this today. I've been working at it for the last couple of weeks to try and make sure it came out perfect. This server will be on 24/7, 365. Generally when I've built servers like this in the past I just bundle up the front panel connectors I don't use (USB, Firewire, 3.5MM, etc) and just stuff them in the case. This time around I decided to get rid of them completely by filling them in with Bondo's plastic bumper repair...
I've got another update ready for tomorrow and I think you guys are really going to like it.With the new fans my CPU fan is now the loudest, I'll be switching it out soon I hope. I have got my data moved over to my second server and these five drives are currently being tested and erased so that I can make sure they are good and see what the temps are like. If everything goes smoothly I'll hook up the two new boot SSDs and get the OS installed soon.Thank you!
Project 5: Case Fans I ordered 3 new case fans as pictured to keep the hard drives cool. I'm still working on what the CPU cooling is going to be but I should be installing the OS on this very soon. I got two Noctua NF-A14s for the front intakes and a Noctua NF-F12 for the interior HDD cage, it will be installed between the two lower cages to make sure the drives further in are fully cooled. The 120MM fan sat a little to low so I took a rubber pad I had laying...
I've got my trusty Nexus 4 for sale today. I'm the original and only owner and it was purchased in May of 2013. It has been a great phone but I got a really good deal on a new one about a month ago, so it is time to send this on to its next owner. This was purchased directly from Google and used on T-mobile its entire life. There are some small but unnoticable scratches on the front screen and a handful on the back as well. I kept a Dbrand vinyl cover on the back for ~1.5...
No. The button is just below the USB 2.0 ports with the IO ports on the motherboard.
I'll keep that in mind if I can't find anyone else. Ah, gotcha. Yeah that's not what I'm looking for but thank you for the offer.
From a quick Google search it looks like the Arc Mini R2 uses the old style drive trays that restrict airflow more. techPowerUp! has some pictures of what the R5 trays look like. If yours look the same please let me know.edit: Wrong URL
Hi guys, I'm doing a new server build in the Fractal R5 and I'm looking for another 3 drive HDD cage with trays. If anyone has one they aren't using please let me know, I've got a classified up here. Thank you!
I'm looking for another 3 Drive hard drive cage out of a Fractal Design R5. I need to fit 11 drives in my R5 for a build I'm doing and Fractal doesn't offer the case on their spare parts website. I'll need 3 trays along with the black cage but I don't care about the tray colors as they'll be repainted. PM if you have one and we can work out a deal, I'm thinking ~$25 would be fair. Thanks!
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