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Hey question for you guys that know more than me. I just got a C2100 and I'm trying to figure out how to hook all my drives up and which controller(s) to use. The server came with an H700 hooked up to the 12 front 3.5" bays (using two SAS cables). I want to have the following setup: 2x 120GB SSD (RAID 1) Boot 2x 500GB SSD (Mirror) VM1 8x 5TB Toshibas + 4x 256GB SSDs (Tiered Storage) Storage and VM2 [+4x 5TB Toshibas at a later date] OS will be Server 2012 R2...
I got this Intel Core i7 3770S out of a Dell AIO that had a bad motherboard a customer opted not to repair. It works great, I had planned to use it in my backup server but ended up with an i3 out of another Gateway AIO that had a dead motherboard. I'm only running Stablebit on the server so there really isn't much use for the extra speed this chip provides. Looking for $150 OBO plus shipping, $5 for just the chip or $10 with a generic Intel heatsink. I can ship globally...
Yes, that's normal. Windows built in RAID is very slow.With Server 2012 you want to put them in either a parity (raid 5) or mirrored (raid 1) storage pool. The GUI for storage spaces is in Server Manager > File and Storage Services > Volumes > Storage Pools.
Got a dead HP DV7 from work with a busted LCD mount and a smashed up casing. I pulled a dead 12" Chromebook apart and glued some standoffs in to hold the motherboard and hard drive and ended up with this. Specs aren't too bad: 6GB RAM, i5 460M@2.56 and a dedicated AMD Mobile GPU, just need to pick up an SSD for it now. Thinking this will be my new TV gaming setup.
And the winners are: #19 - darkangel921 #9 - baker18 #3 - KorgothOfBarbaria #34 - highoctane #5 - StormX2 #18 - s1rrah #30 - b.walker36 #25 - 1Scotty1 #6 - PR-Imagery #35 - Zonengorg Expect a PM soon if you're a winner.
This is now closed. I will post winners and PM everyone their key later today.
I won't be adding a new GPU for a while, maybe the Fury 2 or something but nothing this generation. I've got a 980M in my laptop with Gsync so whenever I get a new GPU I'll be getting a new Freesync/Gsync monitor for the desktop which means it's going to be extra expensive.
Yeah I was thinking $300 for just the mobo/CPU/RAM and block. I'm still trying to decide if I should hang onto it and just put a new card in it next year or get rid of it. The 3770K is still pretty competitive from what I've seen. Thanks to both of you for the help. +REP
Here I am again, with 10 Acronis True Image HD 2014 vouchers. Just post on here and I'll pick 10 winners using Entries received after 11:59:59 PM PST November 4th won't be counted, I'll post/PM the winners on the 5th. I will post a timestamp when I get home. Rules: Must have an account made before this was posted. Can't be a winner from the previous three contests. Submit any response to this thread once, do not post multiple replies or you're disqualified.
Hey guys, I'm looking to downsize and hopefully sell off this whole rig without parting out. The parts are: Delidded Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.7GHz MSI Mpower Z77 Motherboard 16GB (2x8) G.Skill 2133MHz RAM Silverstone 1000W Platinum PSU Silvestone Windowed Black Fortress FT02 Case Lamptron FC5 fan controller The watercooling loop: 3 x 180MM Radiator, copper 35MM thick D5 pump 5.25" Reservoir Quick disconnects installed for GPU and CPU Direct die mount EK nickel...
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