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Just spray paint them, that's what I did.
Ok sorry for the delay, here are the 5 winners! Congrats to: #07 - wevsspot #39 - jessiel8813 #16 - Datsun #06 - thwl #30 - essanbee PMs incoming!
Closed, will be announcing/PMing the winner tonight.
Is that with a multimeter, cause I did not. I've always just set it in software, how hard is it to read the voltage with a multimeter? I don't want to void my warranty or take the block off.
I ran Heaven, how is this score? Also is there a reason it only used 90% of my power target?Thanks, I saw it on Reddit the other day and thought it was hilarious.Are you running 1.212V? The 780 Ti SC doesn't go above that without volt modding, increasing power target could help but only if it is already hitting the max.
I'll gladly swap you mine for both of yours, I'll even throw in my waterblock. It's been rock solid for over a year, no artifacts or anything. My temps are really low though, average idle is ~25C and load I see 32-36C most of the time.I've got whichever Skynet BIOS was out when I got the card last year in April. I honestly haven't messed with it since I got it, is there a better BIOS I should be using? I don't really benchmark much but that score was on a fresh Windows 8.1...
I run 1345 core, 1950 memory @ 1.162V on my EVGA SC, power target set at 120%. Just ran Firestrike and max power target was 104.3%.
Hey guys, I'm back with 5 more vouchers for Acronis True Image HD 2014. Just post on here and I'll pick 5 winners using Entries received after 11:59:59 PM PST 4/19/15 won't be counted, I'll post/PM the winners on the 20th. Rules: Must have an account made before this was posted. Can't be a winner from the previous contests. Submit any response to this thread once, do not post multiple replies or you're disqualified.
Thanks for the offer but that's too far above my price range.
SOLD to the man in front with a flashing avatar!
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