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I've been using unRAID as my home server OS for a few years now but I'm moving to a different set up now with multiple servers. For sale today is an 8GB Patriot flash drive with an unRAID Pro key registered to it (the keys only work on registered flash drives). I'm looking for $55 Paypal, shipped US48. The cheapest key from LimeTech is $59 and it only gets you 6 disks while the pro key allows for up to 25. PM me any questions. Thanks! Please see...
I think they're made to fit 120MM fans but they are soft plastic so you could easily drill a couple more holes in them.
What CPU are you running? What CPU load are you getting? If you increase the GPU clock and the framerate doesn't change it must be something else. Does the video card load percent change when you OC?edit: I don't have the Witcher 3 so I can't comment on performance but I found this:
I needed a place to put my Wii sensor bar so I hacked up a 3M rubber pad and stuck it to the top of my speaker. The pieces on the side are only one thick while the three holding the sensor in place are double thick. It works great. [[SPOILER]] Pretty sure his Titan Xs have a blower style fan that exhausts out the rear so the fan is fine like that.
I'm pretty sure it does. I had a Revodrive for a bit running on an MSI Z68 board I had and never had any problems. I can't think of a reason why the Mpower wouldn't support it.
More updates to come soon. Once my file copy is finished I'll be sleeving and rewiring, hopefully it will be done by Monday! Expect updates for the sleeving, OS setup and some other miscellaneous stuff.
Oh nice! I guess worse case scenario you can just back the clock off to 1866 on the Platinums if the 2500K doesn't like 'em. Congrats on the awesome RAM!
Ah man, that sucks. I really like the look of the Dominator Platinum but it's so expensive. Your sig says you've got 8GB @ 1600 right now, why not just add another stick or two instead of (I assume) replacing it with the Platinum?
I would think so. As long as the 2500K will support it the board will run it. I run this RAM with my 3770K.
I don't need SATA 6, its just going to be mechanical drives for the time being. I've got 6 SSDs installed but they are all hooked up to the motherboard SATA ports which is why the HDDs were on the SAS card. I've been reading a bit today and saw that the LSI SAS9211-8i (~$100) can be flashed to IT mode where the RAID functionality is removed and it allows for up to 256 drives to be connected using an expander. I think I might just go with that for cheapness and use parity...
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