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Sorry for the delay, I forgot I had this posted... I just put your post numbers into Congrats to Lime.
I have no idea. I'm not familiar at all with Cisco hardware, if you can tell me how or point me to a reference on how to check I will do my best.
Pulled from a working environment. Might need to be reset, I'm not 100% how do that on the Cisco. Both work great. The Cisco has a 64GB mSATA installed in it from the factory which is pictured. Comes with power adapter. The Dell X1018 is the 16 port model, has two fiber ports on it too. Comes with power cable. $250 shipped for the Cisco OBO $130 shipped for the Dell OBO
Nope it is Vita only. Sony loves them some proprietary memory cards.
I bought a 64GB card so I don't need my 8GB anymore. I will pay a few bucks for shipping but if someone international wants it we can work out something. It's been freshly formatted and worked great for the couple weeks I used it. I'll leave this up for a few days and see if there is any interest.
Yes I have it registed under my account. Not sure if they can be transferred out but if not I can assist with an RMA. It was purchased 03/05/2014 so it is still within warranty for another year (03/05/2017).
GPU is sold, just the block left. It is the EK-FC780 GTX Ti, in like new condition. Temps were amazing when I had used it, GPU core ~36C at load. Specs: Up for sale is an EVGA 780 Ti Superclocked, it's my buddies card but I am the original buyer. It is an awesome clocking 780Ti, I ran it at 1345MHz core @ 1.16V all day every day when I had it. He's had it running stock for the last few months. It has the unlocked...
Selling this bundle for a friend. The 8320 has been running at 4.4GHz for the last few months but it was stable previously at 4.9GHz. The entire setup is rock solid and runs great, very capable. Links to the hardware below: [*] AMD FX 8320 8 Core CPU [*] ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer Motherboard [*] 8GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz RAM [*] Heatkiller AM3 Nickel Block The block was run with CLU for a while so it has staining and some scratches from trying to remove it....
Congrats to everyone, I just got the PMs sent out. Haha thank you. I can't take credit for making it, I just found it. GIFs make the best avatars.
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