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Hey Lutro0, you have seen some of my work on the LTT forums, and have done a lot of sleeving over the past few years. Have only used MDPC-X however as I have never used your new sleeving I am very eager to see how it compares! Would post here, LTT, and another New Zealand forum site too Would happily do a video review too
Thanks guys
Been bit busy with study lately, also have had my UP7 die on me so had to get that replaced too (and no, there was no water leak onto it or anything) Anyways, for the water I am using it is just my tap water at home. Since I am on a farm I am just using rain water. But am boiling it just to get rid of any bacteria that may be in it just in case. After the water had cooled down in went the pastel concentrate! After a mix, it went into my squeeze fill bottle All in...
Great work Lutro0, fantastic work as always! Miss the heatshrink though Most power supplies have the missing pin that you are talking about, haven't actually seen a full 24-pin before, always been a 23 pin!You will be fine to make an extension, because at the end of the day... It is an extension so just making the current go through an extra 15cm or whatever length your extension is
Looks good Jarrad _b Will get that double wires tute to you tomorrow bro ps - Love the frosted look, first I have seen actually! Kiwi ingenuity?
AAAAYE? The wood is stained! hahaIt was Danish Oil, I didn't want to make the timber too dark as the theme for the build is black/orange so wanted to make the parts stand out rather than get lost in dark timber
a quick update. Have been waiting for a few weeks for my order from PPCS containing my mod/smart clips and also my extra Mayhems Orange Concentrate, as well as some yellow dye (To make the orange a more richer orange) I started playing around with them with my GPU Cables. They aren't as nice of clips as I thought they would be. They leave the cables quite loose where as I would rather them be tight so it would leave the cables how i'd like them. I went off to the shed...
I have decided to use the one PCI-E slot for my Asus Xonar Sound card instead of having a discrete card. Since this is an HTPC I favour sound quality over gaming performance Who knows, maybe I can build another one and making is a pretty decent gaming rig
Not sure how you munched your fingers... lolWhen I do the staple method, I put the stables in. Get a pair of long nose pliers and push them as far as they go. No injuries!But yes, a lot easier to get the right tool for the right job, the ATX Pin remover is just a no brainer to use
You've given me something to think about...Though I would probably use something quite low end like this though a bigger one would fit, remember I only have 200w of power to utilize!
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