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So it begins!! Here is what the timber looks like. Is native NZ Rimu. Please excuse the end one with the bird poo, that will be sanded off in due course. bloody sparrows in the shed >.
Right, final design set in concrete now, All criticism is always welcome though! note that the rads I will be using are going to be 480mm radiators, and will get the thickest possible This will also be a single loops, not dual. Tidier loop as a single, and not enough performance to worry about with the difference between the two. Thank you to all who have helped me and given constructive feedback! Timber is Native NZ Rimu, and will commence building this week!
Yes! They both fit on the front with no problems, not a mod needed.And then you can put the other fan on the side panel Though side panel fans are stupid, and a pain to manage
The log is here if anyone would wish to follow it!
Thats a shame, you're missing out on some pure pron!
She is coming along very well!
Miss your heatshrink'ed sleeving Lutro0, but man, you know how to make cables look sexy
Hmmm, around 80 bucks for the fans, not sure on the rads. But it is well worth the shipping once you get everything together
Got the fans from Performance-PCS got the rad's from FrozenCPU
So mobo tray 90% done, still need to add the MDPC-X cable mounting grommet things to house my cables for extra cleansly'ness, The 24 pin will be going through the space between the rad's and the RES Still have to make a mounting piece for my HDD and my SSD underneath that PSU cover thingy Didn't want to cover the psu at all, liked having the fan there, and just liked being able to see the PSU. Will be using MAYHEMS PASTEL ORANGE WOOO, that colour'd fluid is amazing. Mobo...
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