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Yeah. I came to post this.Look who's laughing now.
theres no way that first photo is real.
I respectfully disaaree. I've had my phone for two days now and it really feels premium made of hefty glass and stainless steel. Its got a nice weight to it and is fairly grippy to hold in the hand. The phone size is perfect IMO, for those of us not looking for a much bigger phone, it just better uses the space available for display space.The one gripe I do I have is I wish the entire phone was the dimensions of the 8 Plus screen rather than a regular iPhone 8. The...
BTG split back on the 24th and is considered old news at this point... The next one to watch for is Segwit2X sometime on November 16th
Okay, so I'm really not missing anything then. This board isn't a magical overclocking dual xeon board. This board is essentially the same thing as EVGA's SR-X dual CPU board for x79 that was to be the followup to the epic SR-2. The SR-2 had a great run with Nahelm and Westmere unlocked Xeons but then intel decided to stealth lock the multipliers on Sandybridge-E and basically doomed the SR-X. I don't know if EVGA ever recouped their R&D with the SR-X board.Without a...
I'm really scratching my head at the benefit of the "overclock" and people talking about these huge overclocks and blowing 15A circuit breakers. This board will never get you anywhere near those kind of numbers and power draws. A 103 bclk overclock gets you 3% so lets just say you got a 8 core CPU that boosts to 3.0Ghz would only get you 3.09Ghz. That's hardly a overclock to brag about.Unless I'm totally missing something. ELI5
I know this is a bad thing but I can't help but think to myself. The smaller the better!
but isn't that the real would case?Personally it dopant matter either way. Its not like the per core turbo was ever set in stone and turbo boost always did better than advertised in my experience. Between that and the motherboard over volt settings at default, the chips just behave the way it wants regardless what it was advertised to do.
Hence, "energy draw"
But a watt is just a joule/second so it is a measure of energy draw
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