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I had this same problem last month (evga is SLOW with the steup right now, its been a month since I sent them my 7600GT) I stepped up to an 8600GTS because I didnt see enough performance increase with 2 x 6600GTs, thus 2 x 7600GTs wouldn't be any better than an 8600GTS (unless higher resolutions were involved) but I game at 1280x768-1280x1024 or a max of 1440x900 typically.
Oh god, OP is either the best troll known to man ... Or the most ignorant little kid tha thas ever graced the intertubes. Fail topic sure does fail.
yea I got nothing at all. Ah well.
Its not that STEAM is slow, its just a big pile `o crap -- it uses tcp/ip connections poorly. I always have this problem, and no amount of fixes that the STEAM forums can provide work.
As soon as evga gets off their lazy asses and ships out my 8600GTS 512MB (stepup from a 7600GT) Ill overclock the jesus out of it and post my results up. How well does the newest rev of rivatuner work with the 8 series cards? Ive never had a chance to play with any of these yet, I can not wait
Ive got 5 WD SATAs, a maxtor IDE, and 2 Seagate 320 SATAs. Love them all aside from the maxtor (its the loudest, but its for my PS2 so I could care less) Ive RMA`d one WD120JS, one Seagate 320, and 2 maxtor IDEs (forgot the sizes since it was so long ago now) Ive got an old ass 80gb WD that is dead, but its like 8-9yr old. Half my WDs are slow though compared to the 320 7200.10 Seagates, but my new 2x500gb WDs in RAID 0 are king. I told my boss about my 1TB RAID 0 and...
I hate intel with a fiery passion - but socket 1337 would have been enough to make me buy another one. (also you can neve rhave too many ground pins ) Before I get waves of internet hate, I do own an lga775 - asus equipped with e6750 and I am sad to say I love it more than my opty165 clocked to the moon
dude you bet your sweet bippy ill be there this weekend!! I need some frags in before fall semester starts up.
ok... wow. One thing that should never be on my OCN is rickrolls, duckrolls, tayrolls, etcetc to infinity. I leave the ebaums at ebaums and I leave the OCN here at OCN yo
there is so much BS and misinformation in this thread - not to mention its a violation of the ToS here -- should have been baaaa-leted days ago. Azureus is not at all like Bearshare, Kazaa, Limewire, Morpheus, soulseek, etcetcetc It is a TORRENT CLIENT. However its the most ******* of the torrent clients, as most people that know how to fully work it can completely rape seeds and entire swarms of torrent users. I ban all azureus users that dont share 1:1. TORRENTS DO...
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