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Disregard this post, it seems that my graphic driver is acting up.
My Shimian just died after 2 years and 1 month of use. I had some strange funky vertical artifacts all over the screen earlier in the day that got fixed after a reboot. Few minutes ago I went to the kitchen to get some food and after returning the screen went all white. Rebooting didn't help this time, screen was trying to turn on few times but when it turned on, it was just black. It's too late to test everything out (power brick and stuff), but it's not the cable...
Fast forward 1 day and the problem seems to be gone. Still very weird, though. I'd like to hear insight from more experienced members. Cheers.
I started hearing static sound from my speakers while playing a game today. Its volume doesn't change if I change the volume of speakers. The static sound is present if I plug the speakers in rear jack or front jack. It's also present if I plug in the headphones through my speakers' volume control. However, if I unplug the speakers and plug in the headphones directly (rear or front jack), there is no static sound. So it's probably the speakers' fault, right? Nope. I...
Hello, I have a question about fan speed and it might seem a bit silly. I have Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO and its fan is, naturally, connected to motherboard connector for CPU fan. I have Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 and 2500K. I'm using ASRock Extreme Tuner Utility to control fan speed (but I'm not using it to overclock, that's done in BIOS/UEFI). When I'm in Windows, I set the speed to level 1 and when I'm gaming, I set it to level 10. My idle temperatures are usually...
That's a bummer. I might end up getting some other PSU just because of that.
Just note that 24 pin cables are weirdly twisted, something to keep in mind in case you plan to sleeve them. I hope they will fix that by the time I start buying parts for new PC.
What's paracord and what/who is MC?When I said eBay, I meant FurryLetters, it's recommended in OP as good and cheap alternative to MDPC.
Thanks for detailed reply. Yes, I was asking about non-modular PSU.Wow, so you need 15 meters of sleeves for 24 pin connector alone, provided you don't waste any... That's going to be more expensive than I thought.I'm aware that there are different types, I've watched some of guides from OP. If I decide to go through with this, I'll probably take cheaper route, black sleeves from eBay.
Thought so. I've already watched some of his tutorials and you're right, it doesn't seem that complicated once you get the basics.I didn't know you can sleeve without heat shrinks. Can you explain?Also, can anyone answer my questions from last post?
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