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Whatever. It's not as polished as I'd like...kind of has a haze to it.
I just can't get this plate even sanded and I can't find anyone local to polish it. Today is really pissing me off.
That's a subsidiary of Bottlehead. I don't know who supplies them, but their power transformers, and likely those ones you linked to, are custom-wound for them.
I went and pickup up my top plate and bracket today. 12 gauge stainless is heavy. I didn't have a step between 320 grit and 600 grit, and I can't get rid of the scratches. I guess I have to go get some 400 grit. I hope I can find a polishing wheel for my angle grinder.
The Crack costs $300. Those years ago you had a wait of a few months, because they didn't stock the parts. I don't know how it is now. It was $280 back then. There is some stuff I'm simply not going to be able to price, because I have no idea how to get them in a manner like ordering from Mouser or Digikey. The tubes, tube sockets, and the transformer are those such items. They have their transformers custom-made. I'd imagine with their large runs that they don't cost that...
I guess I missed the shipment notification from Shapeways in my inbox. I found these today in my mailbox.
As I go along I will price out the cost for me to build this. Obviously my cost will be higher, because I am making it better, and not in volume, but it should still fall under the price of a Crack + Speedball. I know I am going to end up spending more money, but things like hardware only come in bulk packs. I also have to pay someone to build me the bottom wood frame. Even the PCBs I am having made only come in a minimum of 3. I only have the information to build a Crack...
My PT-7 says the 6.3 V winding is rated 3.5 A. It has a single 150 V winding. I'm not into toroidal transformers. I used AutoCAD to design the plate. I have no idea what is out there in terms of freeware to get such a thing done.
I even doubt real server boards can run truly headless. From what I see, they all offer some really basic VGA chip, and mainly for the purpose of part of the IPMI thing. IIRC from reading a manual for my one SuperMicro board, using the IGPU of a CPU and turning off that onboard adapter makes stuff go wonky for IPMI.
I am starting to build another amp. I've had a brand new PT-7 transformer from Bottlehead sitting in a box going on 4 years now, along with a powder coated end bell cover. In the meantime I also have had the on/off circuit, and top plate stuff sitting around. The top plate and one tube socket bracket I had powder coated, and I didn't like how it turned out. On Friday I sent off some DXF files to a laser cutter for a new top plate and transformer bracket. I enlarged the top...
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