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Power like that is just absurd and pointless. Why purposely create a inefficient speaker? Something of only a few watts can deliver all of the sound you need, at much lower distortion (transparently). That kind of power is only useful for squeezing out every last bit of decibel. A sound system shouldn't even need 10 watts RMS per speaker. Why we have 100+ watts per channel, I don't know. A surround sound receiver could be the size of a modem or router, but instead, they're...
What does it capture directly to? If it's uncompressed, you don't have the disk bandwidth to record that rate, and most people don't even have the bandwidth to play back such a file. If it's compressed, your CPU likely can't keep up compressing it in real time. i doubt your PC is fast enough to record games. I've never tried it (I don't game), so I can't be certain.
Even so, I would just take the time to upload it as-is rather than getting generational loss compressing once more than you needn't. It's not like you have to sit there watching it upload.
You shouldn't even need to convert to anything to put a video on youtube. I've already uploaded lossless video files. They recognize a very large amount of formats. Most people use avisynth and x264.exe the commandline encoder.
Ultrafast is the fastest preset, so it will yield the largest file. x264 is an H.264 encoder. It would help to give details as to what your recordings are, like the format and other specs, and what you're trying to end up with.
Yeah, I'm about done with this crap. I am not downgrading my OS to Win7 just to play music well. That introduces its own line of problems when it comes to watching video on a multi-display setup. Aero causes frames to drop and I can't stand the look of things when Aero is off. I tried JRiver, but I don't care for its interface and it has a crappy replaygain system. Winamp is dead. I don't care for the interface of foobar2000, but it's simple and just does stuff right.
The solution is not a nice one. First off, the command window it creates has to be closed manually. Second, none of the explorer extensions work because of the running under admin thing. That's fine for library music, but sometimes I want to open up something from explorer. If the player is closed the explorer extension works, but the ASIO host is not realtime. If it's open already from a shortcut that has it run as admin, then the extension doesn't work. This just comes...
Interesting solution. Thank you for sharing. I shouldn't have been so crude in my last statement. Indeed the crackling when using ASIO happens under Windows 8 and 8.1. It happens for me on Windows 8, but mainly when I am using the CPU heavily for other things.
Wow. Not paying over $1,000 for a monitor that is new tech and needs to be ironed out is now classified as poor? Your condescending tone towards having little money is disgusting, too.
There is already a current-limiting resistor on the motherboard! Putting a potentiometer between the motherboard and LED isn't going to cause excess current to run to the LED, under ANY condition.
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