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Thanks for the tip, I've got SketchUp Pro, this will come in handy for building other stuff too. In the process of sketching a few designs, and will post them up later when they are done.
This is pretty much spot on......What program did you use to create that image?I've had a think, and will be make extending the one side so that it 8ft along one side (left side) and 4ft on the other. But instead of a storage shelf as pictured, having two cupboard style storage shelves.......If you can let me know what program you used, I'll see if I can replicate what I'm after.Thanks btw
Yea, I think Veneered Plywood is going to be the choice I run with... If I'm going to put the time and effort into building a desk, I want it to work flawlessly and not sag
*Sorry if this is better elsewhere in another thread, but I thought it fit here quite well* *still in the planning stage* OK, I want to build my own desk, but dont know where to start as in the best type of wood etc...and the best (cheapest) place to get it from. The X's mark potential leg points but may still move the 2 legs by the keyboard space. Ideally I want to build the components into the desk but I'll decide that closer to the time. (or even mod the would be...
Ok, ill try to cut a long ish story short..... My wife's AMD rig (in my sig) is using the stock cooler/fan, and every night it sounds like this thing wants to take off.... I can hear the noise through my headset when im gaming (about 10-12ft away) , and so I took a look at HWMonitor to see. 4900 rpm 45c (max temp) I'm in the market for a 92mm or LP 120mm HSF but budget means that it needs to under £20.... I use the 212 Evo (which is what I would've bought) but it only...
A Power Supply will draw the air from the fan (bottom in your case) and send it out the back through its exhaust fan..Maybe be considered close to its surroundings, it would be better in the open, but the exhaust fans will do the job of keeping the warm air out...LED Fans, are basically Eye-Candy, they are not needed and do not make the fan any more efficient, but if you are going for a Blue theme, then why not.
Ok, I'm looking at getting 5 Aerocool shark 120mm fans for £25 as I only have a 120mm stock intake fan and the blademaster fan on my Hyper 212 Evo, but have noticed that each fan on 12v take 0.30a (3.6w). Rated Voltage 12V (To FAN)7V Starting Voltage
They are £26 +pp in the UK, so £30....and this compared to the FC5 v2 I think lamptron get it on style and looks.
I almost forgot, I should be able to get a "Sythe Kaze Master Pro Ace" for under 30 too. downside is that it only can display two readings at a time and it is 12w per channel. personnally I still think the Lamptron FC 6 is more than adequate for my needs.
I laughed quite hard at this one...@MalmentalThe Recon, although it look great, I've heard that it came ramp up the fan for apparently no reason and then sort it self out again....also this one seems favored to setting the Auto Profile.....Yea, this is what I've found, I do like the look of both FC5v2 and FC6 (almost Identical) but didnt want to miss any other controllers that I have overlooked...
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